Sunday, May 28, 2023

For some Indigenous, COVID presents possibility of cultural extinction, says Myrna Cunningham

For Indigenous peoples, actions must be collective, not only individual.

Industry studies show evidence of bias and misleading conclusions on widely used insecticide: Scientists

Data just doesn't add up behind industry conclusions on chlorpyrifos – a controversial insecticide linked to brain impacts for children.

Eyes wide shut is not intelligent policy or personal behavior in the face of...

In a country with such poor health care access and poor labor laws, hoping for the best is a recipe for disaster

Global health leaders hail ‘monumental moment’ in Covid-19 fight as US supports vaccine waiver

“Countries that continue to oppose the WTO waiver—such as European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Norway, Japan, and Brazil—must now take action, too.”

Koch Brothers-backed group tries to stand in the way as states pass paid sick...

The National Federation of Independent Business, a Koch Brothers-backed lobbying group, leads the way in campaigning against paid sick leave throughout the U.S

Medicare for All could be the answer for those 1 out of 5 U.S....

Our mental health care system needs to disassociate with private health insurance in order to actually benefit U.S. citizens.

Drinking water for millions in rural America contaminated with suspected carcinogen

Farmers are largely exempt from federal or state regulations that could stem water pollution.

The American Health Care Act is a wealth grab, not a health plan

It’s important to remember that Trump and his fellow Republicans haven’t really created a “health” plan.

Profiting from the pandemic: Will pharmaceutical giants use patents to limit access to COVID...

The truth is that a lot of us hold out hope for when this pandemic will end, thinking that it’ll end when treatments and vaccines emerge, when a cure emerges.

While one Louisiana town’s lead-tainted water system is replaced, dozens of others deteriorate

Federal help available to states for upgrading water systems is a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed across the country.