Sunday, January 19, 2020

What was the point of Soleimani’s assassination?

The Trump regime had no authority to assassinate a senior Iranian general. Nor did it have a reason to do so, except to reap revenge upon his past acts.

Bernie calls for vote in Senate for No War Against Iran Act

“We must end our endless wars.”

A terrible precedent: The assassination of Qassam Soleimani

The assassination of a popular leader like Soleimani and the lack of evidence presented about imminent plots he was supposedly engaged in, may empower other countries to take similar actions in the future, a slippery slope indeed.

Trump smashes a hornet’s nest with a giant club, opens a door to a...

A large number of America’s most respected psychiatrists have stated that this president is mentally unstable; that he is, therefore, unfit to be the U.S. .president, and must be removed from office.

Iran’s Parliament declared U.S. military and Pentagon terrorists

Iran passes a bill designating all U.S. forces as terror groups after the assassination of Soleimani.

‘These acts of war are not perpetrated out of concern for humanity’: Thousands march...

"Both Democrats and Republicans have coordinated efforts and combined to wreak havoc on this entire region."

What can peace activists do to help prevent a war with Iran?

What can peace activists can do besides marching in protest of Trump's actions—here are a few ideas.

Hundred of thousands of protesters take to Iran’s city streets to denounce Soleimani’s killing

The streets of Tehran and other cities across the country were flooded with protesters early Friday morning.

‘Right now is the moment to decide if you are pro-peace or not’: Ocasio-Cortez...

"Congress now has a moral and legal obligation to reassert its power to stop this war and protect innocent people from horrific consequences."