Sunday, February 25, 2024

‘Most disingenuous marketing campaign we have seen for a long time’: New video debunks...

An undercover investigation funded by vegan food company VFC appears to reveal that the video was pure greenwashing.

96,000 fish die in chlorine leak at Norwegian fish farm

“The emergency services are working on site to get an overview of the incident.”

Oil tanker fire near Hong Kong kills 1, potential spill could threaten endangered turtles...

The explosions were strong enough to be felt by residents of the nearby island.

What will we remember of 2022?

Let me start 2022 by heading back — way, way back — for a moment. It’s easy to forget...

California becomes first state to regulate plastic straws

The law, which will enter into force Jan. 1, prohibits restaurants from providing straws unless a customer requests one. It covers only sit-down eateries, not fast food restaurants, delis or coffee shops.

Real climate coverage names names, avoids false hope and probes solutions

But mostly, real climate journalism is about asking the right, and sometimes vexing, questions.

The fate of the Earth

Climate change, after all, looks to be nature’s slo-mo version of nuclear war.

But wait, U.S. Bank has not stopped funding pipelines

Despite announcing its intent to stop pipeline project loans, U.S. Bank still gives massive amounts of general financing to oil giants who build pipelines. Will it stop that?

In break with Trump’s EPA, Nevada announces plan to cut tailpipe emissions

“Clean car standards will provide Nevadans with more transportation options and much-needed relief from volatile gas prices and dirty air.”

The almost completed oilsands pipeline you never heard about

“They wanted this one to happen quietly and under the radar.”