Saturday, July 24, 2021

Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: A unifying Peoples Project

Ethiopians are faced with a choice: unite and prosper or withdraw into ethnic rivalries and fall into further conflict and discord.

How a powerful US lobby group helps big oil to block climate action

“I think it’s fair to say that API and its prominent member companies have a broadly shared goal, which is to keep the social license of the oil and gas industry operating, and therefore enabling them to continue to extract oil and gas for as long as possible, as profitably as possible.”

As US broils and Europe floods, media dismiss EU climate plan as ‘ambitious’

When humans seek to take aggressive action against this aggressive reality, reporters frame those goals as lofty and unlikely to succeed.

Coral disease spreading in Caribbean linked to wastewater from ships

Since the identification of the disease off Virginia Key in 2014, it has spread to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Saint Maarten and Mexico.

How to encourage children to be more sustainable?

Sustainability is a choice. As a parent, you should encourage your kids to make the right choices and live a more sustainable life.

#BackToTheWild: 13 captive elephants to be rewilded from Kent, England to Kenya

A mission to be completed by The Aspinall Foundation, an organization that's committed to returning rare and endangered animals back to their natural habitats, will return the 13 African elephants, including 3 calves, by plane to their "ancestral homelands."

Great Barrier Reef in danger: Don’t fight the diagnosis, fight the threats

The loss of the Great Barrier Reef would be incalculable for Australia.

European business groups voice support for new ‘fit for 55’ climate agenda while lobbying...

A new report finds that powerful lobbying associations in Europe almost uniformly support 2050 net-zero targets but are seeking to weaken the policies needed to get there.

Blister pack pollution

We should probably go back to the system of using deposits for bottles of all sorts.

House passes PFAS Action Act which protects environment and human health

“We are one step closer to protecting the health of Americans from these toxic forever chemicals.”