Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Dis versus mis-information: Unexpected insights from Covid-19

Challenging false arguments/claims has never been more important, and yet more arduous.

Big pharma secrets revealed as group uncovers portion of Pfizer vaccine recipe

"This info can help mRNA vaccine scientists by illustrating the kinds of requirements they need to meet critical quality standards."

Nearly 18 million US adults couldn’t afford a prescription medication this year: Study

The finding came as the Biden administration unveiled its plan to allow the government to negotiate drug prices directly with Big Pharma.

How public health partnerships are encouraging Covid-19 vaccination in 4 states

Public health and communications experts from Michigan, Indiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina discuss efforts to encourage people in their states and local communities to get vaccinated.

9/11 survivors’ exposure to toxic dust and the chronic health conditions that followed offer...

Applying the lessons learned from 9/11 is a critically important way to honor the victims and the brave men and women who took part in the desperate rescue and recovery efforts back on those terrible days.

Food insecurity soared roughly 9% last year for Americans

While the Biden administration approved the largest expansion of food benefits the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has ever seen, “transformational change” still needs to be a focus.

A pandemic of fallacious thinking and civic irresponsibility: The precarious state of reason

Who anticipated the awful arguments/claims that would result in response to the Pandemic?

Air pollution linked to severe mental illness

The study showed that millions would be harmed by incremental increases in air pollution, and, conversely, reducing air pollution could therefore benefit millions of people.

Americans deserve publicly owned generic drugs

Bold policies could have saved America’s largest generic drug plant, but it’s never too late to start putting communities first.

What will be the future of healthcare in the aftermath of this pandemic?

The pandemic has made us more prepared and strengthened the healthcare system against any future global crises.