Monday, August 2, 2021


Veterans and former industrial workers need to be a priority during the Covid-19 pandemic

The people who are in the high-risk groups must protect themselves from getting infected with the new coronavirus as it can be quite dangerous.

Why you should be concerned about climate change

By preserving a healthy environment, fighting climate change offers us an opportunity to put people’s welfare first.

How to encourage children to be more sustainable?

Sustainability is a choice. As a parent, you should encourage your kids to make the right choices and live a more sustainable life.

Blister pack pollution

We should probably go back to the system of using deposits for bottles of all sorts.

Universal Lifetime Insurance

Is this socialism? Well, no doubt. But it doesn’t undercut our present system. It just gives everyone a guarantee of something to look forward to

Way to go Captain Ron!!!

Captain Ron keeps pushing draconian laws to suppress voting in Florida.

Solar generated 25% of US electricity in April: What this means for renewables

Continued growth in the solar sector is essential to climate change prevention.

If at first you don’t secede

We can negotiate our way to a far more satisfying set of sovereign nation-states. We can do it without bloodshed.

Facebook screws up again

Well, we shall see how Band Together makes out. We’re off to a rough start because Facebook has made it so. Real people are joining us, even if Facebook makes the road difficult.

Working for the Company

If we wish to have the change needed inside of this empire, beginning with the election of our representatives, we need to take ALL PRIVATE MONEY OUT OF POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS!

It seems Swiss Nationals do not want climate measures

“Switzerland is giving itself a loose meaning of terrorism which makes way for self-assertive police activity.”

Trust Congress? Consider what Smedley Butler said

Congress can be bought today as it was bought then.

Let them suck Sikorskys, let them eat pork

The Pentagon consumes more fossil fuel than any other entity on Earth.

What should progressives be insisting on?

This is going to be a list, borrowed from other lists...

Life imitates art: Does diversity in media have any impact on the real world

Diversity in media is not just impactful, it is essential.

Paraquat: A dangerous chemical still used in the fields of agriculture

Settling the matter in a court of law is essential for people that were exposed to the herbicide paraquat and now have a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

All life is created equal

Our task going forward must be to learn how to preserve and protect our planet, making it fair and equal, so that all of us – men and women and children of all races and colors – shall not perish from the Earth.

Supreme suppression

Back in the day, nonviolent people power was the only answer to governmental inertia in radically improving U.S. democracy.

6 ways to reduce your carbon footprint through dietary changes

Here are six tips for eating green...

Baby you’re a (super) rich man!

Millionaires, Mega Millionaires and even a few Billionaires run our corporations, our media and of course our politics.

Why war?

Can we not rid the world of the institution of war?

Supreme Court slices and dices 1789 law protecting non-citizens

International law in the 21st century has expanded to include the protection of human rights.

3D printing assisting with the rise of geothermal plants

President Biden plans on expanding all renewable energy sectors, including geothermal plants, as part of his Build Back Better policy.

Duh: Easily modifying stupid laws

This “Duh” law would provide a way of avoiding ridiculous bureaucracy, which is really what the Terry decision amounts to.

Inherit the hypocrisy

If we do not stand up and protest this fanaticism... "He that troubleth his own house will inherit the wind..."