Thursday, July 18, 2024

The truth about immigrants and the economy

We need immigrants to keep our economy — and our country — vibrant and growing.

Greece mandates six-day working week amid controversy and protests

As Greece mandates a six-day working week to boost productivity, workers and unions decry the policy as a rollback of long-standing labor rights, sparking nationwide protests.

Red Earth Farms is proof that intentional communities can succeed

Ninety percent of all communes dissolve early on. How has this Missouri collective been making it work since 2005?

EU investigates Meta for addictive effect social media has on children

The European Commission—the executive arm of the EU—opened “formal proceedings” against Meta last week to see if the company violated the Digital Services Act’s (DSA) protections for minors.

As peace protests are violently suppressed, CNN paints them as hate rallies

Some in corporate media very clearly took sides, portraying student protesters as violent, hateful and/or stupid.

New study finds $1 trillion worth of food waste generated per year globally

The study is a global estimate on food waste at retail and consumer levels and helps to provide "guidance for countries on improving data collection and suggests best practices in moving from measuring to reducing food waste."

Old man world

We’ll be watching as an all-American world possibly spins slowly out of control.

Media malpractice: Blacking out genocide and disenfranchising Palestinian pain

American media’s Israel bias and censoring journalists.

New York Times reviews reporter’s ‘likes’ on post advocating Gaza ‘slaughterhouse

Amidst ethical scrutiny, The New York Times delves into the actions of a freelancer whose social media activity casts shadows on journalistic neutrality in conflict coverage.

‘Emergent’ AI behavior and human destiny

Let me take you into that arcane world and try to envision what the future of warfare might mean for the rest of us.