Sunday, April 18, 2021

New study finds undisclosed ingredients in Roundup lethal to bumblebees

"Will the Biden administration fix this problem, or will it allow the EPA to continue its past practice of ignoring the real-world harms of pesticides?"

Nearly 60 million Americans don’t drink their tap water, research suggests—here’s why that’s a...

Fixing water lines is important, but so is giving people confidence to turn on the tap.

Learning to live with COVID – the tough choices ahead

To decide what is acceptable on the suppression strategy, we have to confront the fundamental conflict between values in the COVID trilemma.

Living near a toxic waste site could lower life expectancy by a year, study...

“The long-term effect of the flooding and repetitive exposure has an effect that can transcend generations.”

Making sense of a viral military

A military spouse’s perspective on the Pentagon’s flawed response to the pandemic.

Protect care workers — you’ll need us someday

All we’re asking is for the same rights and protections other workers enjoy.

As rich countries shield pharma monopolies, just 0.2% of COVID vaccine doses have gone...

"The problem is not getting vaccines out of COVAX; the problem is getting them in."

2.3 million Americans exposed to high levels of strontium in drinking water

High strontium in drinking water is linked to rickets in children, an extremely rare skeletal condition causing soft, sometimes deformed, bones.

Pandemic recovery will take more than soaring growth – to fuel a more equitable...

Countries seeking to explicitly counteract the negative effects of the pandemic need a good compass to guide their recovery plan. And that won’t be GDP.

New study finds correlation between specific pesticides and central nervous system tumors in children

"Policy interventions to reduce pesticide exposure in individuals residing near agricultural fields should be considered to protect the health of children."