Friday, September 24, 2021

‘Groundbreaking’ win as court rules USFWS can’t ignore climate impacts on Joshua Tree

“Joshua trees will be in danger of extinction throughout most of their current range by century’s end from climate change-driven habitat loss, invasive grass-fueled wildfire, and other stressors.”

Rapid shift to clean energy could save ‘trillions.’ But corporate-backed groups are fighting the...

Wind, solar, and batteries are already the cheapest source of electricity and an aggressive shift to clean energy makes more economic sense than a slow one, according to a new study. However, an enormous lobbying effort is underway to block climate policy in the $3.5 trillion budget bill under consideration.

WHO updates Air Quality Guidelines

The WHO determined that air pollution inflicts on human health at even lower concentrations than previously understood.

How an ancient irrigation method makes sustainable life possible in the U.S. Southwest

Time-proven acequia irrigation systems already in use in New Mexico make it possible for people to thrive in arid regions.

Shell’s Permian Basin sell-off unlikely to reduce climate pollution

“You’re not reducing emissions, you're just transferring who produces them.”

World leaders’ lack of urgency to fight climate crisis hangs over UN General Assembly

“Climate change ignores power politics. It doesn’t care how many armies you have, how many weapons you have… We saw in the pandemic when we don’t organize collectively how damaging it is. Climate is just much worse.”

You can help stop climate chaos: 25 ways

Please scroll through these ideas and choose the ones easiest for you and Just Do It. Please. Your children, your grandchildren, and the generations deserve our attention and effort. Now.

‘What betrayal looks like’: UN report says world on track for 2.7°C of warming...

"Failure to meet this goal will be measured in the massive loss of lives and livelihoods."

Firefighters race to protect world’s largest tree from menacing wildfires

Sequoias have evolved to withstand wildfires and even to spread their seeds with help from the heat. However, the more intense fires fueled by the climate crisis can be too much even for these trees.

‘Climate Clock’ shows rich nations still owe $90 billion a year to global green...

"We are in a climate emergency, and without drastic corrective action on track for climate catastrophe."