Thursday, September 23, 2021

A parable of (all-American) violence

Accountability and the war of terror...

Drawdown: Improving U.S. and global security through military base closures abroad

The United States has withdrawn its troops from Afghanistan. Only 750 military bases to go.

The profits of war

How corporate America cashed in on the post-9/11 pentagon spending surge.

The US military, post-Afghanistan

Can we finally give peace a try?

9/11 at 20: Two decades of missed opportunities

In the face of all this suffering, it’s clear that $21 trillion in spending hasn’t made us any safer.

Nearly half the $14 trillion spent by the Pentagon the last 20 years has...

“The magnitude of Pentagon spending in the wake of the 9/11 attacks was remarkable.”

Many Americans refused to consider why 9/11 happened. The costs were enormous.

Middle East experts who opposed America’s post-9/11 wars were ridiculed as anti-American extremists. In reality, it was the pro-war right that was making us less safe.

Be careful what you wish for

The true lessons of the Afghan war...

Terrorism: A false threat

Millions starve. Millions die yearly from preventable diseases. Millions die as a consequence of wars. Compared with these numbers, the total count of terrorist victims is vanishingly small.

As war keeps poisoning humanity, organizing continues to be the antidote

In the long run, peace activism is essential for overcoming militarism. And organizing is what makes that possible.