Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Buried in mud: Wildfires threaten North American water supplies

Flash floods and water contamination after large-scale wildfires are emerging as real hazards in Australia and many other places, threatening drinking water, ecosystems, infrastructures and recreational activities.

California lagged in capping century-old oil wells leaking under homes of LA residents plagued...

On November 28, 2015, Roger Majano, plagued by a noxious smell overwhelming his Los Angeles neighborhood, heaved a jackhammer onto the walkway...

Concentration of CO2 hits record high

“The saddest thing is that this won’t be breaking news. And basically no one understands the full meaning of this.”

First city in Kentucky passes resolution to be 100 percent renewable energy by 2035

"My hope is that Louisville’s accomplishment will become a model for cities throughout Kentucky and an impetus for changes in state policy..."

‘Mass murder’: New report says air pollution from fossil fuel combustion causing 4.5 million...

“Moving our energy generation sector from fossil fuels to renewables is an essential step towards preventing catastrophic climate change and protecting our health.”

EU plans to measure true climate impacts of LNG imports from US fracked gas

Whether this latest E.U. analysis will help finally turn the world's attention on this trans-Atlantic blind spot remains to be seen.

Trump budget proposal reveals regressive environmental priorities

The White House’s 2021 federal budget proposal eliminates several important programs and slashes funding for others—like the Endangered Species Act.

Bolsonaro sends Congress bill to open indigenous lands to mining, fossil fuels

Conservationists are convinced that the opening up of indigenous lands to economic exploitation would inevitably lead to extensive deforestation and to the contamination of Amazonian rivers.

‘This is history in the making’: Cherokee Nation is first U.S.-based tribe to preserve...

“It is such an honor to have a piece of our culture preserved forever. Generations from now, these seeds will still hold our history and there will always be a part of the Cherokee Nation in the world.”

In the face of big environmental challenges, our everyday actions are part of the...

David Wallace-Wells’s new book on climate change offers a powerful warning, but misses the mark on the importance of small, individual efforts.