Monday, February 18, 2019

‘This is a crisis:’ New report details the age of ‘environmental breakdown’

The historical disregard of environmental considerations in most areas of policy has been a catastrophic mistake.

Polar bear ‘invasion:’ How climate change is making human-wildlife conflicts worse

Unfortunately, climate change is only going to make these negative interactions between humans and wildlife more common.

Energy Transfer pipeline projects on hold in Pennsylvania after string of violations

“There has been a failure by Energy Transfer and its subsidiaries to respect our laws and our communities. This is not how we strive to do business in Pennsylvania, and it will not be tolerated.”

Court allows Trump to bulldoze environmental laws for border wall

"Congress has ceded its authority to Trump, who has swept aside fundamental public safety and environmental laws to build walls that won't work."

New bill aims to reverse the GOP’s giveaway of ANWR lands to fossil fuel...

“This bill calls a halt to the Administration’s headlong rush to sell off this special wilderness to corporate polluters."

A positive vision for what the Green New Deal could be

The Green New Deal as a concept has arrived. Where it goes from here is up to us.

Oil spill shuts TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline in same county where ‘paper-thin’ pipe found in...

The cause of the spill is not yet clear and investigators have not yet confirmed its precise location.

Two pipelines shut down after 43 barrels of crude leak into Missouri soil

"We were very fortunate in the fact that there's a natural containment the oil resides."

Are investors finally waking up to North America’s fracked gas crisis?

It may take some time, but eventually investors wake up — or run out of money.

Ocasio-Cortez & Markey unveil sweeping “Green New Deal” to radically shift U.S. off fossil...

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to mock the proposal on Wednesday, referring to it as a “green dream, or whatever they call it.”