Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The war to end war 100 years on: An evaluation and reorientation of our...

Ending war is not impossible. Far from it, in fact. But it is going to take a phenomenal amount of intelligent strategic effort, courage and commitment.

The stories war tells me

A veteran and parent can’t stop thinking about the war he fought.

Peace Congress replaces Trump military parade on November 10 in Washington, DC

End U.S. wars at home and abroad. Reclaim Armistice Day.

Military Madness

Nearly 50 years and nothing ever changes, does it?

Making America’s wars great again

The Pentagon portrays a powerful need to think of ourselves as a righteous, just, and successful country that fights only righteous, just, and successful wars.

The US and Russia are playing chicken with nuclear weapon

While the current administration seems to run on uncontrollable testosterone, the problem of nuclear weapons didn’t start with them, even its immediate predecessor helped to bring about this impasses.

The new global tinderbox

The question is: Could trade war and cyberwar lead one day to regular armed conflict?

US INF pullout will delight arms industry as it threatens to reignite Cold War

The reality is that it has largely been the U.S. that has been the aggressor through the terrifying and costly decades of the Cold War that this latest treaty exit action threatens to re-ignite.

Why American leaders persist in waging losing wars

Hint: They’re winning in other ways.

Peacemakers, warmongers and fence sitters: Who represents you?

You can check out the differences between Democrats and Republicans, and see who are the real hawks and doves in each party.