Saturday, November 27, 2021

Disaster capitalism ‘hits new heights’ as Wall Street profiteers cash in on recovery loans

“Seems a lot easier and cheaper to make an emergency fund permanent rather than pay private lender fees.”

A Thanksgiving toast

And when we raise our glasses for a toast, I will ask that they never give up fighting for a more just society. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

In the latest round of budgetary chess, Progressive caucus leader Jayapal played a shrewd...

The Seattle Democrat has been willing to take the heat to secure a down payment on an agenda for economic equity and sustainability.

The West’s wasted crisis

A year that began hopefully is ending grimly. Western political elites, unable (and perhaps unwilling) to turn a deadly pandemic and climate crisis into a life-preserving opportunity, have only themselves to blame.

Blowing up a few myths about inflation

Are we currently on the cusp of runaway inflation or not?

Does Biden’s lower approval rating mean Democrats should ‘move to the center’?

That “significant parts of the electorate are feeling leery of a sharp leftward push in the party.”

How unaccountable institutions are shaping your life

Three centers of power increasingly dominate our lives: The Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve, and Big Tech.

Voters from both parties overwhelmingly want Biden to crack down on corporate crime

"A Biden administration that pursues crooked CEOs and brings down abusive corporate titans will find a willing audience in the American public."

What’s being compromised?

It’s not the priorities of the wealthy, that’s for sure.

Build Back Better Act passes House with most ambitious climate provisions in U.S. history

The legislation still needs to pass the Senate to make a difference.