Sunday, October 20, 2019

The scarcity of BCG

American consumers are just being hung out to dry.

“Voices being ignored”: Regulators fail to enforce water-pollution laws in communities of color

"For communities already facing severe burdens due to racism, social conditions, and/or environmental and health hazards, the inability to turn on a tap and receive clean, safe water is particularly devastating—and unjust."

Air pollution exposure during pregnancy affects children’s lung function in early years

"It's really important to prioritize reduction of air pollution levels to improve respiratory health."

Even the grim reaper favors the rich

The Republicans’ pro-wealth, anti-labor and anti-social welfare campaigns are pushing people over a cliff before they live long enough to become grannies.

No one should have to bargain for health care

As the GM strike shows, employers use their workers’ health as a bargaining chip. Medicare for All would end that.

Just one tea bag can release billions of microscopic plastic particles into your drink,...

From Arctic snow to the deep sea, microplastics have been found in some unusual places. Now, it turns out they could be lurking at the bottom of...

Environmentalists demand explanations for “secret” fracking chemicals in Ohio

“People need to know. People have a right to know, and first responders have a right to know if they might be exposed to those types of chemicals.”

Dangerous levels of plastic found in children’s bodies finds new study

"It can't be that every fourth child between three and five years old is so heavily burdened with chemicals that long-term damage cannot safely be ruled out."

Healthcare ad spending exceeds $65 million in 2019 as insurance industry ramps up effort...

An Axios analysis released Wednesday found that spending on healthcare advertisements has exceeded $65 million in 2019 as dark money organizations, the insurance industry, and...

Germany to ban glyphosate by 2023

“What harms insects also harms people.”