Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Rethinking Medicare for All – slightly

In running a social system, we really need to decide when and how wealth can be used to “buy your way” into a better level of treatment.

2020 Democratic presidential candidates want to break up big agriculture monopolies

The trend of consolidation in agribusiness is wiping out small farmers and influencing the food choices made to consumers.

When will we start applying the precautionary principle to the chemicals that are killing...

Agencies consistently place a far higher value on corporate profits than they do on the children of the world.

Ex-health insurance exec: Industry is using decades-old scare tactics to fight Medicare for All

"There are Americans all over this country who do not get the care that they need."

Opioid epidemic may have cost states at least $130 billion in treatment and related...

The devastating health effects of the opioid epidemic have been well documented, with over 700,000 overdose deaths and millions more affected. And Americans...

‘Bad policy and bad politics’: Kamala Harris accused of hijacking Medicare for All label...

"Harris calls her plan 'Medicare for All,' but it's not even close."

Lead-based paint found in half of all inspected schools

To make an impact on lead hazards in America’s schools, there needs to be transparency.

Is climate change behind the rise of the newest superbug?

As global temperatures rise, dangerous fungi may be adapting to warmer temperatures, allowing them to thrive in mammalian species.

‘This is the beginning’: New study warns climate crisis may have been pivotal in...

A new analysis warns that "global warming may have played a pivotal role" in the recent rise of a multidrug-resistant fungal superbug, sparking questions...