Wednesday, January 20, 2021


The rebuilding years begin now

So what’s the agenda for moving forward under the Biden-Harris administration?

Racist County Commissioner arrested for breaching US Capitol

"And I will embrace my Second Amendment, I will keep my right to bear arms, my vehicle is an extension of my home in regard to the constitution law, and I have a right to have those firearms in my car.”

Post-inauguration, restoring the soul of Biden’s America must be truly inclusive

If we are to include the substantive contributions of African Americans in our discussion of an American soul, we cannot presume that this is limited to the mere inclusion of African Americans in a Biden cabinet that “looks like America.”

Profiting from Pardons: Giuliani aide told CIA whistleblower a Trump pardon would cost $2...

“They don’t see this as a bribe. This is the way Washington works.”

‘He’s gone’: Celebrations as ‘worst and most dangerous president in American history’ departs White...

Applauding the departure of the "worst and most dangerous president in American history."

It’s time to take America back from the brink

America needs to tend to the fragile health of its democracy and strive for a new shared prosperity that will shore up the nation’s foundation.

10 bold moves Biden can make without Congress

Biden can and must wield his presidential powers through Executive Orders and regulations. The problems America is facing demand it.

Biden expected to cancel Keystone XL pipeline on day one of presidency

“This decision to halt the Keystone XL pipeline on day one in office sets a precedent that all permitting decisions must pass a climate test and respect Indigenous rights.”

Trump has removed the heart and soul of the Republican Party. The GOP is...

Most of them feel that the party cannot be reformed but that a new party must be created with new ideas, a new agenda, and new directions.


Tell Congress to #StopLine3