Sunday, January 19, 2020

Former correctional officers plead guilty to causing woman’s death in custody

“The FBI New Orleans Field Office, in coordination with the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and U.S. Attorney’s Office, remain committed to protecting the rights of all Americans, to include those incarcerated.”

The Equal Rights Amendment just got the support of the needed 38th state!

The ongoing fight to finally make the ERA Article 28 of the Constitution will certainly provide us with many new ones.

What do we want? Unbiased reporting! When do we want it? During protests!

Protests identify legitimate grievances in society, and often tackle issues that affect people who lack the power to address them through other means.

Trump prosecutors make move to ensure that embassy protectors are convicted

In this period of normalized illegality and attempts at intimidation, we shall not allow the state to move against these courageous activists without resistance from our movements.

Study shows wealth inequality does make a difference in how long you will live

In the UK and US, being rich can add almost a decade of healthy living to a person’s life.

“Stop the money pipeline”: 150 arrested at protests exposing wall street’s link to climate...

“Let us remember that we are not the criminals. The criminals are the people who are letting this world burn for money.”

MIT professor placed on leave for secretly accepting money from Jeffrey Epstein

“The actions of a senior faculty member have raised new concerns. In keeping with MIT practice on faculty discipline, I have asked his department head to consider any appropriate action."

To win on immigration, we have to lead with love

We default to an “us versus them” dichotomy, when we should be talking about communities and how we can make them work for everyone.

8th New Jersey police officer arrested in FBI corruption probe

“We have zero tolerance for crooked cops in the Paterson Police Department. This should serve as a cautionary tale that crime doesn’t pay, especially in law enforcement.”

Eight ways the Trump-GOP tax cuts have made the rich richer while failing working...

In the two years since Congress passed the Republican tax law, the richest 1 percent have been the big winners.