Friday, June 22, 2018
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Shell Oil Spill Dumps Nearly 90,000 Gallons of Crude Into Gulf

Gulf residents opposed to drilling are calling on President Obama not to open additional leases in the next Five Year Plan for the Gulf of Mexico.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline corporate backers fund faulty pro-pipeline poll

With the controversy over the ACP raging on, the public deserves to hear the truth, independent of corporate money aimed at manipulating public opinion.

‘The Science March is about respecting science, the People’s Climate March is about acting...

“The March for Science and the People's Climate March go hand-in-hand.”

10 Stunning Images Show Human’s Huge Impact on the Earth

Proof of humanity’s devastating footprint on Earth can be seen in these stunning images.

These industry titans oppose Trump’s order to build pipelines with U.S. steel

The U.S. Department of Commerce will consider all of these comments as it inches toward a draft set of regulations.

Breaking Free: A Rising Tide Of Climate Resistance

There has long been a clarion call to save the planet for future generations. It becomes increasingly clear that it is the younger generation that will save us all.

Activists sue to block plans to bury 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste near...

Residents are fighting the permit issued by the California Coastal Commission to store the millions of pounds of nuclear waste within 100 feet of the ocean.

A Fitbit for Polar Bears Reveals Their Struggle to Survive

Scientists document that climate change is forcing the animals to exert more energy to find food.

Final phase of Dakota access construction delayed pending discussion with Sioux Tribe

The US Army Corps of Engineers have announced that they will delay granting Dakota Access the necessary easements to drill under Lake Oahe and the Missouri River until “discussion and analysis” with the Standing Rock Sioux can take place.

Trump lied: Keystone XL now allowed to be built using imported steel

TransCanada’s success over Trump is what happens when you have an administration stacked with fossil fuel billionaires and a trade deal that enables corporate polluters to push their agenda at will.