Tuesday, October 20, 2020

UK retailers ban glitter from store brand products this holiday season

As the movement against glitter brings awareness about microplastics, Morrisons, Waitrose and John Lewis' store brand holiday products will be glitter-free for 2020.

‘Sadistic and depraved’: Trump rejects California request for federal disaster aid to recover from...

“That a sitting president—of any party—would deny their own citizens help during their time of greatest need, amid literal hellfire raining down on American cities, is beyond shameful.”

Climate change likely drove our ancestors to extinction, study finds

“Climate change made Homo vulnerable and hapless in the past, and this may just be happening again.”

Barrett’s views on climate crisis worry and appalls environmentalists as her confirmation hearings continue

“If you’re neutral on climate change, you're complicit in the collapse of the planetary ecosystem upon which the survival of every living thing depends.”

Methane emissions soar 32% despite lockdowns and green pledges

“It is clearly time to reduce these emissions. They are easy to fix. We have the technology to fix them.”

Amy Coney Barrett’s remarks on climate change raise alarm that a climate denier is...

“It’s a really big deal — and a sign of a complete failure of our democracy — to be confirming a climate denier to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court during a moment when urgent climate action is an existential priority.”

Exxon and other US oil companies lag in responding to ‘existential threat’ of energy...

"...there is a long way to go before they can be viewed as aligned with the Paris Agreement and the risk of stranded assets is still very real.”

‘Uninhabitable hell:’ UN report warns of planet’s future for millions without climate action

The report said that the future would be full of more climate-related disasters as the planet warms up and heat-trapping gases are continuously emitted into the atmosphere.

Environmentalists sue Trump’s USDA for killing more than 1.2 million native wild animals last...

“This mass slaughter is carried out in our backyards, on public lands, and in beloved parks; there is no limit to the program’s reach.”

Climate crisis: What we can learn from indigenous traditions

By ignoring what Indigenous people know about how to protect their forests, we lose potential solutions to the climate crisis.