Friday, November 22, 2019

America’s arms sales addiction

The 50-year history of U.S. dominance of the Middle Eastern arms trade.

The situation room, October 2039

What the U.S. military will be doing in a climate crisis future.

The so-called war on terror has killed over 801,000 people and cost $6.4 trillion:...

“The numbers continue to accelerate, not only because many wars continue to be waged, but also because wars don't end when soldiers come home.”

How to make American foreign policy yours

There remains a treasure trove of perfectly legal ways foreign powers are subverting American democracy.

Homeland insecurity

Doesn't matter if it's a Bush, an Obama or now a Trump in the White House... Perpetual War continues at taxpayer and innocent civilians' expense!

Watching my students turn into soldiers of empire

A new generation of west pointers joins America’s hopeless wars.

Peace advocates have long been found among veterans who fought in America’s wars

Most of these wars, large or small, have been met with opposition from veterans’ peace groups.

Castle Black, the Syrian withdrawal, and the Battle of the Bases

Given Washington’s penchant for Middle Eastern military missions, the likelihood of yet more U.S. bases across the region and talk of several Game of Thrones prequels still to come.

Apocalypse Now?

Sadly, the more this empire focuses our attention on phony wars and regime change, and not on the slow bankrupting of this economy... Apocalypse Now won't be a redux, but a reality!

Why I weep while I work

Or what it means to experience America's wars from a computer screen away