Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Here’s how big oil wants the Supreme Court to help delay and derail climate...

This industry push is a concerted effort to squash climate liability lawsuits.

Young climate leaders conclude mock COP26 with calls for green recovery, recognition of ecocide

"Mock COP26 sends a strong message to world leaders that young people can coordinate global negotiations and we have the solutions."

The New Big 5: How wildlife photography can help save threatened species

Shooting animals with cameras, not guns, is one key path forward in wildlife conservation.

New test finds aerially sprayed pesticide contains PFAS causing significant environmental issues

"Once again, the EPA has failed to protect the American people from harmful pollution by absurdly designating PFAS as ‘inert’ and allowing corporations to withhold crucial information about it."

Major US bank promises not to fund Arctic drilling

“Nearly 30 major banks around the world (now including all 6 major U.S. banks!) have concluded that funding new Arctic drilling is far too risky and bad for business.”

‘Major hurdle’ cleared as youth activists advance historic climate case

“These brave young people have cleared a major hurdle in their pursuit of a judgment which compels European governments to accelerate their climate mitigation efforts.”

EPA warns glyphosate is likely to harm the nation’s most endangered species

“If we want to stop the extinction of amazing creatures like monarch butterflies, we need the EPA to take action to stop the out-of-control spraying of deadly poisons.”

Trump administration targets banks divesting from fossil fuels in new anti-climate rule

The OCC’s new rule could stunt divestment campaigns by requiring major banks to justify each individual decision to regulators using “quantitative, impartial risk-based standards established by the bank in advance.”

Trump admin is rushing to mine sacred tribal land in Arizona

“Our preservation laws are not set up to prevent this level of loss. It weighs heavily on me.”

When can pipelines take private land? Jordan Cove LNG project a test for eminent...

“This is not for a school, it’s not for a hospital, it’s not for an interstate, all of which we acknowledge benefits a wide variety of U.S. citizens. The only people that are going to benefit from this are the people that are invested in fossil fuels.”