Monday, September 20, 2021

Why American workers need the National Labor Relations Board to return to its mission

The demand for representation, increasing even before COVID-19, soared during the pandemic as Americans saw how unions helped their members.

Blurring the lines: Phony leftists and the populist right pipeline

Most of those who consider themselves on the progressive left instinctively understand that they are in an ideological battle with two powerful forces.

You’ll know an economic and social justice plan is serious if it includes money...

A new report on the solidarity economy details how investments in culture can support economic and racial justice.

Food insecurity soared roughly 9% last year for Americans

While the Biden administration approved the largest expansion of food benefits the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has ever seen, “transformational change” still needs to be a focus.

DOJ vows to protect abortion seekers in Texas after ban goes into effect

“We will not tolerate violence against those seeking to obtain or provide reproductive health services, physical obstruction or property damage in violation of the FACE Act.”

Insurgent extremists bet the farm, touting street terrorism, medical malpractice & law-breaking

Street violence offends the vast majority, and extremism doubles down the downside.

Afghanistan and the Purdue Pharma case are reminders that the US is a failed...

The Sacklers said they wanted “global peace” from future lawsuits, and they got what they wanted. Meanwhile, in the failed narco-state they helped create, the war goes on.

Protect the filibuster or preserve our democracy, which shall it be?

The time for procrastination is over. What shall it be, protect the filibuster or preserve our democracy?

Is billionaire philanthropy a sham?

America doesn’t need their charity. We need them to pay their fair share in taxes.

Personal interview: Professor Noam Chomsky — What are the prospects for peace?

The questions here are not philosophical or abstract. They focus on the realities of the international power struggle unfolding in real time.