Sunday, July 5, 2020

From COVID-19 to climate change, human overpopulation is the big white elephant in the...

Experts warn that continued world population growth will make things worse.

‘Incredibly reckless’: Trump moves to expand fossil fuel drilling in Alaska’s Western Arctic Region

"Opening more of the Arctic to drilling and fracking is incredibly reckless."

Temperatures reach record heights in the Arctic Circle this past weekend

“The Arctic is believed to be warming twice as fast as the global average.”

Trump’s EPA rolls back regulation of chemical linked to brain damage in infants that...

“Is this what the Environmental Protection Agency has come to?”

Bipartisan senators praise passage of Great American Outdoors Act

“Years of bipartisan work have led to this moment and this historic opportunity for conservation.”

‘Shell must not get away with this’: Niger Delta still waiting for big oil...

Titled "No Clean-Up, No Justice," the new report explains that for "more than five decades, the people of Ogoniland, in the Niger Delta, have struggled against oil pollution, destruction of the environment and human rights violations."

Sen Bernie Sanders calls out GOP for inadequately addressing police violence in new bill

“Now is not the time to think small or respond with superficial, bureaucratic proposals.”

Great American Outdoors Act passes through Senate

"Passage of the Great American Outdoors Act will move us one step closer to fulfilling the LWCF’s promise and secure the future of our parks and public lands for the next generation."

DNC’s climate council urges party to go beyond Biden plan, calling for fracking ban...

“The climate emergency is here. Democrats need to take the lead on confronting it.”

The next crisis? Losing the Amazon

If too much of the forest were to be degraded or lost, scientists worry that the whole area could be transformed into a savannah.