Sunday, July 25, 2021

Artificial intelligence wants you (and your job)

We’d better control machines before they control us.

Preserving Black historical resorts is a radical act

We may have more options for travel, recreation, and restoration than our ancestors likely ever dreamed of, but it’s still important to safeguard the historic leisure sites of the past.

Media play up protests, play down effect of US sanctions in Cuba

While giving the protests a great deal of coverage, the corporate press across the political spectrum consistently downplayed one of the primary causes of unrest: the increasingly punitive U.S. blockade.

Why we need engineers who study ethics as much as maths

Future engineers must transcend any remaining single-solution mindsets from the past.

How not to cover critical race theory

Critical race theory is a longstanding and specific academic lens for understanding systemic racism, but the right has transformed it into a catchall for anything that encourages talking about and addressing racism.

The right wing is pumping out critical race theory attacks to boost its propaganda...

“No one deserves the school I went to,” says Celia Gottlieb. Gottlieb is currently enrolled in Middlebury College and...

Life imitates art: Does diversity in media have any impact on the real world

Diversity in media is not just impactful, it is essential.

The billionaire playbook: How sports owners use their teams to avoid millions in taxes

Owners like Steve Ballmer can take the kinds of deductions on team assets — everything from media deals to player contracts — that industrialists take on factory equipment. That helps them pay lower tax rates than players and even stadium workers.

Why we should change how we talk about nonhuman animals

We wouldn’t say “it” or “that” when referring to humans, so why would we for other sentient individuals?

All life is created equal

Our task going forward must be to learn how to preserve and protect our planet, making it fair and equal, so that all of us – men and women and children of all races and colors – shall not perish from the Earth.