Wednesday, January 19, 2022

How a powerful company convinced Georgia to let it bury toxic waste in groundwater

Documents reveal Georgia Power went to great lengths to advocate for risky waste storage.

It’s time to stop rolling the dice on chemical disasters

Now is the moment for the EPA to update the Risk Management Plan in a meaningful way that takes into account the health, safety and equity of fenceline communities first and foremost.

How Exxon is using an unusual law to intimidate critics over its climate denial

Exxon has "a track record of promoting half truths, misrepresentations and in some cases outright lies."

New York food waste recycling law goes into effect

The hope is to keep food, and its related methane emissions, out of landfills.

15-minute tumble dry can release hundreds of thousands of microfibers into the air

Every time you stick a load of clothes into a tumble dryer, you may be releasing hundreds of thousands of microfibers into...

Biden administration reverses Trump-era policy that opened new oil development in Arctic Alaska

The Biden administration will revert to "a 2013 Obama administration plan issued that protected about half of the reserve."

Why words matter in the fight against climate change

Climate communications expert, Genevieve Guenther, speaks on how climate change reporting has evolved, and her recommendations for how to encourage climate action.

2021’s biggest climate and weather disasters cost the U.S. $145 billion – here’s what...

The disasters just kept coming in 2021, from Hurricane Ida’s destruction across Louisiana and the Northeast to devastating wildfires in the West...

Department of Interior announces protection of more than 351,000 acres of Chaco Canyon

This action is an effort to "protect the Chaco Canyon and the greater connected landscape, and to ensure that public land management better reflects the sacred sites, stories, and cultural resources in the region."