Monday, December 11, 2023

EPA announces Lead and Copper Rule Improvements proposal to remove lead pipes from water...

The proposal requires states, water utilities, and communities to locate lead water service lines, then utility companies are tasked with replacing a minimum of 10 percent of the lead water pipes every year to reach completion within the 10-year time frame.

Historic ruling in Wisconsin: a beacon of hope for abortion rights advocates

Wisconsin judge's ruling against 1849 anti-abortion statute marks a pivotal moment in state's reproductive rights debate.

Wildfires unleash deadly air crisis as Western USA chokes on toxic smoke surge

Rising wildfire smoke nullifies decades of air quality gains.

Privatized prison healthcare in the US—profiteering at the expense of inmate health

Profiting from pain—the harsh reality of privatized prison healthcare in America.

Surging hunger in the US signals alarming trend as food aid cuts take toll

As vital food aid programs expire, millions of Americans face rising hunger challenges, reveals Hunger Free America's 2023 National Hunger Survey Report.

Insurance executives refused to pay for the cancer treatment that could have saved him....

A Michigan law requires coverage of cancer drugs. One insurer came up with a “defensible” way to avoid paying for treatments that offered Forrest VanPatten his last chance for survival. “We crossed the line,” says a former executive.

2023 Lancet Report on health and climate change: a critical call for comprehensive global...

In-depth analysis of the escalating health crisis due to climate change and the imperative for systemic global climate action.

Newborns torn from mothers: South Carolina’s harsh crackdown on drug use during pregnancy

South Carolina leads the charge in prosecuting pregnant women for substance abuse.

Chemical catastrophe: daily disasters spotlight America’s toxic time bomb

U.S. struggles with daily hazardous chemical incidents, underlining systemic safety lapses.

Fossil fuels: the hidden ingredient in our food chain

Unveiling the entwined destiny of our food systems and climate crisis