Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Retail industry claims to embrace criminal justice reform all while trying to derail it,...

Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, CVS and Walmart are among the retailers that have tried to derail state-level criminal justice reforms.

Former correctional officer sentenced to 10 years in federal prison

“As a correctional officer, Lakesia Harden knew what she was doing when she engaged in drug trafficking and associated with Tremayne Linder, a convicted felon."

Tennessee mayor resigns after arrested for shoplifting

The store loss prevention officer “observed Mr. Blade taking multiple items and only scanning one of the items and placing these items into his shopping cart before exiting the Target store.”

New video shows how voting can end police violence—featuring a song by legendary guitarist...

“For too long, people of color have been told when, how and how loud we should use our voices.”

Native Americans protesting Trump border wall tear gassed, arrested by US agents on Indigenous...

United States Border Patrol agents and Arizona law enforcement officials violently repressed a peaceful action held Monday morning by roughly 30 land and water protectors.

Watch: Will anyone help save America’s small businesses?

American families and businesses deserve better.

Former Philadelphia cop charged with murder of unarmed man

A former Philadelphia police officer was recently charged with first degree murder, third degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and possession of an instrument of crime.

Labor unions and green groups sue Trump Admin for ‘failure to protect frontline workers...

“People are dying, and more people are going to die because the Trump administration has totally failed to protect Americans who have been on the job throughout the pandemic keeping our country running.”

The nation’s youth have stepped up as poll workers for upcoming election so elderly...

“One of the things that has started to become more apparent to people at a young age is what is at stake.”

Texas cop charged with murder in fatal police shooting

Wolfe City Police Officer Shaun Lucas was accused of shooting an unarmed man for no justifiable reason while on-duty.