Saturday, October 23, 2021

Plastic pollution in waterways likely to more than double by 2030, poses dire threat...

"This assessment provides the strongest scientific argument to date for the urgency to act, and for collective action to protect and restore our oceans from source to sea."

Fossil fuel plant run by William Koch at heart of EPA investigation into racism...

“My hope is that they will thoroughly investigate their emissions and their impact on the community and draw what we believe to be an inescapable conclusion that Oxbow is an eminent danger to the life and health of people in Port Arthur and southeast Texas.”

Smoke from wildfires in the West harms more people in the East, study finds

The research underlines the widespread harms caused by wildfires, which are made worse by human-caused climate change, despite their localized acute destruction.

California releases new proposal to ban oil drilling near communities

“We are committed to protecting public health, the economy and our environment as we transition to a greener future that reckons with the realities of the climate crisis we’re all facing.”

New study shows oak trees’ positive increase of carbon capture ‘essential to guide climate...

“Our work adds to the small body of results from laboratories-in-the-forest that are essential to guide climate policy.”

Leaked docs reveal fossil fuel-soaked nations lobbying to sabotage climate action

“They are using every opportunity to protect their corporate interests and continue with business as usual while the planet burns.”

Don’t let youth climate activists like me burn out

To all the COP26 delegates and others with power over what happens at this conference: Please show us that you’ve heard us.

Despite climate crisis, politicians will double the production of energy from fossil fuels

“Fossil-fuel-producing nations must recognize their role and responsibility in closing the production gap and steering us towards a safe climate future.”

Greta Thunberg on climate promises versus actions

Thunberg sat down in her Stockholm kitchen to talk about what she expects—and hopes—will come from the global event.

Microplastics are in the air we breathe and in Earth’s atmosphere, and they affect...

We highlight just how widespread microplastic pollution is and the potential it has to influence climate on a global scale.