Wednesday, November 13, 2019

California bans controversial pesticide

Beginning at the start of 2020, California will ban the sale of a popular agricultural pesticide, chlorpyrifos, that has been linked to...

California to become the first state to ban Big Pharma’s pay-for-delay deals

“Competition in the pharmaceutical industry helps lower prices for Californians who rely on life-saving treatments.”

Inequality is literally killing us

Again and again, studies show that the richer wealthy Americans become, the shorter the rest of us live.

New initiative aims to mobilize the restaurant industry to fight climate change

Restore California will fund farmers to switch to regenerative agriculture practices.

The scarcity of BCG

American consumers are just being hung out to dry.

“Voices being ignored”: Regulators fail to enforce water-pollution laws in communities of color

"For communities already facing severe burdens due to racism, social conditions, and/or environmental and health hazards, the inability to turn on a tap and receive clean, safe water is particularly devastating—and unjust."

Air pollution exposure during pregnancy affects children’s lung function in early years

"It's really important to prioritize reduction of air pollution levels to improve respiratory health."

Even the grim reaper favors the rich

The Republicans’ pro-wealth, anti-labor and anti-social welfare campaigns are pushing people over a cliff before they live long enough to become grannies.

No one should have to bargain for health care

As the GM strike shows, employers use their workers’ health as a bargaining chip. Medicare for All would end that.

Just one tea bag can release billions of microscopic plastic particles into your drink,...

From Arctic snow to the deep sea, microplastics have been found in some unusual places. Now, it turns out they could be lurking at the bottom of...