Friday, June 9, 2023

The urbanity of evil: 20 years after the invasion of Iraq

What propelled the United States to start the war on Iraq in March 2003 were dynamics of media and politics that are still very much with us today.

Reparations demanded 20 years after US launched ‘war-for-profit’ in Iraq

"Justice also entails accountability for the perpetrators of these horrific crimes, including those responsible for the torture."

Biden’s 2024 funding proposal is a war budget and he is leading us to...

What does this have to do with "defense?"

The American war from hell, 20 years later

Yes, it’s true, on the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, that war is long forgotten here.

Who’s winning and losing the economic war over Ukraine?

The winners are the opportunists and war profiteers, and the losers are the people of Ukraine, working and poor people everywhere, but especially in the Global South, and our fading hopes of halting the climate crisis.

War in Ukraine and ICBMs: The untold story of how they could blow up...

With sky-high tensions between the world’s two nuclear superpowers, the chances of ICBMs starting a nuclear conflagration have increased as American and Russian forces face off in close proximity.

How spin and lies fuel a bloody war of attrition in Ukraine 

U.S. officials and corporate media have buried the U.S. role in the crisis in Ukraine under a "white hats vs. black hats" narrative that fuels a bloody war of attrition that military experts compare to the First World War

Tanks for nuttin’

Civilization at risk?

US lawmakers reintroduce bill to end authorizations for ‘horrific forever wars’

"The 1991 and 2002 AUMFs are no longer necessary, serve no operational purpose, and run the risk of potential misuse."

Can the Military-Industrial Complex be tamed?

Cutting the Pentagon's budget in half would finally force the generals to think.