Monday, October 26, 2020

The Age of Decline, Apple Pie, and America’s Chosen Suicide Bomber

The Donald represents, as a friend of mine likes to say, the suicide bomber in us all.

In ‘glimmer of accountability,’ executives, loggers charged in 2014 murders of four Indigenous land...

Environmental campaigners called the charges "unprecedented."

Clinton’s Attacks on Bernie Sanders Backfire

Bernie Sanders has shrunk Clinton's lead in the polls and raised over $1.4 million in campaign contributions since the "panic attacks" began.

Roman chef feeds the homeless in a lifelong mission to help those in need

Dino Impagilazzo's mission is now made up of 300 volunteers who cook and serve hot meals near train stations and in St. Peter's Square to help feed the growing number of homeless people in Rome.

Watch Shepard Smith shut down former Trump adviser who uses Manchester attack to blame...

Smith: “Mr. Woolsey, with great respect, it's very early to make this a political matter.”

Ye are many, they are few!

How do elites keep their monopoly on wealth and power?

Nigerian journalist & activist Omoyele Sowore remains jailed for calling for peaceful protests

Journalist and pro-democracy activist Omoyele Sowore is entering his second month in jail for calling for peaceful nationwide protests against the government....

‘Horrific:’ In dead of night, Trump administration transferring children to tent camp with no...

"Please remember there are 13,000 migrant children in detention. We can't forget about them."

Ethics and empire: an open letter from Oxford scholars

Good and evil may be meaningful terms of analysis for theologians. They are useless to historians.

Progressive Briefing for Tuesday, September 25

Disneyland Resort raises minimum wage, a Dallas cop is fired after killing an innocent man, fourth Kavanaugh accuser comes forward, and more.