Sunday, March 26, 2023

EPA proposes first legal limits for PFAS in drinking water

“This action has the potential to prevent tens of thousands of PFAS-related illnesses and marks a major step toward safeguarding all our communities from these dangerous contaminants.”

EPA proposes ‘strongest ever’ standards for keeping coal plant pollution out of U.S. waterways

“The coal industry has benefited from lax pollution controls for decades, and we are pleased that the EPA is finally requiring the industry to stop dumping toxic pollutants into our waterways.”

Biden denounced for ‘appalling’ approval of Willow oil project

"There is simply no justification for President Biden's decision to approve a massive new oil drilling scheme that will lead to decades of air and climate pollution," said one critic.

Study finds global coffee production at risk from climate change

“During any given year, climate hazards such as heatwaves, droughts, frosts and floods can each affect coffee yield.”

Top US law schools accused of creating a student ‘pipeline’ into firms serving fossil...

The LSCA is now calling out top-ranked law schools for their role in propping up the fossil fuel industry through what the report refers to as a “fossil fuel lawyer pipeline.”

The railroad industry loved modern brakes and safety, until they didn’t

Science and data shows that ECP brakes help prevent rail accidents like the recent one in Ohio.

‘Unprecedented levels’ of plastics entered world’s oceans after 2005, study finds

The new study comes as the UN is developing a treaty to control plastic pollution.

Major gas utility is pouring money into reversing an Oregon city’s electric-only mandate

Climate advocates who see this strategy playing out in Eugene are concerned that NW Natural and its affiliates may spend enormous sums to convince the public to overturn the mandate. 

5 surprising things that could be preventing your backyard from serving as a wildlife...

Prevent your backyard from being an “ecological trap” by taking these key actions to protect wildlife.

Analysis shows major US oil companies raked in $290 billion in profits last year

"With $290 billion in profits, Big Oil made enough money in 2022 to end world hunger, pay off U.S. medical debt, and build 10 Disney Worlds, but instead used their record profits to shower $163 billion on shareholders."