Saturday, October 23, 2021


Crisis management: Critical lessons from Covid 19

Crisis Management is truly the difficult art and practice of Thinking the Unthinkable and then doing everything in our power to thwart it.

We need immediate and drastic climate action

We must very rapidly stop the extraction and use of fossil fuels.

6 ways restaurants can reduce their environmental impact

The restaurant industry struggles to meet consumers’ sustainability standards because of conventional management patterns.

Coping with a complex messy world: Education for the 21st century and beyond

Critical Thinking—surfacing and rebutting fallacious arguments/claims--is one of the most important skills in dealing with Wicked Messes.

Toxic Clichés

Our students will be facing challenges beyond what we can begin to imagine, if these past few years are any indication, crises that require far-ranging intelligence, imagination, sensitivity.

A pandemic of fallacious thinking and civic irresponsibility: Part two – A psychological analysis

The Virus is a big deal, Period! It’s one of the worst calamities to strike in modern times.

Two parties: Two countries

Can we heal this? I believe so, given honest effort and compassion, two qualities crucial for our future as a country, and as a free people.

Coming to terms with the abortion conflict and other matters

The point here is that we can and should discuss issues such as these openly and respectfully.

The socially responsible tech company: Can big tech be fixed?

having a diverse leadership serves the leaders and members of an organization as much as it does its users.

Health experts say getting your flu shot is extra important during Covid-19

Getting this year’s flu vaccine is an excellent way to protect yourself against the most prevalent strain as the year comes to a close.

Improve democracy: Close the college

Attempts to fix this have been made from time to time, but never garnered enough votes to mount a successful fix to this fundamental flaw.

Regulating tech is only half the job: Changing the underlying attitudes is the real...

Culture is largely responsible for up to 80% and more of what goes on in organizations.

It’s time we ask our Senators to take immediate action and protect the vote.

Just when we need it more than ever, Compromise is more elusive than ever.

Can Moderates and Progressives find any way to work together?

They both need to do their part. Without it, woe is be to our collective future.

The week of two high-stakes games of chicken

Neither of these games of chicken would be as fraught if Democrats were united.

How the Biden administration is planning to reform the meat industry

Individuals can vote for better meat industry regulations by choosing environmentally educated government representatives.

Enough! Facebook needs to curtailed immediately

The “bottom line” is that self-regulation is not only a “joke,” but a complete failure.

Stopping crime by removing incentives

We can eliminate the need to use crime for economic support by providing economic support.

Infrastructure wars: ...

The fate of the world literally rests upon our shoulders.

You can help stop climate chaos: 25 ways

Please scroll through these ideas and choose the ones easiest for you and Just Do It. Please. Your children, your grandchildren, and the generations deserve our attention and effort. Now.

A Farruggio original : The bookie joint

“This was all part of that wonderful experience of going to the races.”

Can we tell truth from buck-naked lies?

Trump and his lawless vigilantes attacking democracy are the opposite. “Proud Boys?” Proud of what? Nothing I can see.

We are being out-evolved

As we have anointed our own species Homo sapiens, the wise men, I’d say it’s time to reassess. I’m thinking Stultus homines, Stupid men.

Dis versus mis-information: Unexpected insights from Covid-19

Challenging false arguments/claims has never been more important, and yet more arduous.

6 gentle and respectful ways to help decrease vaccine hesitancy in a friend

It may take a few talks to encourage them, but every conversation is a step in the right direction toward vaccination and the world returning to normal.