Saturday, December 7, 2019


EPA watchdog: White House blocked part of truck pollution investigation, caused lack of public...

"The troubling extent to which the Trump EPA went to break the law and abuse the regulatory process in order to benefit individual political benefactors from the glider truck industry."

Soldiers who fight war

A new book refutes a central myth about the Vietnam War.

Howling with my mom put me on a path to living with compassion

A creative approach to saving wolves from being culled opened my eyes to feeling empathy for life around us.

Bernie Sanders joins Des Moines climate strike, young people in 20 states begin sit-ins...

"If we have the courage to take on the fossil fuel industry and other special interests, if we have the courage to pass a Green New Deal, we can create up to 20 million good-paying jobs transforming our energy system.”

People who want to ban fracking immediately, says Joe Biden, ‘oughta vote for someone...

"Might I recommend Bernie Sanders: the climate candidate."

Conviction and removal aren’t the issue; it’s impeachment of Trump that is essential

Presidential high crimes and misdemeanors, unchallenged, become the new reality going forward.

Kerry’s endorsement of Biden fits: Two deceptive supporters of the Iraq War

The former vice president has powerful backers in corporate media, wealthy circles and the Democratic Party establishment.

‘It’s our future’: Meet the youth activists behind Fridays for Future Movements in Uganda...

"It is a very important issue for us because it’s us against our future. We either do something now or we don’t have a future."

Protest as domestic terrorism? The threat to dissent

With activism more and more referred to as a form of terrorism on the right, the left will need to take local and state elections more seriously to halt the trend.