Friday, January 22, 2021

There’s nothing vegan about war

As more and more people rethink their consumption of animal products, it is inevitable that the world’s military forces will increasingly use veganism to appear progressive, trendy, and virtuous.

We’re All Prisoners of War Now

When will America free itself from war?

Lame-duck Trump’s “Middle east arms bonanza” continues with approval of $290 million weapons sale...

Additional arms deals this week include $4 billion in helicopters to Kuwait, $169 million in military equipment to Egypt, and $65 million in drones and fighter jets to UAE.

Reflections on Vietnam and Iraq

The lessons of two failed wars...

ACTION ALERT: NYT erases US economic war against Venezuela

Please remind the New York Times that as a U.S. paper, it has an obligation to cover the effects of U.S. government policy on countries like Venezuela.

It’s almost twenty years since 9/11

Can we finally stop marching to disaster?

‘US leadership’—and other euphemisms for war

If the pundits get their way, Biden could secure “U.S. global leadership” by flattening large parts of the planet.

The collapse of Michèle Flournoy’s hopes for the top Pentagon job shows what can...

War preparations that increase the likelihood of war may excite laptop warriors. But the militarism they promote is madness nonetheless.

Spilling ink and spilling blood

Fighting and writing against America’s forever wars...