Sunday, April 14, 2024

EPA announces new drinking water standards to limit ‘forever chemicals’

The new rule will restrict six PFAS chemicals in the water—individually, or in combination with each other or both—requiring public water systems to mitigate if the chemicals are found above allowable levels.

Historic verdict: Right to defense against climate change enshrined in Indian Constitution

This ruling signifies a pivotal advancement in India's climate change jurisprudence, intertwining the essence of environmental sustainability with fundamental human rights.

‘A massive win for all generations’: European human rights court rules Switzerland violated rights...

The landmark decision sets a powerful precedent for future climate-related lawsuits in Europe and around the world.

Groundbreaking study exposes plastic pollution’s deep ocean graveyard

The investigation reveals that the ocean floor is besieged by up to 11 million tons of plastic waste, a figure that dwarfs the quantity observed on the water's surface.

Amazon’s plastic use surges despite global cutback initiatives

Amazon's journey towards global sustainability hits a snag on home soil, as a recent report unveils a surge in plastic waste across the United States.

Unveiling the titans of carbon: How 57 companies drive the global climate crisis

The quest to curb emissions becomes not just a matter of individual or national effort but a pressing need for accountability at the corporate level.

The Inflation Reduction Act: A quantum leap in US clean energy, yet hurdles remain...

As the nation charts its course towards a greener future, certain sectors, particularly hydrogen, geothermal, and nuclear energy, find themselves mired in regulatory and practical quandaries.

Chevron owns this city’s news site. Many stories aren’t told

In the absence of independent local news sources, Richmond residents say they rely on each other for accurate information.

New study assesses hundreds of US landfills to quantifying methane emissions

More than half the landfills in the United States are “super-emitters” of methane.

Big oil clouded the science on extreme weather. Now it faces a reckoning

A collection of evidence reveals the industry’s efforts to deny the link between extreme weather and climate change.