Thursday, June 17, 2021

Demand another Camp David Accord

Whatever the solution, it has to be one in which the populace is disarmed and cannot confront one another.

‘End the occupation’: Progressives say cease-fire far from enough to secure justice for Palestinians

A cease-fire is necessary, but will not alone achieve freedom, justice, and equality for all who live under Israel's apartheid government."

Why Israel blows up media offices and targets journalists

Israeli leaders know that truth about human consequences of their policies is horrific when illuminated. That’s why they’re so eager to keep us in the dark.

Netanyahu soldiers on

The only winner in the perennial confrontation between Israel and Hamas: Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gaza physician: Israel is targeting doctors & health facilities to overwhelm our crumbling system

The attacks on medical staff and facilities are a “nightmare.”

Israel/Palestine coverage presents false equivalency between occupied and occupier

Corporate media have presented Israel’s killing spree as defensive, as a reaction to supposed Palestinian aggression.

US-supplied planes and bombs are slaughtering Palestinian children in Gaza

America shares the blame for Israel’s war crimes.

‘A heinous crime’: Israeli airstrikes damage Gaza’s only Coronavirus testing lab

“It was bad enough when Palestinians in Gaza weren’t able to get vaccinated, but now to reportedly lose their only coronavirus testing lab is... beyond words.”

Watch Rep. Rashida Tlaib blast U.S. aid for Israel & attack on Gaza in...

“I am the only Palestinian American member of Congress now.”

With Afghanistan withdrawal underway, new report reveals costs of post-9/11 wars for US allies

“Americans do not fully understand, do not acknowledge, the sacrifices that allies made in Afghanistan,” said the report’s author.