Thursday, April 18, 2019

Extinction Rebellion movement starts week-long demonstration in US and around world demanding ‘system change...

“It’s time to do what’s never been done before in the fight against climate change – a collective and coordinated international rebellion that will continue to escalate until our demands are met."

‘Virtually no risk of drilling restrictions,’ West Virginia official tells fracking-reliant petrochemical industry

This week, at an industry conference focused on wooing petrochemical producers to West Virginia, officials from the state and federal government made...

Fatal natural gas explosion rocks Durham, NC

"They tell us gas is safe but it's clearly not."

Nestlé, stop single use:’ Activists confront company executives at Annual General Meeting in Switzerland...

"It's time for Nestlé to really take some responsibility for the magnitude of its contribution to the problem."

US Environmental Protection Agency sweeps Iowa’s water crisis under the rug

Despite over 10,000 factory farms and almost no Clean Water Act regulation, EPA denies petition to withdraw Iowa’s pollution program.

‘Are you serious?’ John Kerry interrupts GOP climate denial logic in disbelief

Meanwhile, the Republicans on the committee indicated they intend to do nothing but continue a long history of delay and denial on climate change.

New study shows the Arctic has entered an ‘unprecedented state’ that threatens the entire...

The study is a massive conglomeration of nearly 50 years of research.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere at highest level since the the Pliocene epoch

"So, the modern climate change we see is big, really big; even by standards of Earth history."

New corals in the Great Barrier Reef on the decline after back-to-back bleaching

"We've gotten to the point now where local solutions for the reef are almost pointless – the only thing that matters is action on climate change."