Wednesday, April 8, 2020

2016 Not So Different, After All: Obamacare Woes Hit Campaign Trail

Bad news about Obamacare could stifle Democrats’ momentum heading into Election Day as they try to retake the Senate.

Obamacare’s biggest problem is profit, not government

Democrats’ political prospects will suffer if they cling to Obamacare’s less popular and less effective provisions.

An easier way to get to universal health care

Now is the time to push for better health care. Here are three modest, winnable first steps.

Global food waste higher than previously estimated, new study reveals

Global food waste is a much bigger problem than previously thought. A new study confirmed that people waste more than twice as...

As Sanders prepared Medicare bill, health care lobbyists bankrolled Senate Democrats

Since 2010, Democratic senators who have refused to sponsor the bill have raised twice as much insurance industry cash as those who support the legislation.

Is speaking up for Medicare for All a crime?

As a longtime D.C.-area advocate, I’ve visited Capitol Hill and Members of Congress many times. But never before have I felt I...

The big fix: Will the GOP turn to Dems to fix Obamacare?

Democrats must demand clear, popular amendments that demonstrate they are committed to extend the right to affordable health care.

Trump administration releases new rules on school nutrition standards, rolls back Obama administrations efforts

Last week marked the first of many rollbacks the Trump administration and the USDA are planning on the way the USDA administers school lunch programs.

By allowing 6 million lead service lines to stay in ground, EPA’s lead rule...

Public health groups that have waited decades for the federal government to overhaul its lead-in-water rules were outraged Thursday over EPA Administrator...

Is health care a commodity or right?

It’s time for a real health care revolution of, by and for the people!