For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to the EPA and Congress demanding that they pass legislation that bans fracking nationwide, permanently.

Fracking, the process of releasing natural gas by injecting huge amounts of water, chemicals and sand into shale rock formations, has become highly controversial due to its connections to multiple health problems.

The process of fracking has been found to contaminate local water supplies . Fracking has also been linked to earthquakes, such as in Oklahoma, can worsen asthma for nearby residents, and puts infants and children at risk for developing heart and lung problems.

Only 30-50% of chemicals used in fracking are recovered after the job is done. Which means the rest are left in the ground, leeching into our soil and potentially our groundwater.

Despite all this, the use of fracking continues to spread across the United States.

Fracking is causing serious health problems. Help NationofChange tell Congress that fracking needs to be banned now.

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signed 12 mins ago

Mother Nature is really TIRED of being Raped ad Pillaged! She gonna vent that Stress sooner or later.


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signed 12 hours ago

Fracking is distroying are environment. It's bad for people and bad for the country and bad for our clime to STOP DOING IT YOU ASSHOLES


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Fracking causes earthquakes and poisons the water and soil. We are poisoning ourselves for nothing. Use clean energy NOW!