Monday, May 17, 2021

Debating Democrats, please, no fighting in the war room

Direct your artillery at the real enemy, not each other.

Study finds Iraqi children born near US base have increased rates of congenital deformities

“The radioactive footprint of the military could be cleaned up if we had officials who wanted to do so.”

A U.S. Government Hooked on, Obsessed with, Perpetual War

“War is so deeply embedded in the psyche of this government that extracting it would take a minor miracle.”

The dolls of militarism

From war hawks to chickenhawks.

Exasperated by Netanyahu, France Prepares to Recognize Palestinian State

The French parliament urged recognition of Palestine in a vote in 2014. Sweden has recognized Palestine and a number of other European countries have raised the Palestinian mission in their capitals to the rank of full embassy.

Cops of the Pacific?

The U.S. Military’s role in Asia in the Age of Trump.

President Obama Can Help Save Saudi Youth Facing Beheading

If the Saudi government beheads these young men, it will further ignite sectarian hatred.

“Nothing short of a slaughter”: 1 million Syrians in Aleppo under siege with no...

The United Nations is warning nearly 1 million Syrians are living under siege, double the number last year.

President Obama Drones On And On; Ranks Of New Terrorists Swell

What will President Obama be known for in future history books? It could be for some positive changes he made for his citizens or it could be for his poor decision to open the door to drone warfare.

Why the Islamic State Is the Minor Leagues of Terror

Is it time to panic? Let's put terror threats into perspective for 2016.