Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Rethinking Manhattan Project spies and the Cold War, MAD—and the 75 years of no...

We should nonetheless admit a debt of gratitude to those spies at Los Alamos who kept the U.S. from committing an atrocity that humanity would have never forgiven.

Mike Pompeo and the push for two Cold Wars

If there was ever a time to embrace the kind of international cooperation the left has always called for, it’s during a global pandemic.

Day after voting down 10 percent Pentagon cut, 37 Senate Dems join GOP to...

"We should prioritize eradicating poverty, not war."

“The bleeding wound”

Osama bin Laden won (twice)...

“Thank you for your service”: pardons for war criminals and indifference for those damaged...

I can’t remember who recently said it, but the point has been made that we often call people heroes because it’s easier to sacrifice them when they’re given this honorific and simply move on.

US news falsely reports that North Korea threatened to nuke US

In case it isn’t clear that U.S. News & World Report is misinforming readers with a ridiculous interpretation.

Why the high dudgeon over alleged Russian bounties for Taliban slaying of US troops

Certainly they want Trump to look bad for not loudly condemning the Russians for this alleged atrocity.

Senate kills amendment to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan

“The pandemic clearly shows that expensive endless wars that cost $6 trillion from taxpayers make Americans less safe as they take funds from critical needs like healthcare.”

Trump’s record on foreign policy: Lost wars, new conflicts and broken promises

Building a new anti-war movement that is connected to the domestic anti-police struggle is the only thing that can rein in U.S. militarism.

The war zone is America

Yet, as the United States comes ever more to resemble a war zone in a pandemic moment, in a country run by a president with autocratic inclinations, amid a surge of protest over racism, the home front could indeed become a war front.