Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Veteran journalist Bill Moyers says he fears for the nation’s survival

“All th’s needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”

EPA to rollback Obama-era coal ash regulations that safeguard Americans

"Instead of having a single strong national set of public health protections for this polluting industry, we are going to be left with federal regulations that are riddled with loopholes."

Stop it, Mr. President, or you’re fired!

Remember this, Mr. President, come next November, voters in Iowa and across the land will have the opportunity to say to you what you delight in saying to others: “You’re fired!!!”

Socialism, Capitalism, Or …?

Can we create socialism within capitalism, or capitalism within socialism?

Billionaires keep benefiting from a tax break to help the poor. Now, Congress wants...

“The Opportunity Zone program has been troubled from the start.”

Warren, Booker & Steyer to take part in first-ever presidential forum on environmental justice

“It’s important that we have these conversations about climate change, but those are the symptoms of a disease.”

Hijacking the impeachment debate—for climate’s sake

Donald Trump has done many wrong things, both illegal and legal but grievously harmful, that could have been used long ago to impeach him—and by far the most dangerous of these is his aggressive worsening of the climate emergency.

The crass warfare of billionaires against Sanders and Warren

The fight happening now for the Democratic presidential nomination largely amounts to class warfare.

Power and lies

We now have a president who lies through his teeth and two giant uncritical conveyors of those lies.