Friday, August 17, 2018

Jury finds Monsanto guilty in first Roundup cancer trial, plaintiff to receive $289 million

A first of it's kind to go to trail, the case was brought against Monsanto by Johnson, 46, a former pest control manager for a California country school system, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Brazil’s leading food retailer goes cage-free

This commitment will spare millions of egg-laying hens a life of extreme confinement in battery cages so small that the birds can barely move or stretch their wings.

How Monsanto plants stories, suppresses science & silences dissent to sell a cancer-linked chemical

The company attempted to censor and discredit anyone and anything that contradicted their business interests.

‘Guilty on all counts!’: In historic victory, Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million in...

"This is a company that has always put profits ahead of public safety, and today, Monsanto has finally been held accountable."

Progressive Briefing for Friday, August 10, 2018

Trump rule would give $2.5 billion tax cut to big bank fat cats, Judge blocks Trump administration from deporting asylum seekers, Argentina Senate votes against legalizing abortion, and more.

‘Major victory for public health:’ Court orders Trump EPA to ban pesticide that harms...

"Children, farmworkers, rural families, and science are all huge winners today... EPA's job is to protect public health, not industry profits."

Progressive Briefing for Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Baltimore set to become first major American city to outlaw water privatization, House Democrats fight back against Big Pharma, Republicans want to give Trump the power to shut down media, and more.

Labor’s power and the Medicare For All struggle

Missouri nurse Shane Johnson makes the case for uniting our health care struggles.

Koch-funded hit piece backfires: Shows Medicare For All would save ‘whopping $2 trillion’ over...

"Even if you take the report's headline figures at face value, the picture it paints is that of an enormous bargain. We get to insure every single person in the country..."

Of course, Medicare For All would increase federal spending…

But it would lower the total cost of health care.