Thursday, January 27, 2022


Will Sinema and Manchin continue to have Senate power?

If the Democrats were to boot them from the party as punishment, the Republicans would hold the majority.

History and types of photography you must know

Photography itself is actually a process or method for producing a photo or image of an object by recording the reflection of light with the next object in a facility that is sensitive to light sources.

As voting advocates talk about election reform, GOP-led battleground states are busy restricting voting

In swing states, Republicans are targeting key local stages of the process.

Exploring the consequences of the urban-rural cultural divide in America

There are many political and cultural differences that push false narratives.

How far do microplastics travel?

Continue reading to learn about microplastics, how far they travel and their effects on our planet. 

Does Flint, Michigan, have clean water yet? The answer is complicated.

Even if the city has clean water, many people still struggle to accept that they’re being told the truth this time. 

We need changes in our healthcare industry for more accessible care

By reducing prices and expanding coverage to more people, these big-picture changes could transform our healthcare system.

10 ways clean water is shaping the world

As our most precious resource, we must all do our part to ensure that we have access to potable water for generations to come.

How responsible are employers for the safety of remote workers?

Let's explore six situations where your employer could be responsible for your safety while you work from home.

The real ‘coup de tat’

As long as we allow ANY type of private money into electoral politics, third party movements simply cannot compete with the power of the purse held by the Republicans and Democrats.

A radical assessment of January 6

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Likewise, an incompetent, historically ignorant, politically naive, diplomaticallychallenged, shallow, impulsive,...

Challenges homeless people face in getting jobs

All too often, homeless persons are unfairly blamed for their plight.

These 4 items are the biggest pollution offenders in the ocean

There is strength in numbers, so educating community members about plastic waste reduction techniques can effectively increase marine conservation.

Internet security made insecure

The entire system has become nuts.  Let’s go back to using secret words and codes by email.  And if really necessary, voice verification.  But don’t continue to insist on cods by telephone.  It’s inefficient and ineffective.


We want a serious change in our federal spending priorities away from destruction to actual human needs.

Millennials and generational wealth

Various financial injustices are impacting our communities. Generational wealth is one of those particularly affecting Millennials.

WE are our weather

‘We are what we think’ especially regarding weather. The more the majority of us think negatively, the more we experience terrible weather patterns.

4 things to know about the omicron variant

The omicron variant offers yet another reason for caution in the age of COVID-19. Now that you’re in the know, keep yourself safer with a few thoughtful tips.

Critical race—to the bottom

Let teaching our children be based on our efforts to help educate future leaders who are both sensitive and pragmatic.

Punishing the exploited: An exploration of the growing wealth gap

We must find momentum through our discontent, and be “outraged enough to become even more politically active.”

Time to really reawaken America!!

Sometimes 'Everything changes and nothing changes'. So it is in America 2021.

The carbon capture plants that COP26 didn’t discuss

The time has come to stop viewing these plants with a blind eye and start to use them in an effective way.

5 tips for respectfully explaining to others what pro-choice means

The abortion debate is back in the news, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Veterans Daze

For purposes other than the usual ones of humanitarian or defensive reasons, they ship our young men and women thousands of miles away to kill and be killed.

Vote back better

Why then is America, a country noted for its pride (many might say arrogance), slipping so precipitously in our basic functions?