Thursday, December 1, 2022

An unlikely city in the South could be home to a public education renaissance

Advocates for school improvement in Jackson, Mississippi, want investments in education infrastructure, not more charter schools and privatization.

How to survive us

Young people need real information and analysis, survival skills and resources.

Successful tool lending libraries force us to rethink what the public is willing to...

Spawned in the wake of World War II, tool libraries lend implements and devices and provide practical guidance to community members who can’t afford to own or store their own tools.

Elon Musk plans to profit from Twitter, not create a town square for global...

His acquisition of Twitter, a powerful opinion platform, as a private company also further cements his power.

The quality (or inequality) of life

Poverty in history’s richest nation.

Ethiopia: peace is impossible while TPLF roam the land

For peace talks to be positive both parties must want the conflict to end.

Women life freedom

With every death, in Tehran or elsewhere, with every reactionary clampdown, whether it be arresting activists, stifling free speech, demonising people calling for change, outlawing protests and/or increasing police powers, the numbers demanding change increases, the outrage intensifies, the wave draws breath, rises and strengthens.

Human prehistory—why new discoveries about human origins open up revolutionary possibilities

It is one thing to analyze a given set of stone tools made by long-extinct hominin cousins and quite another to ask what their transposed significance to contemporary society might be.

Universal tipping points: change is coming

Much like individual change, societal developmentshappen gradually, often painfully; even when sudden shifts take place, seemingly ‘out of the blue’, they arethe...

World bank continues financing fossil fuels despite climate crisis

A new report finds that while the multilateral development bank tries to position itself as a climate leader, it still supports gas pipelines, refineries, and gas export terminals.