Friday, December 4, 2020


Reach out into darkness; come together, right now

Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of working together.

The Reagan/Trump playbook

Yes folks, Reaganland and Trumpworld don't seem to want to go away... unless more of us say 'Enough is Enough!'

A history of the Earth

On our small but beautiful earth, made small by technology, made beautiful by nature, there is room for one group only: the family of humankind.

Quick guide to explaining left and right wings to kids

As you keep this guide in mind, just remember that you’re not expecting your child to fully understand the Left and the Right, and then pick a side.

Playing politics with the truth

If we would only begin to move toward a socialistic program, you would see the nurturing of small business over the usual pampering of corporate Amerika.

Biden’s health care plans could mean new changes to your health care options

Biden’s health care plans could benefit millions of Americans, especially as the nation faces a potential second wave of the coronavirus.

The brat

Grow up, Trump. No U.S. defeated one-termer in the past century has been so petulant.

How can we build a better world?

Instead of insisting on capitalism, I think we should focus on how we can make compassion for others a centerpiece of our society.

Building a new political, economic and social structure

“We’re glad to see Trump go, but we don’t have a lot of hope in Biden. We really need something new, different, and better.”

The medical mess

It seems odd that 12,000 foreign doctors can get residencies in the U.S. but 2,000 U.S. medical graduates cannot.

US Presidential Election 2020: How the outcome could affect the Canada and climate change

The candidates know about the need to proceed cautiously regardless of their broader positions on environmental change.

“The same hypocrisy”

If we are fortunate, and enough citizens out there vote this terrible and criminal administration out of office, then we on the ‘Real Left’ have our work cut out for us.

Hopes for a new party

Progressives can put these principles in practice, and we could retain the better parts of both capitalism and socialism, leading to a happy society.

Ye are many, they are few!

How do elites keep their monopoly on wealth and power?

Our rights and our duties

Our rights should be restated, so the rights of any citizen shall be the rights of all citizens.

” … They know not…”

We who ‘Know better’ must push for the three things needed to reclaim our republic from this empire: Truth, Justice and Universal love, which encompasses forgiveness.

What point in growth?

It seems to me, too, that making the spreading of wealth the goal of society, along with working to making less population another goal, would result in greater happiness for all of us.

COVID-19, Spanish Influenza, Trump and Woodrow Wilson

The election in 1920 turned the country from Democratic to Republican, and it is likely that the 2020 election will do the reverse.

Forget the white sheets…put on your brown shirts!!

As much as we on the Left say that voting is not the answer, this time it IS!!

The rise of partisan conspiracy theories

There may not be more conspiracies circulating, but their dissemination has become much easier and their audience much larger.

Could antibody generation change medicine?

The beginning of this decade has turned into one of the most challenging in recent memory, especially in the field of medicine.

Our world is burning

“We must change almost everything in our current societies. The bigger your carbon footprint, the bigger your moral duty. The bigger your platform, the bigger your responsibility.”

How the COVID-19 crisis can help fight climate change

“Just as we need a vaccine for COVID-19, climate change requires urgent solutions that can’t wait a generation. But people are moved to modify behavior based on emotion, not on research.”

Amerika in Trumpland

"If you want loyalty... get a dog!" Preferably a right wing one, hey Donald!

I’m with Susan Sarandon

“My greatest wish is two-fold: that Trump (and Pence) will no longer be in office after January 2021, and that by the end of 2021 there will be a large and united progress party, ready to run candidates in 2022 and thereafter.”