Thursday, September 28, 2023

Peace for Ukraine courtesy of China?

Another step in Beijing’s rise to global power.

The surprising pervasiveness of pro-war propaganda

An FPIF commentary criticized CODEPINK's position on the war in Ukraine. Here is our response.

UK imported £19.3 billion in fossil fuels from authoritarian petrostates in the year following...

UK accused of ‘gross hypocrisy’ by human rights campaigners for new dependency on Gulf oil and gas.

Could we actually end the CEO defense contractor gravy train?

FDR put the kibosh on military contractor windfalls during World War II. We could do the same.

The compulsion to intervene

Americans profess to care about the sacrifices of those who serve the nation in uniform. Why don’t we care enough to keep them from harm in the first place?

How Russia’s war in Ukraine threatens the planet

The war not only cost lives and destroyed the Ukrainian economy, it has also been a major environmental hazard.

When will US join global call to end Ukraine War?

There are many peace initiatives to end the war in Ukraine being pursued by leaders and countries around the world as the United States clings to its dogged determination to prolong the war at great cost in Ukrainian lives and at the risk of nuclear war.

The wars we don’t (care to) see

It couldn’t be more important to make America’s disastrous wars of this century more visible.

The numbers BlackRock won’t crunch

A giant with such an enormous appetite should find room for all kinds of facts and figures—but this one’s a bit of a picky eater. 

A timely call for peace in Ukraine by US national security experts

This intervention by an important group of U.S. national security experts comes at a time when Ukraine is delaying its long-promised spring offensive to avoid "unacceptable" losses, and a return to the negotiating table can therefore save countless lives.