Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Afghan troops say Taliban are brothers and war is ‘not really our fight.’

Afghan troops whose lives hang in the balance in the latest peace talks.

Can the world’s second superpower rise from the ashes of twenty years of war?

The peace movement’s small victories demonstrate that we have more power to challenge U.S. militarism than most Americans realize.

The war in questions

Making sense of the age of carnage.

World War III’s newest battlefield

Looking forward today, however, the prospect of a catastrophic World War III is again becoming all too imaginable and this time, it appears, an incident in the Arctic could prove the spark for Armageddon.

The Iraq War has cost the US nearly $2 trillion

The bill of war to the U.S. to date would be an estimated $1,922 billion in current dollars.

The art of the deal, Pentagon-style

For when it comes to the military-industrial complex and its power and prerogatives, even Trump has met his match.

Corruption at former BOMARC and Nike Hercules bases

Humanity continues to face two simultaneous dangers—nuclear war and climate change…

The U.S. is recycling its big lie about Iraq to target Iran

Another U.S. war would engulf the Middle East and the world in even greater chaos than the one the CIA engineered against Iraq.

The world demands US out of the Middle East – will the US listen?

The United States needs to reverse course after decades of mistakes, destruction, chaos and death in the Middle East.

War, what is it good for?

What the grifter community calls the Long Con is to attack a country on false claims, destroy much of its infrastructure, occupy the damaged mess you created and make gazillions from taxpayer money.