Tuesday, August 20, 2019

States of Terror

We waded into conflicts in the Middle East we did not understand, propelled forward by fantasy. And our folly spawned a death spiral of political, social and economic collapse, widespread poverty, massive displacement, misery and radical jihadism.

The Real Enemy Is Within

"There will be no genuine democratic, social, economic or political reform until we destroy our permanent war machine." It's time we confront the war industry and the crimes of an empire.

Mother in “WAR”

It was way back when, right before our nation performed the most horrific act of preemptively attacking and invading Iraq... which was not only illegal,...

Mogadishu massacre: Hospitals run out of blood, antibiotics for victims in mass bombing killing...

The explosions came after the Trump administration stepped up a U.S. campaign against al-Shabab in Somalia.

Trump’s Saudi trip should not be to clinch arms deal but to end Yemen...

Trump should use his trip to put a halt to weapons sales and press the Saudis to sit with neighboring countries to find new political solutions.

Turkey Stages Coup Against Its Own Press and Generals in Bid to Arm Syrian...

While Turkey is roiled by a war on journalists, the arms flowing through the country are allowing the Salafi fighters to withstand the Russia air campaign south and east of Aleppo.

The Best, Most Effective Way to Stem This Rising Tide of Terrorism

It is time the Western world steps up to minimize and prevent acts of terrorism rather than just reacting to something that has already occurred.

Preparing for doomsday

A shelter-in-place mentality Is the New American normal.

A nonviolent strategy to liberate Syria

The difference between success and failure in any struggle is the soundness of the strategy.

How can South Korea help prevent U.S. attack on North Korea?

South Korea can take the lead in establishing better relations with North Korea.