Thursday, July 18, 2024

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This move comes amid growing public discontent with the court and recent scandals involving justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

Only a despot-friendly Supreme Court, instead of reigning in WH crimes, opens the gates

The right’s ferocious war on the Constitution has now super-powered the executive, leaving Congress, the judiciary, regulators, and ordinary, law-abiding citizens in the lurch.

Take the best cognitive test, Joe. Ace it—then fortify support, win nomination, then slam/shame...

Are we all not flying blind with two geriatrics on display (though the right-wing cares not at all).

Ocasio-Cortez files impeachment articles against Justices Thomas and Alito amid ethics scandals

Liberal Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduces impeachment articles against Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, citing undisclosed gifts and conflicts of interest.

2024 set to break heat records: Global average temperature surpasses 1.5°C for 12 months...

New data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service reveals the longest stretch above the 1.5-degree threshold, signaling unprecedented climate change and urgent need for action.

Mr. President, defiant denialism violates the ultimate political commandment: Win with your best shot

How much insight is needed to project the frailty of the last many months into an electoral NO on any four year bet?

Elders arrested protesting Citibank’s billions in fossil fuel financing amid record heatwaves

Dozens of senior climate activists, including co-founder Bill McKibben, arrested in New York City while highlighting Citibank’s leading role in financing fossil fuel projects amid worsening climate crisis.

WHO classifies talc as ‘probably carcinogenic’ for humans

Most human are exposed to talc, which is a naturally occurring mineral mined in many parts of the world, in baby powder, skincare and cosmetics.

Record heatwave threatens 130 million Americans as climate crisis escalates

"Both the record-breaking temperatures and the duration of heat present a clear and present danger, particularly for children, elders, people with disabilities, and people who work outside."

Study links common foods to elevated PFAS levels in humans, raising health concerns

Research finds coffee, eggs, white rice, and seafood contribute to higher concentrations of harmful ‘forever chemicals.’

Biden administration announces final rule that requires airlines to issue automatic cash refunds when...

The new rule makes refunds to passengers easy when airlines cancel or significantly change their flights, significantly delay their checked bags, or fail to provide the extra services they purchased.