Thursday, September 16, 2021


New bill to prevent Wall Street from continuing to finance fossil fuel industry

“For too long, our federal government has looked the other way while our nation’s largest banks bankroll the dirtiest fossil fuel projects.”

The $3.5 trillion bill corporate America is terrified of

It’s time to get this landmark bill passed and build a fairer America.

Sanders says there’s ‘no excuse’ for any Democrat to oppose lowering drug prices

“Now is the time for Congress to show courage and stand up to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.”

California’s recall election is a wake-up call for Democrats

When it comes to voting, small margins are a luxury Democrats can’t afford.

The land of the free, where so many of the brave are homeless

Resisting evictions amid a pandemic...

Scientists find new way to reduce marine ‘dead zones’

Wetlands can help remove nutrient pollution causing low-oxygen “dead zones.” But how much benefit we reap depends a lot on placement, a new study finds.

Personal interview: Paul Craig Roberts What are the Prospects for Peace?

The interview focus is on the realities of the international power struggle unfolding in real time.

Philadelphia agrees to pay $2M to innocent woman beaten by cops

“The behavior that occurred during the interaction between Rickia Young, her nephew, her son, and some of the officers on the scene violated the mission of the Philadelphia Police Department.”


Tell Congress to #StopLine3