Saturday, July 24, 2021

The mom and pop tax break

This month, millions of U.S. parents will get direct deposits in their bank accounts.

Player or pawn? Luke Harding’s Russiagate ‘scoop’

The reporter’s involvement in the persecution of Assange alone would be enough to make people question his honesty.

House passes PFAS Action Act which protects environment and human health

“We are one step closer to protecting the health of Americans from these toxic forever chemicals.”

A simple rule change could trigger mass vaccine demand plus head off other insurrections

What property-driven, rights-oriented society allows protesters to both spread disease AND violate sacred boundaries?

How Uncle Sam can encourage corporations to be more patriotic

By using the power of the public purse, can we encourage federal contractors to be upstanding corporate citizens?

The GOP’s border stunt isn’t helping anyone

Right-wing governors are following Abbott in confronting the migrating families with “Keep-Out” military-style force.

Targeting dark money attacking democracy, watchdog files FEC complaint against 23 super PACs

"The vast scope of this illegal concealment should prompt swift investigation and a firm crackdown by the FEC."

Report card: Six months into Biden’s presidency

It’s not clear—will Biden get America back to where it was before Trump?

‘A big deal,’ says Sanders as dems agree to pursue a $3.5 trillion reconciliation...

"The wealthy and large corporations are going to start paying their fair share of taxes, so that we can protect the working families of this country."

The existential threat from the non-stop barrage of right-wing sedition

Long term democratic states are, by any known measure, the great exceptions, not the historic rule.