Monday, August 2, 2021

Wastewater pollution: EPA moves to undo Trump’s weakening of coal plant requirements

Despite the change, the Biden administration said it does not plan to immediately reinstate the stricter requirements that were in effect before the rollback.

Scientists who issued ‘climate emergency’ declaration in 2019 now say Earth’s vital signs are...

A rapid and urgent phaseout of fossil fuels is needed, scientists warn, in order to avoid crossing dangerous climate tipping points.

Why you should be concerned about climate change

By preserving a healthy environment, fighting climate change offers us an opportunity to put people’s welfare first.

Maine becomes first state to make corporations pay for recycling

“While we’re first in the U.S., we’re not going to be the last.”

Eight of the 10 nations most at risk from climate and toxic pollution in...

Toxic pollution in the environment, be it dirty air, contaminated water or unhealthy soils, accounted for more than 8 million deaths globally in 2018.

Coastal landfills are no match for rising seas

Tens of thousands of dumps line the U.S. coastlines, most sitting at or near sea level...

House Committee seeks interview with Exxon lobbyist caught on tape

The House Oversight Committee is requesting that Keith McCoy appear before the committee to discuss ExxonMobil’s anti-climate lobbying tactics and funding for shadow groups.

Italian government bans large cruise ships from entering Venice lagoon

Venice will no longer allow large cruise ships from entering the Basin of San Marco, the Canal of San Marco and the Giudecca Canal.

It’s time for an urgent intervention in the food system ruining our climate

The Farm System Reform Act would provide a real solution to addressing the climate impacts of industrial agriculture.

Great Barrier Reef in danger: Don’t fight the diagnosis, fight the threats (commentary)

My plea to the government and to my fellow Australians: Don’t let politics thwart science. Don’t fight the diagnosis. Fight the threats. The world is watching and the clock is ticking.