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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

US INF pullout will delight arms industry as it threatens to reignite Cold War

The reality is that it has largely been the U.S. that has been the aggressor through the terrifying and costly decades of the Cold War that this latest treaty exit action threatens to re-ignite.

Why American leaders persist in waging losing wars

Hint: They’re winning in other ways.

Peacemakers, warmongers and fence sitters: Who represents you?

You can check out the differences between Democrats and Republicans, and see who are the real hawks and doves in each party.

When it comes to having leaders who murder, the US is a pace setter

What our presidents, with their “kill lists,” are doing is destroying what little democracy and moral standing we have left in this country.

(Un)happy anniversary!

17 years of war (and more to come).

How pro-war Democrats use Russiagate to bloat the military – and why that’s dangerous

Russia became the bipartisan justification for an $716 billion defense budget and nuclear build-up.

Investigation: As US-backed war in Yemen raged, UAE hired US mercenaries to kill Yemeni...

“There was a targeted assassination program in Yemen. I was running it.”

Assassins Without Borders

Saudi Arabia's apparent assassination of Jamal Khashoggi might have taken inspiration from Russia and North Korea – or Israel and the United States.

Enough folded flags: Military families speak out against the Afghanistan War

A nation that doesn't remember the people sent to fight on its behalf has no business sending more.

The royal touch

How Saudi money keeps Washington at war in Yemen.