Thursday, June 17, 2021

Corporate media oppose Afghan control of Afghanistan

Establishment reporting over the future of Afghanistan after Biden’s announcement demonstrated the imperialist mindset of corporate journalists.

Endless war is a feature of our national programming

Do we have the collective courage to make a better fate for ourselves by pulling the plug on the war machine?

Why is cryptocurrency popular in war zone areas, with an example of Ukraine and...

Until the circumstance changes, Idlib's trades and exchanging work areas will probably stay connected up to the digital currency economy, even as close to every day airstrikes focus on the towns and field encompassing them.

The true meaning of the Afghan “withdrawal”

Will the nightmare of Saigon's fall return in Kabul?

Squad & Co: Unite as a block to downsize Biden’s military budget

This is the moment to demand a substantial cut in military spending that defunds new nuclear weapons.

Can Guantánamo ever be shut down?

Dealing with the forever prison of America's forever wars...

American-style war ’til the end of time?

A lifetime “at war”...

World military spending rises to a hefty $2.0 trillion despite UN pleas for cutbacks

There’s still time to reevaluate this approach, restructure U..S military spending, and focus on human needs.

The graveyard of empires redux

America's ruinous pursuit of Mission Impossible in Afghanistan.

US joins past empires In Afghan graveyard

President Biden announced a removal of all U.S. troops by September 11, but he failed to include some important details.