Tuesday, October 20, 2020

” … They know not…”

We who ‘Know better’ must push for the three things needed to reclaim our republic from this empire: Truth, Justice and Universal love, which encompasses forgiveness.

Young activists aren’t waiting for anyone

Young activists may be opting for more direct action than relying on adults in power, but older generations still have a key role to play.

How to face right-wing violence while defending the election — a conversation with George...

As Americans prepare to stop a coup, concerns for safety are rising. Longtime trainer George Lakey offers lessons on overcoming fear and minimizing violence.

Forget the white sheets…put on your brown shirts!!

As much as we on the Left say that voting is not the answer, this time it IS!!

Watch: Will anyone help save America’s small businesses?

American families and businesses deserve better.

Climate crisis: What we can learn from indigenous traditions

By ignoring what Indigenous people know about how to protect their forests, we lose potential solutions to the climate crisis.

Indigenous peoples & local communities offer best hope for our planetary emergency

We must start by standing with those environmental defenders who are safeguarding their lands and territories, and we must secure a future for the planet by securing their rights, tenure, and governance.

“Mr. Vice President, I am speaking”: A culture of interruption

As evident by the debates so far, setting rules in advance is not enough. We also need to make sure that breaking those rules is not rewarded.

Indigenous Peoples Day comes amid a reckoning over colonialism and calls for return of...

As Indigenous peoples the world over continue to defend ancestral lands, Indigenous Peoples Day can have important meaning, more than just the renaming of a national holiday.

The Native history of Indigenous Peoples Day

As more cities and states consider marking Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day, one Native American scholar aims to set the record straight on where the movement began.