Wednesday, February 24, 2021

US approves of expansion of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in Gulf of...

The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary will now include portions of 14 additional reefs and banks in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, representing approximately a 104 square mile increase in area.

US officially rejoins Paris agreement

This is considered a symbolic and important step toward the aggressive action required to stem the tide of climate change.

Youth climate activists will not stop fighting their climate case – even after 9th...

“The 9th Circuit has deprived people in that Circuit the ability to seek a resolution of a real controversy with their government.”

Bayer and US officials pressure Mexico to overturn glyphosate ban

“Will they continue the pattern of doing the bidding of global biotech/seed firms like Monsanto? Or, will the USTR respect other countries’ rights to protect the environment and indigenous crops?”

Shell Oil defeated by Nigerian villagers in oil pollution case

“Finally, there is some justice for the Nigerian people suffering the consequences of Shell’s oil.”

Federal judge rules in favor of continued construction of Line 3—a 330-mile pipeline carrying...

“But we will continue to press our case that the Army Corps violated the law and failed to fulfill its responsibilities in granting the permit.”

Climate change has ‘worsened’ pollen season

As annual global temperatures increase, the pollen season also grows longer and more intense.

Overpopulation, food waste and climate change

The house, our house is literally burning, and, despite millions of people screaming for change, the behavior, and ways of living that ignited the fire continue unabated.

Fracked waste spews from unused gas well in Ohio entering waterways and harming fish

"We have been exposing Ohio as a radioactive dumping ground that accepts oil and gas waste from all over the region for more than ten years."