Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Overhaul the USDA

For decades, the agriculture department has been indifferent to struggling rural communities. That has to change.

‘Held to ransom’: Pfizer demands governments gamble with state assets to secure vaccine deal

“Pfizer and BioNTech are firmly committed to working with governments and other relevant stakeholders to ensure equitable and affordable access to our Covid-19 vaccine for people around the world.”

U.S. Covid death toll hits 500,000 as rich nations hoard vaccines, leaving poorer nations...

“It’s in our public health interest, it’s in our economic interest, and, I think most importantly, it’s really in our ethical and moral compass to be doing this.”

Child poverty in the US could be slashed by monthly payments to parents—an idea...

Fifty years later, Congress and the nation are again debating a major boost in government support for families with children.

Use of disinfectants has soared, sparking new examination of ingredients

One family of cleaning chemicals is receiving scrutiny for potential health concerns.

US farmers and food justice groups declare ‘solidarity’ with Indian farmer protests

"India's farmers have mobilized to create one of the world's most vibrant protests in history."

Whose rights matter in pandemic America?

Not those of poor Americans, that’s for sure...

Lancet report: 40% of US COVID deaths were preventable. The country needs universal healthcare...

One of the report’s recommendations is reforming the system to a single-payer model like Medicare for All, which President Joe Biden has so far rejected in favor of bolstering the Affordable Care Act.

Medicare for All the ‘only way forward’, concludes Lancet panel in study detailing death...

“Trump’s disastrous actions compounded longstanding failures in health policy in the USA. We know what it will take to create a healthy society. We just need the political will to do it.”

Toxic metals contaminate all baby foods tested: New government report

"The FDA must set standards and regulate this industry much more closely, starting now.”