Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Lawsuit challenges permits for some of Texas’ largest polluters, alleges state fails to enforce...

“Until we get control of the emissions in those disproportionate areas or overburden areas. I think all permitting should be stopped until we get a handle on it.”

California-sized area of forest lost in just 14 years

These include nine forest areas in Latin America, eight in Africa, and seven in Asia and Oceania.

US air pollution regulation saved over 1.5 billion birds

“Our research shows that the benefits of environmental regulation have likely been underestimated.”

Facing their failure to meet 2020 biodiversity targets, world leaders pledge action & funds

Amid calls from the U.N. Chief to stop treating the earth ‘as if we have a spare one,’ French President Emmanuel Macron led world leaders in commitments to protect ecosystems at the One Planet Summit

Record number of U.S. weather disasters struck in 2020, costing billions

The fact that more people are living in areas vulnerable to climate disasters also contributed to the record number of billion-dollar events.

7 ways to make your small business greener

Once you have these new and greener practices down, not only will your office residents thank you for them, but so will the environment.

Tell Congress to #StopLine3

Congress must stop the expansion of a dying tar sands industry and #StopLine3 construction immediately.

As Enbridge races to build Line 3 Pipeline, resistance ramps up in the courts...

Meanwhile, the fight against Line 3 in Minnesota is continuing on the ground as Enbridge plows ahead with construction.

Climate deniers moved rapidly to spread misinformation during and after attack on US Capitol

The disinformation-fueled movement backing him is extremely unlikely to simply fade away...