Thursday, August 5, 2021

Is speaking up for Medicare for All a crime?

As a longtime D.C.-area advocate, I’ve visited Capitol Hill and Members of Congress many times. But never before have I felt I...

Watch: Veterans apologize to Indigenous on behalf of U.S. Army at Standing Rock

Today, hundreds of veterans from across the United States took a knee and begged for forgiveness for crimes committed toward indigenous people in the name of the U.S. military.

3 things you can do to help avoid climate disaster

Hint: Putting solar panels on your house and walking to work are not on the list.

‘This is the beginning’: New study warns climate crisis may have been pivotal in...

A new analysis warns that "global warming may have played a pivotal role" in the recent rise of a multidrug-resistant fungal superbug, sparking questions...

As winter approaches, states consider how to keep Covid in check

As the U.S. braces for a seasonal uptick in COVID-19 cases, two public health researchers assess what’s worked for states to keep infection rates low.

EPA approval of Monsanto’s dicamba will ‘massively increase use of toxic pesticides’ on GMO...

The Center for Biological Diversity said the new EPA decision will open the door for dicamba use to jump from less than 1 million pounds to more than 25 million annually.

Get dumped food to the hungry

In America, the so-called wealthiest nation on earth, tens of millions go hungry while food is dumped because no one in government can get it together to get it to them.

New study shows fracking harms kids’ brains

This is the first study to focus on the UOG industry's effects on infants and children, particularly those that live near fracking sites.

EPA acknowledges proven dangers of bee-killing pesticides but refuses to restrict them

Neonicotinoids have already been banned by the European Union, it is time they were banned here.

Sonoma County voter success leads to largest GMO-free zone in U.S.

On election day, voters in Sonoma County successfully banned the cultivation of genetically modified crops!