Saturday, November 27, 2021

If you think vaccine mandate pushback is bad…

At some point, governments will start using more sticks than carrots to break our deadly dependence on fossil fuels. How will humanity respond?

Why are Moderna’s billionaires airbrushing scientists out of the vaccine patent picture?

Moderna has now filed for a patent on the key vaccine breakthrough these scientists helped produce.

Over 84 million people forcibly displaced by climate emergency, insecurity, and violence

“The international community must redouble its efforts to make peace, and at the same time must ensure resources are available to displaced communities and their hosts.”

Moderna slammed for ‘cheating US taxpayers’ in COVID-19 vaccine patent dispute

Along with "being scientifically dishonest," and "trying to cheat NIH scientists," the company "is leaving people to die."

UN turns to world leaders and the wealthy to help with world hunger

“We’ve got conflict, climate change, and Covid-19 driving up the numbers of the acutely hungry, and there are now more than 45 million people marching towards the brink of starvation.”

Ditching fossil fuels will have immediate health benefits for millions – world leaders must...

The same fossil fuels producing the greenhouse gases warming the Earth’s atmosphere also form large quantities of air pollutants.

Is your tap water safe to drink? Pesticides, radioactive material, PFAS among new contaminants...

“With more funding, stronger federal safety standards and a greater focus on helping historically disadvantaged areas, safe water could finally be a given for all communities across the country.”

7 ways schools can prioritize health and safety this winter

This winter, you can find the perfect illness prevention strategy for your campus by talking to your staff and developing a feasible plan.

Progressives say ‘it’s not too late’ to prevent Big Pharma from destroying Democrats’ drug...

"Democrats still have a huge opportunity to deliver on a promise they have been making for decades to lower drug prices."

The pandemic has made it even harder for one in three Americans to obtain...

Our poll results demonstrate how the pandemic has transformed many Americans’ lives and behaviors in complex and interconnected ways.