Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Devastation in Gaza: Israeli airstrike on school refugee camp kills dozens

Israeli forces kill dozens, including women and children, in airstrike on Gaza school, raising questions about international humanitarian law and accountability.

Lancet study: Gaza death toll could surpass 186,000 due to indirect effects of conflict

New analysis highlights the devastating indirect effects of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, suggesting the true death toll could reach nearly 200,000, far surpassing official counts.

Israeli strike on UN school in Gaza kills over a dozen, wounds dozens more

Israeli forces kill over a dozen displaced Palestinians in a targeted attack on a United Nations-run school in central Gaza, continuing a devastating campaign that has left tens of thousands dead and injured.

Turning the Red Sea redder

Will America's backing for Israel's war in Gaza torch the Red Sea region too?

Israeli documents reveal extensive efforts to influence US discourse on Gaza war

Leaked documents expose a coordinated campaign by the Israeli government to shape American public opinion and policy regarding the Gaza conflict.

Gaza’s lost children: Over 17,000 separated from parents amid ongoing conflict

UNICEF estimates that at least 17,000 children in Gaza are unaccompanied or separated from their parents, highlighting heartbreaking stories of loss and survival.

Philosopher kings or new-age militarists?

Silicon Valley and the rush toward automated warfare.

Gaza’s children face extreme heat and starvation under Israeli blockade

UN reports visible signs of wasting among Gaza’s children as aid deliveries falter and temperatures soar.

Global surge in attacks on education: 6,000 incidents in two years

GCPEA report reveals escalating violence against schools and universities amid global conflicts.