Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Pledge to fight the pollution of face masks

Pledge to protect those around us and our environment by wearing reusable face masks.

Pandemic lessons for the rest of us

Or vaccine thinking applied to all of American life...

COVID-19 further exposes inequalities in the global financial system

With a greater public awareness of soaring inequality within countries, it is also important to recognize the deep imbalances across the global financial system.

‘Seems like a good policy!’ CBO shows Medicare for All could cover everyone for...

"A large share of Medicare administrative costs are tied up in tasks like eligibility determination... that would no longer exist in a Medicare for All system."

Oregon just decriminalized all drugs – here’s why voters passed this groundbreaking reform

These policies show that problem drug use is a public health challenge to be managed, not a war that can be won.

People’s vaccine: Calls grow for equal access to coronavirus vaccine as rich countries hoard...

A growing movement is calling for the development of a people’s vaccine and the suspension of intellectual property rights to expand access.

With pandemic a ‘tipping point,’ UN warns 1 billion more people headed for extreme...

Unless strong and meaningful action is taken now, including major social investments and a Green New Deal-style program, the Covid-19 crisis will make an already dire economic situation much worse.

Tyson exploits consumers just like its animals and the workers who raise them

Vulnerable workers, abused animals and a rigged system are the foundation of an unethical, destructive business model.

Tribes mount organized responses to COVID-19, in contrast to state and federal governments

The story of inequity is imbued with dispossession of lands and is met with organizing from the inside: two crucial points for untangling and responding to COVID-19.

Meet the volunteer organizing team helping non-union workers during the pandemic

EWOC is an experiment in running a labor organizing project through a large network of volunteers outside of formal unions or worker centers.