Thursday, May 6, 2021

New corals in the Great Barrier Reef on the decline after back-to-back bleaching

"We've gotten to the point now where local solutions for the reef are almost pointless – the only thing that matters is action on climate change."

Power to the people: Wyoming residents reject first new coal mine in decades

Blocking a new coal mine shows the power of the public.

Portland public schools first to put global climate justice in classroom

Students learn about the front lines of global warming and how to be climate activists.

Meet the Nebraskans who could stop Keystone XL (again)

But TransCanada is intervening in the process in its own way.

Why one Native family is donating their fracking proceeds to benefit Indian Country

A new fund will support deeply researched investigative journalism that reports on critical issues in Indian Country.

Donald Trump Says There is No Drought in California

Trump claims California is not in a drought and will open up water to farmers if he is elected president.

This Super Sustainable House Can Be Built in One Day

Despite being lightweight, the Wikkelhouse is durable and has a minimum life span of 50 years.

3 New Years Resolutions That Will End the World’s Dependency on Fossil Fuels

Renewable energy and alternative vehicles get cheaper the more of them we make and use. Oil and coal get more expensive the more of them we burn. So we can be confident that clean energy wins the affordability race.

Arsonists ‘pledging to light a few less fires’: Analysis exposes failure of big oil...

“BP, Shell, and Total are still drilling us into a deeper climate emergency, and that has to stop before they can claim any credibility.”

Fossil fuel industry outspent environmentalists and renewables by 10:1 on climate lobbying, new study...

“Different corporations typically push for whatever positions are advantageous to their economic well-being.”