Thursday, July 18, 2024

Biden’s Arctic drilling protections: Indigenous and environmental groups urge further action

Indigenous groups and climate advocates welcome Biden’s proposal to protect the Western Arctic from oil and gas drilling, urging further action for long-term preservation.

Governments resume debate on International Seabed Authority’s practice of seabed mining

The debate on the protection of the deep sea reaches the final agenda after being blocked by pro-mining countries last year.

Marathon Oil to pay record settlement for pollution in violation of the Clean Air...

It is the largest penalty for Clean Air Act violations at stationary sources, including power plants, factories and refineries, the EPA said.

How a 20th-century family planning agenda fueled the climate crisis

Broken child welfare policies have undermined political systems and destroyed the planetary ecosystem.

Global oil demand to peak next year, BP predicts

The report focused on two main forecast scenarios—Current Trajectory and Net Zero—and predicted that oil consumption will peak at approximately 102 million barrels a day in 2025.

2024 set to break heat records: Global average temperature surpasses 1.5°C for 12 months...

New data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service reveals the longest stretch above the 1.5-degree threshold, signaling unprecedented climate change and urgent need for action.

UK’s new Labour government lifts ‘absurd’ ban on onshore wind

Both energy experts and environmentalists were in support of the move, which will be confirmed when parliament resumes on July 18.

Why the climate movement is actually close to winning

Putting their work in the context of the MAP’s eight stages suggests there is more reason for hope than some realize.

Elders arrested protesting Citibank’s billions in fossil fuel financing amid record heatwaves

Dozens of senior climate activists, including co-founder Bill McKibben, arrested in New York City while highlighting Citibank’s leading role in financing fossil fuel projects amid worsening climate crisis.

Record heatwave threatens 130 million Americans as climate crisis escalates

"Both the record-breaking temperatures and the duration of heat present a clear and present danger, particularly for children, elders, people with disabilities, and people who work outside."