Saturday, November 27, 2021

Personal interview: Lee Camp What are the Prospects for Peace?

Lee Camp directly address the role of the U.S. in the escalating tensions and its capacity to reduce them.

The high stakes of the US-Russia confrontation over Ukraine

The U.S. must step back from the brink of a U.S.-Russia war, and then from the larger Cold War with China and Russia that they have so blindly and foolishly stumbled into.

The costs of war (to you)

Where did most of our money go?

The Pentagon as Pentagod

In truth, the deity America believes in is the five-sided one headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

‘Infuriating’ report reveals ‘breathtaking cover-up’ of US airstrike that killed Syrian civilians

"The U.S. needs to leave Syria ASAP. Our military presence there makes us LESS safe!"

More tragedy in Afghanistan is just beginning after the US withdrawal

Afghan civilians have always disproportionately experienced the effects of war and they will now also disproportionately experience what may be an even worse peace — if one can even call it that.

How to cut $1 trillion from the Pentagon

A CBO report requested by Bernie Sanders lays out three options for a modest Pentagon trim over the next decade. Can we pull it off?

Veterans Daze

For purposes other than the usual ones of humanitarian or defensive reasons, they ship our young men and women thousands of miles away to kill and be killed.

Personal interview: Dan Kovalik What are the Prospects for Peace?

We look to Dan Kovalik, a respected and renowned thought leader, for an honest assessment of both U.S. foreign and military policy to offer their most current thoughts and insights for improving the prospects of peace.

The US is about to make nuclear war much more likely

F35A was approved to carry two nukes, making it a first-strike weapon.