Sunday, April 18, 2021

Why America needs to go big on infrastructure

All these sectors require attention now because they work together like cement to keep society functioning.

End Polluter Welfare Act introduced to Senate

“Providing corporate giveaways during a time of widespread suffering to fossil-fuel companies is unconscionable.”

Does trickle-down economics actually work?

Making big corporations and the rich even richer through tax cuts and regulatory rollbacks doesn’t make the rest of us better off.

Cut the defense budget: Rep. Khanna on bloated Pentagon spending, ending war in Yemen,...

“If you’re ending the forever war in Afghanistan … then why are we increasing, at the same time, the defense budget?”

Kapos of the American Empire

The empire has its political Kapos, the public servants who do NOT serve the public, rather the rulers of empire.

American Insurrection: Deadly far-right extremism from Charlottesville to Capitol attack. What next?

Since 2015, right-wing extremists have been involved in 267 plots or attacks, leading to 91 deaths.

Ecology and economics

The human economy is a part of the global environment, rather than the reverse.

Trump, defying custom, hasn’t given the National Archives records of his speeches at political...

Almost 10% of the president’s total public speeches are excluded from the official record.

Biden refuses to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline

We will do our very best to see this pipeline removed, our water protected, and our sacred lands healed."

Tell the Senate to pass the For the People Act

It's time we ask our Senators to take immediate action and protect the vote.