Saturday, December 7, 2019

Years before Exxon Valdez, documents show Exxon’s imperial oil prioritized public image overspill impacts

Nineteen years after Imperial dealt with the Arrow oil spill in Canada, the grounding of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker released 11 million gallons of oil into Alaska’s Prince William Sound.

New documents reveal Exxon-owned Canadian oil giant’s shifting climate change PR

“Public concern regarding environmental problems is being translated into legislation rapidly.”

WMO says this decade has been the hottest ever recorded

The world’s top climate scientists have praised WMO for communicating the urgency of the crisis and encourages lawmakers to take the report seriously.

Texas nonprofit aims to solve two problems: Homelessness and environmental cleanup

To date, the program has paid out over $100,000 in earned income and helped 24 individuals experiencing homelessness secure stable housing.

American exceptionalism is killing the planet

The many abuses of endless war.

Climate change forces 20 million people to flee each year, Oxfam finds

At the U.N. climate talks in Madrid, environmental and development groups are pushing to establish a fund to help countries already reeling from climate change.

Failed action on the climate crisis makes resistance imperative

It is this reality that is spurring people around the world to take action in the growing global climate emergency movement.

Thousands of activists stage protests at three German coal mines to demand bolder climate...

"We want to show with our protest today that this mine needs to be shut down permanently."

Dozens arrested for demanding food justice at Jane Fonda’s fire drill Friday protest in...

The weekly demonstration coincided with a global youth-led climate strike that aimed to put pressure on governments attending COP 25.

How to shop sustainably

Some clothes are more environmentally friendly than others. Here’s how to find them.