Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Are Sanders and Warren throwing a lifeline to the military-industrial complex?

Without a genuine commitment to peace and disarmament, the next president will find him- or herself caught in the same bind as Obama and Trump.

What happens when a few volunteer and the rest just watch

The American military system dissected.

War with Russia?

Here's what Washington, Moscow, and Kyiv can do to avoid the next world war.

Election 2016 and the growing global nuclear threat

Playing a Game of Chicken with Nuclear Strategy

Dangerous war in Korea brewing

Trump is the symptom of a much larger problem, a plutocratic government, which must be challenged by an independent movement.

Trickle down, wealth tax, and war

The central advantage to a wealth tax is that it spreads the power to spend wealth throughout the society and thereby can better the society if done in an appropriate way.

No punishment for US troops who slaughtered 10 Afghan civilians, says Pentagon chief

“If the Pentagon wants to come clean about this horrific event, it will release documents and videotapes that show who was responsible for key decisions and what technological failings were responsible.”

Experts Warn that Nuclear Risks May be Increasing

A nuclear watchdog issues a warning about the possibility that terrorists could obtain nuclear explosives or provoke a dangerous meltdown.

Biden shows support as Senate advances repeal of Iraq War authorizations

"There's no reason—none—to have a war authorization against a strategic partner, and so that's the first reason why we need to do this."

The US military budget as a mushroom loud

Going nuclear on Pentagon spending!