Thursday, April 22, 2021

New study finds undisclosed ingredients in Roundup lethal to bumblebees

"Will the Biden administration fix this problem, or will it allow the EPA to continue its past practice of ignoring the real-world harms of pesticides?"

New study finds correlation between specific pesticides and central nervous system tumors in children

"Policy interventions to reduce pesticide exposure in individuals residing near agricultural fields should be considered to protect the health of children."

As rich nations protect corporate patents, the global vaccine divide is widening

Corporate profits are not more important than the lives of millions of poor people around the globe.

Raising the minimum wage is a health issue, too

Study after study has linked higher income to better health.

Chlorpyrifos ‘has no place on food’: 100 organizations urge EPA to ban brain-harming pesticide

"It is time for the Biden administration to demonstrate its commitment to science, children, and farmworkers and finish the job."

Pandemic may have left over 250 million people with acute food shortages in 2020

As Black and Latinx families experience disproportionate food insecurity, experts warn of famine in dozens of countries.

US voters want government funding to go to healthcare, education, and fighting poverty

These poll results come as President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Package will be voted on tomorrow in the House.

US farmers and food justice groups declare ‘solidarity’ with Indian farmer protests

"India's farmers have mobilized to create one of the world's most vibrant protests in history."

How workers and management at one company teamed up to fight the pandemic

PCI and Local 286 recognized early on the importance of protecting workers from the virus and preparing for a possible role in distributing vaccines.

UK regulators give okay to use psychedelic drug to treat depression in first clinical...

"We think this could be a treatment for a number of depressive disorders besides major depression, including PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and possibly some types of substance abuse."