Saturday, February 4, 2023

5 responses to climate change deniers

You can see the consequences of extreme weather all around us. Wildfires. hurricanes. droughts.

Should environmentalists embrace universal basic income?

Cash payments from the government could help ease the transition to a climate-safe economy and weather the natural and economic storms to come.

It seems Swiss Nationals do not want climate measures

“Switzerland is giving itself a loose meaning of terrorism which makes way for self-assertive police activity.”

How one Utah community fought the fracking industry—and won

“Speak out, pull together like-minded neighbors, organize and don’t give up.”

National Monuments open for business: Mining and drilling to begin on public lands

Today marks the "largest rollback of protections for public lands and waters in U.S. history."

Online calculator cuts farms’ greenhouse emissions

An internet tool is now available which helps to quantify and control farms’ greenhouse emissions released during the crop production cycle.

Bolsonaro sends Congress bill to open indigenous lands to mining, fossil fuels

Conservationists are convinced that the opening up of indigenous lands to economic exploitation would inevitably lead to extensive deforestation and to the contamination of Amazonian rivers.

Microbes are evolving to digest plastic, study finds

The study notes that the type and amount of enzymes correlates with location-specific pollution trends, showing just how ever-growing plastic pollution is causing these organisms to evolve.

Climate crisis will shift tropical rain belt and create food insecurity for billions, study...

"We know that the rain belt shifts toward this heating, and that its northward movement in the Eastern Hemisphere is consistent with these expected impacts of climate change."

After Taliban takeover, climate change could drive conflict in Afghanistan

Not only is the landlocked country already becoming drier and drier, but it's also just been thrown into more political uncertainty by the Taliban takeover.