Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What a wonderful world

A system produces leaders who reflect the dominant values of its components.

The US Corporate Media are Essentially Propaganda Organs of the US Government

Can the US corporate media, particularly when it comes to foreign affairs, but also when it comes to matters like intelligence and domestic spying, be trusted to present the truth?

The moral movement against violence

A moral movement is growing against the violence perpetrated by all of them, making it necessary for both government and business to take action.

When women workers lead the way

Struggles past and present show the left how we can make the connection between the fight for women’s rights and the struggle for economic and social equality.

A shiny new tool to pad profits: Stealing

One entire group being victimized by corporate thieves are the 4.3 million Americans who make up our “tipped workforce.”

Intuit CEO in internal video: Hiding free TurboTax was in ‘best interest of taxpayers’

After we revealed that Intuit had hidden its Free File product from search engines, the company changed its code. This was done after April 15, so it was too late for many people who could have filed for free.

Revolution by drone

Will drones launch the modern revolution of the undervalued human being?

‘Zuckerberg must resign now’: Outrage after report shows Facebook let corporate partners read users’...

"No one should trust Facebook until they change their business model."

Gun violence has dropped dramatically in 3 states with very different gun laws

To have an honest, nonpartisan discussion about gun violence, we must look at what happened in New York, California, and Texas.

5 Indigenous women asserting the modern matriarchy

They are reclaiming the tradition of female leadership and turning the old, white, male-dominated perspective of history on its head.