Sunday, January 19, 2020

What was the point of Soleimani’s assassination?

The Trump regime had no authority to assassinate a senior Iranian general. Nor did it have a reason to do so, except to reap revenge upon his past acts.

That expression Trump keeps using

It doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

The world must end the US’ illegal economic war

The indiscriminate, illegal and immoral use of sanctions is an act of war.

Bernie calls for vote in Senate for No War Against Iran Act

“We must end our endless wars.”

How the president became a drone operator

From Obama to Trump, the escalation of drone warfare.

Trump tells Iraq order US troops out and I’ll freeze your Central Bank’s account...

it must be stated that Trump’s latest threat is simply another blatant example—this time a fiscal bomb rather than an actual one—of American imperialism and rogue nation behavior.

The endless war with Iran

Now, thanks to Donald Trump’s impulsive militarism and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s more deliberate escalation strategy, this 40-year war is turning hot.

Combat veterans tell us what we need to know about war

"Enough of the horror!"