Monday, August 2, 2021

Veterans and former industrial workers need to be a priority during the Covid-19 pandemic

The people who are in the high-risk groups must protect themselves from getting infected with the new coronavirus as it can be quite dangerous.

Covid is resurging. So is Trumpian politics.

Months ago, it seemed as if this darkness was behind us. It is not.

Here’s why the CDC recommends wearing masks indoors even if you’ve been fully vaccinated...

The shifting recommendations don’t mean that the old ones were wrong, necessarily, only that conditions have changed.

As Delta wreaks havoc, Biden faces growing pressure to force big pharma to share...

"The U.S. government has power to share vaccine manufacturing knowledge and help other countries scale up production."

The unsung Caribbean roots of the vegan food movement

Last year, 9.7 million Americans were reported to follow a plant-based diet.

The Olympic event we need: A race to see where people live the longest

We don’t have to discover some fantastic new miracle cure to lengthen the lives Americans lead. We just have to forge a more equal America.

House passes PFAS Action Act which protects environment and human health

“We are one step closer to protecting the health of Americans from these toxic forever chemicals.”

As US ‘drowning’ in unused doses, WHO Chief laments ‘horrifying injustice’ of Covid-19 vaccine...

“None of us is safe until all of us are safe. The tragedy of this pandemic is that it could have been under control by now, if vaccines had been allocated more equitably.”

Universal Lifetime Insurance

Is this socialism? Well, no doubt. But it doesn’t undercut our present system. It just gives everyone a guarantee of something to look forward to

Free school meals for all children can improve kids’ health

A bill proposed in Congress aims to make free school meals a permanent fixture in all states.