Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A ‘down’ year for our deepest pockets?

Billionaire fortunes have shriveled a bit over the past year. Billionaire power hasn’t.

More than 70% of Democrats back government-run universal healthcare: poll

Across the political spectrum, 57% of respondents said they believe the government should ensure everyone in the U.S. has health coverage.

Old hack Donald lost the farm – but needs a firmer boot

After all, there's no fool’s paradise,/ Unless enough fools gulp bad advice.

Manchin-Romney attack on Social Security is ‘last thing we need’: Sanders

The Vermont Independent called for expanding popular federal programs rather than allowing a bipartisan commission to propose devastating cuts.

Advocates say ‘hell no’ as Manchin pitches Social Security deal with GOP

"Manchin is providing cover for Republican attacks on Social Security and Medicare."

Abortion bans are part of GOP plan to disempower working class: Analysis

"The loss of abortion rights means the loss of economic security, independence, and mobility for millions of people."

So much for the idea that Biden is the one to beat the GOP...

Biden's electoral future should be taken off the national table, so we can proceed with focused discussions of crucial issues on their merits.

Can careening House misfits double down what made Trump unelectable—and dodge electoral suicide?

How do two failed House years, after the wildly absurd kick-off, not wreck the right, not the left?

‘Investment already paying off’: McCarthy assigns Big Oil favorites to key environment panel

"Instead of holding Big Oil executives accountable for price gouging consumers at the pump, the committee will be dominated by the interests of extractive industries."

America has arrived at a crossroads of history; will it take the RIGHT road?

The judges of human history are waiting at the crossroads, waiting for the USA to choose the direction it will take.