Monday, August 26, 2019

Air pollution now linked to degenerative eye disease and mental health problems in children

“While causation cannot be proved, this work suggests substantial morbidity from mental disorders could be avoided with improved air quality."

Routing the two-tier system: Part IV – Healthcare

The healthcare system in the U.S. is clearly a two-tier (or multi-tier) system.  Some parts of it (the Veterans Administration, for example)...

Clean energy produces billions in health benefits, study finds

"This research shows that renewables pay for themselves through health benefits alone."

Fighting back: Six states sue the EPA over its approval of pesticide linked to...

“The EPA is egregiously sacrificing our children’s health by refusing to make a determination on this dangerous pesticide.”

EPA refuses to allow warning labels for glyphosate

California tried to warn the public about glyphosate but the EPA is siding with Monsanto.

Bernie leads nearly 140 lawmakers against Trump’s plan to cut nutrition aid to millions...

“The Trump plan to cut nutrition assistance to 3 million Americans is nothing short of obscene."

One-third of all new childhood asthma cases in Europe are due to air pollution

"Largely, these impacts are preventable...We can and should do something about it."

Report: ‘No evidence that fracking can operate without threatening public health’

More than 1,500 scientific studies on the health and climate impacts of fracking prove its dangerous effect on communities, wildlife and nature.

On Medicare’s 54th birthday, another year closer to winning Medicare for All

The single payer movement has the power to win improved Medicare for All if it doesn’t back down.

Rethinking Medicare for All – slightly

In running a social system, we really need to decide when and how wealth can be used to “buy your way” into a better level of treatment.