Thursday, September 23, 2021

Babies poop has ten times more microplastics than in adults, study finds

“Unfortunately, with the modern lifestyle, babies are exposed to so many different things for which we don't know what kind of effect they can have later in their life.”

Pfizer CEO—Biden’s ‘good friend’—is privately working to tank drug price reforms

Pfizer’s chief executive Albert Bourla is reportedly urging his employees to fight Democrats’ plan to let Medicare directly negotiate drug prices.

The globalized, corporate-led food system is failing us: Boycott grows of U.N. Food summit

“This industrialized, globalized, corporate-led food system is failing us.”

Study shows an abortion ban may lead to a 21% increase in pregnancy-related deaths

Not banning abortion in the first place would reduce pregnancy-related deaths the most.

Why do Europeans live longer than Americans?

Over a generation ago, in a more equal United States, no one had to ask that question.

Eugenics rears its unsavory head: Vaccine schism saves the intelligent & sacrifices the backward

Right-wing vaccine resistance could remove thousands of Trump voters in critical red states.

As wealthy nations debate giving booster vaccine shots, calls grow for global vaccine equity

“This is an emergency that affects all of us because variants are coming from areas where there are large numbers of unvaccinated people.”

Dis versus mis-information: Unexpected insights from Covid-19

Challenging false arguments/claims has never been more important, and yet more arduous.

Big pharma secrets revealed as group uncovers portion of Pfizer vaccine recipe

"This info can help mRNA vaccine scientists by illustrating the kinds of requirements they need to meet critical quality standards."

Nearly 18 million US adults couldn’t afford a prescription medication this year: Study

The finding came as the Biden administration unveiled its plan to allow the government to negotiate drug prices directly with Big Pharma.