Friday, December 8, 2023

Sanders votes no on Israel aid: advocating for conditional assistance amid Gaza conflict

Senator Bernie Sanders casts a solitary vote against a major foreign aid bill, challenging military support for Israel's government and highlighting the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Lawsuit challenges Trump’s eligibility for Oregon ballot citing 14th Amendment insurrection clause

Non-profit Free Speech for People files legal challenge, arguing Trump violated the 14th amendment and should be barred from the Oregon ballot

Not just the Supreme Court: Ethics troubles plague state high courts, too

North Carolina’s Supreme Court chief justice heard cases despite a conflict of interest. Experts say judicial ethics at state high courts everywhere don’t receive the scrutiny they deserve.

GOP bill threatens taxpayers with cleanup costs for abandoned oil wells

Republicans advance legislation that could leave taxpayers footing the bill for Big Oil's mess.

US House votes to expel George Santos

Rep. Santos faces a 23-count federal indictment that includes campaign finance crimes.

Wheels coming off

What unifies this country: Common values and common knowledge.

Make America fascist again (MAFA!)

Is this the future If Donald Trump returns to the Oval Office?

Sick of outrageously excessive CEO compensation?

America’s top health care execs would rather we not.

On the brink: Supreme Court may endanger Voting Rights Act’s legacy

Facing a historic legal challenge, the Voting Rights Act's future hangs in balance.

US media’s complicity in ignoring Gaza’s plight: a critical examination of systematic bias

Analyzing the evasion of ethical journalism in the face of Gaza's humanitarian crisis.