Monday, November 18, 2019


America’s arms sales addiction

The 50-year history of U.S. dominance of the Middle Eastern arms trade.

Student protesters are walking a tightrope in Hong Kong

The whole world is watching Hong Kong.

Philadelphia domestic workers win a new bill of rights

"I deserve to be respected at my workplace - which is others' home - and to receive the same rights and protections that other workers receive."

While warning of Nazi-like fascism and corporate crimes, Pope Francis proposes adding ‘ecological sin’...

In remarks at the Vatican, the leader of the Catholic Church condemned "the large-scale delinquency of corporations."

Here are 3 climategate myths that have not aged well

In the face of extreme scrutiny catalyzed by Climategate, climate scientists kept on doing what they do best — researching.

Oil spill prevention law helps contain leak at Shell Puget Sound Refinery

"No oil in the water is acceptable for any of us who do this kind of work."

New study shows staggering consequences of for-profit healthcare system and Americans’ inability to pay...

34 million adults know someone who died after not getting the necessary treatment because of affordability.

Deputy under investigation after tackling teenage quadruple amputee on video

“Men with badges should not be acting this way. Men and women who do act this way should not have badges and guns.”

Reconsidering criminal punishment

We know that the prison system is expensive to maintain and not particularly effective. So what are other solutions to crime?