Monday, March 1, 2021

Making every school greener: 9 easy ways for students to lead the change

Starting from small, everyday changes in schools, things can change for the better.

Delaware River Basin Commission votes to ban fracking in historic victory

"Banning fracking in the Delaware River Basin is an historic event."

One third of freshwater fish face extinction, new report warns

A new report from a coalition of 16 conservation groups warns that almost a third of freshwater fish species face extinction because of human activity.

Could Biden’s climate policy invite more militarism?

Climate change poses an existential threat. That doesn’t mean we should further empower an already bloated Pentagon.

Use of disinfectants has soared, sparking new examination of ingredients

One family of cleaning chemicals is receiving scrutiny for potential health concerns.

As extreme weather events increase, what are the risks to wildlife?

Last year the United States racked up nearly $100 billion in damages from weather and climate disasters. These events are starting to take their toll on wildlife, too.

US approves of expansion of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in Gulf of...

The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary will now include portions of 14 additional reefs and banks in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, representing approximately a 104 square mile increase in area.

US officially rejoins Paris agreement

This is considered a symbolic and important step toward the aggressive action required to stem the tide of climate change.

Texas power crisis: Three causes, what we can learn

A power crisis in Texas caused by severe winter weather exposed the need for a climate-resilient system.

Youth climate activists will not stop fighting their climate case – even after 9th...

“The 9th Circuit has deprived people in that Circuit the ability to seek a resolution of a real controversy with their government.”