Obama Will Move to Expand Gun Control By Executive Order


President Obama is expected to announce an executive action that will expand background checks on gun sales.

According to CNN, if all goes well the plan will be revealed next week ahead of the President’s annual State of the Union address, which takes place January 12.

The gun control measures, which the executive action is expected to introduce, will focus mainly on “gun show loopholes” that allow for individuals to bypass background checks in unique situations, most commonly at gun shows.

The news isn’t a total surprise. As we reported earlier in the month, the President has been exercising his options and shortly after the shooting at Umpqua Community College in October, he asked his advisers to draft plans for gun control measures he could enact without Congress.

President Obama has been “expressing urgency” to draft steps he can take on his own after the most recent gun incidents, according to White house spokesman Eric Schultz. “It is complicated. That’s why it’s taken some time for our policy folks, our lawyers, and our expects to work through this and see what’s possible,” says Schultz.

The NRA has stated that they have no comment. Their previous statement on the President’s attempts to expand gun control has been that “The President’s gun control agenda will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to self-defense.”

After the San Bernardino shootings, it was reported that there had been more mass shootings than days so far in 2015.


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