Friday, July 19, 2024

Report from Rafah: UNICEF decries Israel’s ‘war on children’ as starvation & deaths mount...

While a full ceasefire is still vital, “any pause in the bombing is good news for children,” says UNICEF spokesperson James Elder.

The United States is the main obstacle to peace in Palestine

What's the role of the United States in the crisis between Israel and Palestine.

Global nuclear spending surged to $2,898 a second in 2023 amid rising tensions

An in-depth look into the staggering increase in global nuclear weapons spending, its implications, and the call for disarmament.

Trump or Biden on Israel?

It's no contest.

What did we know

The role of an all-American Cassandra.

UN passes binding ceasefire resolution as Israel intensifies Gaza bombings

Despite the UN Security Council's call for a ceasefire, Israel continues its deadly assault on Gaza, raising questions about the implementation and enforcement of international resolutions.

UN halts aid operations in Gaza over security concerns amid Israeli assault

WFP Director Cindy McCain announced the decision on Sunday, highlighting the attack on two of the agency's warehouses and the injury of a staff member during an Israeli military operation.

When Israel burned refugees alive, establishment media called it a ‘tragic accident’

As the world watched on social media and responded in outrage, US corporate media, once again, provided cover for the perpetrators of Israel’s genocide.

IDF operation rescues 4 hostages amid deadly assault, over 200 Palestinians killed

Israeli forces conducted a large-scale rescue mission, freeing four hostages from Gaza while over 200 Palestinians, including children, were killed in the process.

Israel’s war on Gaza: Environmental destruction and climate impact revealed

The report, examining the first four months of the conflict, reveals that the emissions required to reconstruct tens of thousands of buildings in Gaza will have a catastrophic impact on the climate.