Saturday, September 30, 2023

FDA’s blood ban reversal for gay men, explained

The FDA’s latest move represents a seismic shift for gay and bisexual men as well as for the critically low U.S. blood supply.

The game-changing promise of an OTC birth control pill

The U.S. appears likely to legalize over-the-counter contraception—a critical step in increasing women’s bodily autonomy and economic independence.

American Heart Association certifies a plant-based ‘meat’ product for the first time

“With this recognition, Beyond Steak becomes part of a group of certified and trusted foods that everyone can enjoy with the confidence that they are making a great decision for their health.”

Big Food raking in huge profits from price hikes as US hunger persists: Analysis

"It's time Congress do more to rein in corporate greed, one of the main factors currently driving up costs for families."

US Supreme Court issues second administrative stay on abortion pill access

The Supreme Court issued its second administrative stay, which further pauses the federal court's ruling and halts the new limitations on access to medication abortion.

EPA to fund network of centers to help marginalized communities access environmental justice money

“There are communities waiting for (toxic) sites to get cleaned up. They are waiting for infrastructure to be built so their communities don’t flood.”

Florida to ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy

The Center for Reproductive Rights argues that the new bill is a health hazard to many women.

The EPA faces questions about its approval of a plastic-based fuel with an astronomical...

That risk is 250,000 times greater than the level usually considered acceptable by the EPA division that approves new chemicals, and it’s higher than the lifetime risk of cancer for current smokers.

Agrivoltaics: the farm-to-solar trend that can help accelerate the renewable energy transition

Using the same land for the production of both agriculture and solar energy is a win-win for the climate and farmers.