Wednesday, August 12, 2020

97,000 US kids test positive for COVID-19 on the brink of schools reopening

While children make up a small fraction of the number of positive coronavirus cases in the U.S., their portion is growing.

The specter of a national collapse looms over America as this virus runs rampant,...

America has a terrible, horrific problem in that it can’t seem to find the ways to bring this virus under control.

Are America’s biggest food companies making progress toward reducing animal suffering?

Like countless animal lovers, I have always considered myself as someone who deeply cares for animals. As a kid, my pet dogs,...

On 55th anniversary of Voting Rights Act, advocates call on Congress to fully restore...

Since the Supreme Court gutted the law in 2013, more than 1,600 polling places have been closed, including many in largely-Black and Latino communities.

The chicken or the egg?

What the Covid-19 pandemic says about the US...

‘Taking taxpayers for a ride’: Moderna to charge $32-$37/dose for Covid-19 vaccine developed entirely...

“It ought to be the people’s vaccine, not a new taxpayer burden.”

COVID-19 crisis highlights big meat companies’ lack of openness

Meat companies’ evasive language about what is happening to animals during the COVID-19 crisis is part of a larger pattern that suppresses open debate about the ethical costs of food production in the U.S.

The military is sick

Top Pentagon officials and the high command are prioritizing the maintenance of empire at the expense of protecting the very bodies that make up the armed services.

Public health vs. politics: White House scrapped nationwide Covid-19 testing plan to hurt blue...

More than five months into the crisis, there continue to be critical testing shortages and delays. How did we get here?