Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Are America’s biggest food companies making progress toward reducing animal suffering?

Like countless animal lovers, I have always considered myself as someone who deeply cares for animals. As a kid, my pet dogs,...

The chicken or the egg?

What the Covid-19 pandemic says about the US...

COVID-19 crisis highlights big meat companies’ lack of openness

Meat companies’ evasive language about what is happening to animals during the COVID-19 crisis is part of a larger pattern that suppresses open debate about the ethical costs of food production in the U.S.

Coronavirus shines light on zoos as danger zones for deadly disease transmission between humans...

The pandemic makes one thing clear: We must change our relationship with wildlife or suffer the consequences.

New study confirms lead poisoning is a global problem among children

"The unequivocal conclusion of this research is that children around the world are being poisoned by lead on a massive and previously unrecognized scale."

FAQs for anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers

The following is satire that is, however, based on actual anti-masker and anti-vaxxer arguments and memes.

Worries about foreign ‘hacking’ of vaccine research place corporate profits ahead of public health

The Times fully admits that this alleged hacking would not harm U.S. public health, but only the profits of U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

The food industry puts profits over public health using big tobacco’s playbook

In certain cases, preemption—when a higher level of government limits the authority of a lower level to enact new policies—can devastate public health.

Hiroshima at 75: Health lessons still current

The devastating threats that atomic power poses to health still are a huge threat to humanity.

American “freedom fighters” are killing themselves and their fellow Americans; what to do?

If these freedom fighters want to obtain food or clothing or some service from businesses in the future, they will have to pay a price before they will be allowed to enter stores. That price will be the wearing of masks.