Thursday, April 18, 2024

Media malpractice: Blacking out genocide and disenfranchising Palestinian pain

American media’s Israel bias and censoring journalists.

New York Times reviews reporter’s ‘likes’ on post advocating Gaza ‘slaughterhouse

Amidst ethical scrutiny, The New York Times delves into the actions of a freelancer whose social media activity casts shadows on journalistic neutrality in conflict coverage.

‘Emergent’ AI behavior and human destiny

Let me take you into that arcane world and try to envision what the future of warfare might mean for the rest of us.

What will generative AI mean for the racial wealth gap? 

Big technological shifts have a history of keeping Black and other marginalized groups at or near the bottom of economic opportunities. Will this time be different?

Media that benefit from inequality prefer to talk about other things

As economic inequality surges in the US, major media outlets remain fixated on other economic issues, overshadowing a fundamental challenge to American society.

Banning what matters

What could be more wonderful than a place that allows people to read books, magazines, and newspapers for free?

Spreading hate and bigotry: WSJ and NYT’s offensive pieces ignite fury over Islamophobic narratives

In a world where headlines often shape perceptions, two leading newspapers' recent pieces have sparked a fierce debate over the role of media in perpetuating Islamophobia and bigotry, challenging us to confront the shadows cast by biased narratives.

Amped-up Age of Anxiety weaponized into Age of Nostalgia

Today, alas, confirms the truth of Pete Hamill’s quip, “The most powerful force in American politics is not anger, it's nostalgia.”

Court halts Texas law on book ratings, upholding freedom in school libraries

In a landmark decision, a federal appeals court blocks a Texas law that aimed to impose ratings on library books, citing constitutional violations and safeguarding the right to free expression.

Dictionaries banned in Florida school district following new DeSantis legislation

Controversial book removals spark debate over educational freedom in Florida.