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Fracking, the process of releasing natural gas by injecting huge amounts of water, chemicals and sand into shale rock formations, has become highly controversial due to its connections to multiple health problems.

The process of fracking has been found to contaminate local water supplies . Fracking has also been linked to earthquakes, such as in Oklahoma, can worsen asthma for nearby residents, and puts infants and children at risk for developing heart and lung problems.

Only 30-50% of chemicals used in fracking are recovered after the job is done. Which means the rest are left in the ground, leeching into our soil and potentially our groundwater.

Despite all this, the use of fracking continues to spread across the United States.

Fracking is causing serious health problems

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signed 4 months ago

The only beneficiaries of fracking are the oil companies. It is a disaster for Earth and all life on it.


signed 4 months ago


signed 4 months ago

Fracking is not necessary with all the solar power available....it is costly in $$ a d lives....


signed 4 months ago

Fracking contaminates groundwater, and fracking wastewater disposal creates earthquakes -- the frackers make money, and the taxpayers pay.


signed 4 months ago