Friday, January 17, 2020

The Trump administration’s latest attempt to undermine science – and how to stop it

A bill that is gaining bipartisan momentum in the House would protect the science that protects the public.

Big pharma keeps bankrolling house GOP’s dark money arm

Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose big under a single-payer system, since it might enable the government to negotiate lower drug prices.

Today’s children will face lifelong health effects from the climate crisis

"Without immediate action from all countries climate change will come to define the health of an entire generation.”

The real deal with Medicare for All

Any Medicare for All is better than our present system.

A 12-step program to opioid justice

Finding peace amid the new opium wars.

Trump EPA unlawfully ignored dangerous chemicals, rules court

In the case of asbestos, the EPA's new direction would mean ignoring almost 8.9 million tones of asbestos-containing products.

Big Pharma has failed: the antibiotic pipeline needs to be taken under public ownership

Similar to the other major crisis of our era – climate change – the antibiotic crisis poses a fundamental threat to human wellbeing around the world.

There are 2,000 untested chemicals in packaged foods—and it’s legal

A report by the Environmental Working Group reveals that an estimated 2,000 untested chemicals, several of them known or suspected carcinogens, are legally present in conventional packaged foods sold in U.S. supermarkets. But this major public health concern is largely unrecognized by the Food and Drug Administration, which operates under a policy on food additives dating back to 1958.

‘US can lead the world in finding the global cure for AIDS:’ Sanders announces...

"What we need is a grassroots political movement that will stand up to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry and take the steps necessary to ensure we end the AIDS epidemic by 2025..."

Warren and Sanders: Medicare for All: Without a public option, it’s dead in the...

In this country, we have private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and the VA (veterans) system. How in the world did that ever happen?