Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Brits don’t mince words: The most irreverent and radical signs from UK’s historic anti-Trump...

They took to the streets en masse to show their opposition to the U.S. president's hate-filled policies.

Breaking news: Trump’s military parade is now estimated to cost $92 million, 200 organizations...

“We reject this gross display of power and violence. We call on you to stop the military parade.”

Libeled by the Washington Post in a ‘false news’ McCarthyite attack on alternative media

Is the Pentagon behind this massive hit on independent journalism?

Trump declares war on the media; a monumental mistake he will soon regret

Is he so arrogant and clueless that he doesn’t fathom the tremendous power that the media possesses and the massive damage that it can inflict on his presidency?

Bernie Sanders Delivers Passionate Speech on Native American Rights

Bernie Sanders continues his commitment to fighting for Native American's rights by dedicating the majority of his rally speech in Arizona to talking about the serious issues they face in today's society.

After massacre in California bar, will a Democrat-controlled House take action on gun control?

The dead include 27-year-old Telemachus Orfanos, who survived the deadly Las Vegas massacre at a country music festival last year, only to be gunned down Wednesday night.

Like clockwork, right-wing media exploit DOJ IG report to call for special counsel Mueller’s...

The report had nothing to do with the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe.

Matt Lauer Ignores Trump’s Lies

NBC host didn’t challenge Trump’s false claims about Iraq and Libya.

How Tacky Can the Golden Arches Get?

McDonald's new ad campaign is designed to link the corporate brand to the healing power of love. Is this McDonald's newest idea to help reverse declining sales: more "Lovin?" Just ask protesting workers about the "love" they're getting from McDonald's.

How this database is tracking and exposing officers’ bigoted Facebook posts

It’s found more than 5,000 racist, sexist, and Islamophobic Facebook posts and comments by law enforcement.