Wednesday, December 7, 2022

New campaign: Close all US military bases on foreign soil

U.S. foreign military bases are NOT in defense of U.S. national, or global security.

An American Century of Carnage

U.S. Special Operations command details a dismal U.S. Military record.

A Force Unto Itself

A military force effectively unaccountable to the people tears at the very fabric of the Constitution, which is at pains to mandate firm and complete control over the military by Congress, acting in the people’s name.

The Worst Place on Earth

Death and Life in the Lost Town of Leer

The threat of Bolton has receded — but not the threat of war

The national security adviser entered the Trump administration as a predictable warmonger with an unslakable thirst for power. He streamlined the national...

Can global sports boycotts help end the war in Ukraine?

The power of sports to legitimize a regime also means they have the power to delegitimize one, too.

America’s Control Over the World Is Rapidly Eroding

The U.S. government has angered many countries because of their long history of highly aggressive military actions, but there seems to be no plan of stopping. It would be smart to listen to the other countries and simmer down in the military department before it is too late.

How the last superpower was unchained

Clueless is not a word Americans ordinarily apply to themselves as a country, a people, or a government. Yet how applicable it is.

A new nuclear arms race: As NATO marks 70th anniversary, threat of nuclear confrontation...

President Trump used the anniversary to push for NATO countries to increase military spending.

Dispossessed in the Name of ‘Security’

“The military is looking to expand its role by emphasizing what it portrays as ‘security’ threats arising from ecological disasters.”