Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Toxic chemicals in food packaging weaken our immune system response to COVID-19—when will Congress...

A new federal bill would advance public and environmental health by banning toxic chemicals from food packaging.

Shielding poor children from the looming food crisis

The war in Ukraine is causing further disruption to the global food supply and making it harder for the world’s poorest households to afford adequate nutrition.

The global seafood supply is being contaminated by microplastics, but major news outlets are...

Our addiction to plastic is having negative effects all along the food chain.

Study shows link between early access to gender-affirming hormone therapy and better mental health...

The research is overwhelming, and the anecdotal evidence is also hard to ignore.

Progressive organizations launch new campaign: ‘Make Meds Affordable’

The new campaign is calling on President Biden to take executive action to lower drug prices.

Physicians slam industry push to ‘fix’—not end—Medicare privatization scheme

"The industry thinks they can save it with minor tweaks and cosmetic fixes. But we won't back down until Direct Contracting is shut down, for good," one doctor said of the Trump-era program.

Childhood adversity is a ‘cause of causes’ of adult illnesses and mental health problems

This public health hazard that hides in plain sight is childhood adversity: experiences like physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

After 2 years, progressives need to be a part of the debate around public...

Simply demanding that all measures to protect public health be brought to an end without crafting policies to do this safely is not only selfish but a recipe for further disaster.

‘Enough is enough’: Sanders, Klobuchar unveil bill to slash drug prices in half

"We can no longer tolerate policies that make prescription drugs unaffordable and out of reach—Congress must act."

How a cooperative run by the formerly incarcerated is reshaping Chicago’s food industry

Megacorporations tend to dominate food contracting with schools and other large facilities in America. In Chicago, Black formerly incarcerated people are prepping locally sourced meals for schools, nursing homes and transitional housing facilities.