Friday, December 9, 2022

Who’s to blame for the lawbreaking and habitat destruction in US fisheries

We disrespect the Earth’s oceans at our own peril.

Parenting the climate-change generation

I’m going to heed their leadership. I plan to join them, to learn and listen, to do my best to share my still unarticulatable fears and, with my children, to face this future together.

‘A deeply dangerous order’: Trump-appointed judge blocks Biden from pausing new oil drilling leases

"This is a deeply dangerous order that heightens the imperative for bold, urgent climate action on our public lands and ocean."

Japanese fisheries collapsed due to pesticides, new research says

"Let's hope this is a wake-up call for Asian countries and they move to quickly ban the chemicals from paddyfields."

New study confirms findings of faster global warming, despite what the GOP claims

After publishing their results in 2015, the NOAA became under attack from GOP members of the House. Now their findings are being validated.

Can Capitalism and Mankind Both Survive?

American mainstream journalism isn’t asking the big question: Can capitalism and mankind co-exist? The reason journalists aren’t asking is that they know the uncomfortable answer is: No they cannot.

Analysis: Fossil fuel tax programs to cut emissions lead to lots of industry profit,...

Policies like this, including putting a price on carbon, “allow polluters to keep polluting and pay the tax.”

‘Uninsurable and unhedgeable’: Central Banks warn of financial crisis from climate change

The public is increasingly aware of the industry’s obfuscation.

Victory! Australia Bans Cosmetic Animal Testing Nationwide

Starting July 2017, Australia will ban cosmetics which have been tested on animals as well as any products containing ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Alaska Supreme Court hears oral arguments in kids’ climate change lawsuit

‘Is there a time to declare that air that sustains life is a fundamental right?’