Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Why fixing methane leaks from the oil and gas industry can be a climate...

It might be the cheapest, quickest way to reduce climate change without roiling the economy.

How young climate activists built a mass movement to be reckoned with

The movement of the future has potential to further re-shape politics in ways most of us can’t even imagine.

Two companies to develop wind turbine blades made from renewable materials

“The wind industry as a key driver towards carbon neutrality needs to become 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

8 billion people: Four ways climate change and population growth combine to threaten public...

Of the multitude of climate-related adverse health effects, there are four great public health concerns for a growing population.

This $25,000 solar-powered SUV is coming to the U.S.

“Our mission, ‘solar on every vehicle’ must be a global effort.”

How the fossil fuel industry buys goodwill

From sports to academia to the arts, fossil fuel companies are pouring money on the things we love, in an effort to “not be held accountable” for climate chaos.

US mega-banks behind 1/3 of climate-destroying oil and gas expansion: Report

"Global banks' top fossil fuel clients amount to a rogues' gallery of bad actors."

By 2030, poor nations will need $2.4 trillion per year to fight climate crisis:...

"Humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish. It is either a climate solidarity pact—or a collective suicide pact."

Maryland opens largest transit bus charging station

"The transportation infrastructure of tomorrow is up and running today in Montgomery County."

Single billionaire produces a million times more emissions than average person: Oxfam

"These few billionaires together have 'investment emissions' that equal the carbon footprints of entire countries like France, Egypt, or Argentina."