Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Massive Utah oil shale project threatens public health, water supply

Conservation groups today formally opposed the Trump administration’s plan to facilitate the first commercial oil shale development in the United States.

Increased coverage on climate change last year

Hopefully, with more media coverage, we will all be able to join together and change the topic from a climate change armageddon to having solutions we can work towards.

Largest dam removal project in U.S. history restarts with interstate partnership

“At its heart, dam removal is about healing and restoration for the river, for the salmon, and for our people.”

Plastic pollution in Antarctica 5 times worse than expected

As many as 51 trillion microplastic particles – 500 times more than stars in our galaxy – litter our seas, seriously threatening marine wildlife.

USDA drops plan to test for Monsanto weed killer in food

Much more research is needed to understand the impact on human health of chronic dietary exposures to pesticides.

Black voters know climate justice is racial justice

Research suggests that people of color may be more concerned than Whites about climate change.

How Businesses Can Protect the Environment

“As you can easily notice, any business can protect nature and there are different things that can be done in order to be environmentally conscious.”

Lifeboat Earth

At its best, the earth was once likened to a spaceship that sails through the heavens with a crew working together for the common...

Mars breakthrough: Water discovered beneath surface

"This thrilling discovery is a highlight for planetary science and will contribute to our understanding of the evolution of Mars, the history of water on our neighbor planet and its habitability."