Saturday, September 25, 2021

China – Cultural revolution 2.0 and great leap backward?

Young people in China and America face similar problems. Both countries need a profound revolution but it must be real and ground up, not a populist sham from those in power.

Stopping crime by removing incentives

We can eliminate the need to use crime for economic support by providing economic support.

Personal interview: Professor Mark Skidmore What are the Prospects for Peace?

Mark Skidmore talks about how the role of everyday citizens in affecting the relationship the U.S. now has and will have with the rest of the world community.

A Farruggio original : The bookie joint

“This was all part of that wonderful experience of going to the races.”

The land of the free, where so many of the brave are homeless

Resisting evictions amid a pandemic...

We are being out-evolved

As we have anointed our own species Homo sapiens, the wise men, I’d say it’s time to reassess. I’m thinking Stultus homines, Stupid men.

6 gentle and respectful ways to help decrease vaccine hesitancy in a friend

It may take a few talks to encourage them, but every conversation is a step in the right direction toward vaccination and the world returning to normal.

Did 9/11 change everything?

The 9/11 attacks were a surprise. The response wasn’t.

20th Anniversary of the big lie

Sadly, when you watch all the media doing all those human interest stories of the terrible tragic day, you won't see or hear much truth.

9 Black labor leaders and advocates reflect on the pandemic and what comes next

We asked nine leading Black labor organizers and policy advocates how to advance racial equity in the Covid recovery—and beyond. Here are their responses.