Friday, February 21, 2020

In a time of cheap fossil fuels, nuclear power companies are seeking – and...

Illinois and New York have approved hundreds of millions of dollars in clean-energy incentives for nuclear power companies. New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland could be next.

Latest figures reveal that the world uses 500 billion plastic bottles annually

Plastic bottles will soon take over the entire Earth, literally.

15 state AGs sue EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt for not enforcing pollution controls

“Over and over again, the Trump administration has put polluters before the health and safety of New Yorkers.”

New study confirms ‘one-in-a-million chance’ humans are not cause of climate change

"The narrative out there that scientists don't know the cause of climate change is wrong. We do.”

5 things to know before next week’s critical UN climate talks

You can participate, too. Climate change is not some far-away phenomenon, it is here now and impacts people around the globe everyday.

Canada’s Trudeau plans to work with Trump admin to approve Keystone XL, pump Exxon-owned...

The deck now stacked against those who have spent years fighting against Keystone XL.

Ocean heat waves becoming more frequent and killing coral instantly

Marine heatwaves, which have become more frequent, intense, and have been staying longer, are playing a huge role in coral death, says...

Inside Exxon’s great climate cover-up: From early climate change researcher to epic climate denier

Exxon knew that fossil fuels cause global warming as early as the 1970s but hid that information from the public.

Women Who Stop Oil: Female Leadership Crucial At Dakota Pipeline Protests

Did you know that the Sacred Stone camp at Standing Rock was initiated by female tribal members?

Climate change as genocide

Inaction equals annihilation.