Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Even Tumbling Fossil Fuel Prices Can’t Deter Clean Energy Revolution

One of the biggest stories of 2015 was the sharp decline of oil prices, which fell this year to levels not seen in more than a decade.

Oilfield Prayer Day in Oklahoma

Perhaps it would be more prudent for Gov. Mary Fallin and the Republican-dominated legislature to stop praying to the oil industry and start passing laws to make their state’s oil billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.

Controversial Keystone XL pipeline gets green light from Trump

"The #KeystoneXL tar sands pipeline was a bad idea from Day One and it remains a terrible idea today."

Montana eased regulations for Keystone XL after lobbying by TransCanada

By the year’s end, TransCanada expects to make a final decision on whether to proceed with Keystone XL.

Oil tanker fire near Hong Kong kills 1, potential spill could threaten endangered turtles...

The explosions were strong enough to be felt by residents of the nearby island.

Who owns Puerto Rico’s debt, exactly? We’ve tracked down 10 of the biggest vulture...

Financial firms are still fighting to get billions out of the bankrupt island as it tries to rebuild.

Trump administration plans to open more of California public land to oil drilling, fracking

“Expanding extraction of dirty fossil fuels on our public lands threatens the health of our communities and the future of our climate."

What is our land for?

Should we graze it, log it, drill it, and mine it? Or should we preserve it, study it, recreate in it, and revere it?

Stopping climate change

We should “think outside the box” to arrive at solutions that eliminate climate change as best we can.

‘Another win for the climate’: Judge orders disclosure of climate impacts on public lands...

“This isn’t a matter of doing more paperwork, it’s a matter of enforcing restraint to preserve our ability to keep making progress for the climate.”