Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mapping the American War on Terror

All told, it should be clear that another kind of grand plan is needed to deal with the threat of terrorism both globally and to Americans – one that relies on a far smaller U.S. military footprint and costs far less blood and treasure.

War with China?

Has a war with China already begun?

Venezuela accuses US of secretly shipping arms after weapons found on plane with possible...

Venezuela accused the U.S. government of sending the arms as part of its attempt to topple the Maduro government.

Not-so-veiled threat of war as John Bolton says Iran may not have ‘many more...

"He is laying the groundwork for war and we all must be vigilant."

Doomsday redux

The most dangerous weapon ever rolls off the nuclear assembly line.

The dangers of US brinkmanship in Venezuela

Before Venezuela devolves into civil war, the U.S. should lift the sanctions, take the military option off the table, and get behind a negotiated, nonviolent solution.

Trump’s at war with US intelligence – and (for once) he’s right

By giving America it’s dumbest and cruelest wars, the best and brightest left room for a dumber and crueler leader to end them.

Venezuela: US pursuing humanitarian aid path to war

Now, the ongoing coup attempt is escalating through a strategy of humanitarian intervention.

Bipartisan coalition announces new push to end US support of Saudi war against Yemen

Despite the fact that President Donald Trump has no problem accepting money from the Saudi government, many constituents have no desire to continue funding a needless war against the people of Yemen.

Caught in The Draft ( 1973)

How many kids out there would feel lost when the stupid phony war came home to them too?