Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Pipeline opposition groups fight back against anti-protest laws ‘designed to intimidate’

"The response of the government to protest ought to be engaging on the issue, listening to the concerns of the people that are speaking out, and trying to respect and work with them, not stifle First Amendment rights."

The Morton County Sheriff department is trying to keep life-saving supplies from Standing Rock...

Any vehicles attempting to deliver supplies and materials to the camps will be fined $1,000.

Let’s make 2018 a better time, not the end of time

We have the capacity for wonders as well as horrors. We have the ability to create as well as to destroy.

How Businesses Can Protect the Environment

“As you can easily notice, any business can protect nature and there are different things that can be done in order to be environmentally conscious.”

How Green Energy Is Already Taking Over the World (Video)

These kinds of developments are happening all over the world where Big Oil, unlike in America, can’t hog the microphone.

Fenced in: A surprising threat to coral fish and biodiversity

Massive traditional fish traps called fish fences catch hundreds of types of fish – many before they’re old enough to reproduce.

Video shows wild buffalo held without food or water near Dakota Access Pipeline construction...

Reports claim that the buffalo are being held without access to food or water.

Prescription drugs may be polluting our drinking water

“Pollution from prescription drugs threatens public health and the safety of drinking water."

VIDEO: Obama’s Journey: 10 Signs of Extreme Climate Change in Alaska and Why It...

The reason Obama went to the state is that it is at the forefront of the climate change crisis. Here are the climate problems it is facing according to the Environmental Protection Agency.