Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Louisiana offers clear example why states should expand Medicaid – not reduce it

Legislators in Washington and in state capitols would be wise to see these results as a bellwether for the nation.

Republicans, obsessed with gutting Obamacare, other social programs: That’s called committing political suicide

It will be time for these politicians that have no vision to begin writing their political obituaries, because they will face political extinction in the elections of 1018 and 2020.

What reproductive rights advocates can learn from Texas (yes, Texas)

How folks in conservative states are responding – and have been responding for years – to infringements on their civil rights.

Monsanto’s Roundup linked to fatty liver disease

The Health and Environment Alliance has urged for a ban on glyphosate in response to the study.

97% of Endangered Species Threatened by 3 Common Pesticides

The Center for Biological Diversity, as well as a number of farmworkers, child-safety and environmental advocacy groups, sent a letter to the EPA last month urging it to ban several organophosphate pesticides that are currently under review.

Donald Trump’s death panels

The real death panels are coming.

Monsanto and the Poisonous Cartel of GMOs in India

For more than a decade and a half, Monsanto has extracted illegal royalties from Indian farmers, trapping them in debt and triggering an epidemic of farmers' suicides.

Michael Moore: Americans pay more for healthcare than others, but “we don’t call it...

“The real question never gets asked. They always want to pin them on how much is it going to cost in taxes.”

The struggle for what’s essential

Global mining companies have used the pandemic to push unwanted projects on vulnerable communities, who are fighting back — and sometimes winning.

4 things to know about the omicron variant

The omicron variant offers yet another reason for caution in the age of COVID-19. Now that you’re in the know, keep yourself safer with a few thoughtful tips.