Friday, May 14, 2021

After four dark years under Trump, words ‘climate’ and ‘science’ are back on EPA...

“You deserve access to science and data,” new EPA Administrator Michael Regan says.

Trump’s EPA is changing its math to make clean power plan rollback seem less...

"Using fake math to hide the death toll from dirty air at the behest of the coal industry is sadly consistent with the Trump administration's complete disregard for public health."

Judge sides with Big Oil in Maine pipeline case

This lawsuit will determine if the residents of South Portland are allowed a say over those risks or if the oil industry will overrule residents.

The age of anger

As we sleepwalk into the future, the steady deterioration of the ecosystem will ultimately lead to total systems collapse.

The Corporate Food Industry Continues to Fight Animal Reforms

Big food fighting FDA when it comes to food and animal safety.

Want to fight climate change? Start by protecting these endangered species

Giant forest elephants and blue whales play an enormous role in climate sequestration. Can putting a financial value on that role help conserve them—and us?

Animals will struggle to adapt fast enough to cope with climate change, study finds

The blackcurrant harvest on my allotment is highly dependent on the weather. In 2018 the UK had a hot, dry summer and...

12 Trump attacks on the environment since the election

In its final days, the administration is rushing to cement its destructive legacy with attacks on clean air, wildlife and public lands that could be difficult to undo.

250 Emaciated Lions Found During Trophy Hunting Farm Raid

Thanks to one man’s activism, 250 lions were rescued from being killed by affluent trophy hunters.

150,000 Penguins Die After Huge Iceberg Blocks Route to Sea

The giant iceberg, the size of Rome, had apparently been floating close to the coast for 20 years before crashing into a glacier and becoming stuck.