Thursday, December 3, 2020

Tyson exploits consumers just like its animals and the workers who raise them

Vulnerable workers, abused animals and a rigged system are the foundation of an unethical, destructive business model.

Tribes mount organized responses to COVID-19, in contrast to state and federal governments

The story of inequity is imbued with dispossession of lands and is met with organizing from the inside: two crucial points for untangling and responding to COVID-19.

Meet the volunteer organizing team helping non-union workers during the pandemic

EWOC is an experiment in running a labor organizing project through a large network of volunteers outside of formal unions or worker centers.

‘Housing is healthcare’: Evictions have exacerbated Covid-19 pandemic, research shows

“This is a time where it’s not an overstatement to say that for many people, eviction can lead to death.”

World AIDS Day is grim reminder of an ongoing epidemic, with 700,000 dead from...

“World AIDS Day Is a Grim Reminder That We Have [Many Pandemics] Going On.”

The dangerous seduction of ‘going back to normal”

That’s because any return to “normal” would be disastrous for America.

How Americans can help the frontline workers battling Covid-19

The pandemic highlighted the essential work that nursing home staff members perform—and the necessity of treating them as essential workers from now on.

As hunger soars across nation, US trade & foreign policy is also causing hunger...

Hunger was already at alarming levels in the U.S. before the pandemic, and it’s only gotten worse.

How to keep indoor air clean to reduce the chance of spreading Covid

Using increased ventilation or running an appropriately sized air cleaner or filter can add an extra layer of protection.

A people’s vaccine? Drugmakers set to profit from COVID vaccines made with publicly funded...

“The investment in these vaccines, as for most drugs, has really been underwritten by the taxpayer, by the government.”