Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘Disconnection crisis’: Heatwaves and rising energy costs put low-income Americans at risk

The report, released by EPC and NEADA, warns that many low-income people face the prospect of extreme heat inside their own homes.

Biden’s Arctic drilling protections: Indigenous and environmental groups urge further action

Indigenous groups and climate advocates welcome Biden’s proposal to protect the Western Arctic from oil and gas drilling, urging further action for long-term preservation.

2024 set to break heat records: Global average temperature surpasses 1.5°C for 12 months...

New data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service reveals the longest stretch above the 1.5-degree threshold, signaling unprecedented climate change and urgent need for action.

Why the climate movement is actually close to winning

Putting their work in the context of the MAP’s eight stages suggests there is more reason for hope than some realize.

Elders arrested protesting Citibank’s billions in fossil fuel financing amid record heatwaves

Dozens of senior climate activists, including co-founder Bill McKibben, arrested in New York City while highlighting Citibank’s leading role in financing fossil fuel projects amid worsening climate crisis.

Record heatwave threatens 130 million Americans as climate crisis escalates

"Both the record-breaking temperatures and the duration of heat present a clear and present danger, particularly for children, elders, people with disabilities, and people who work outside."

Study links common foods to elevated PFAS levels in humans, raising health concerns

Research finds coffee, eggs, white rice, and seafood contribute to higher concentrations of harmful ‘forever chemicals.’

AI energy demand drives Google’s emissions up 48% in five years

The report said its 2023 emissions had reached 14.3 metric tons.

Big Banks break their climate promises by propping up Big Meat

Massive industrial livestock financing sabotages major U.S. banks’ climate goals.

Monsanto drops lawsuits against Mexican government over its genetically modified corn ban

Several lawsuits were initiated in response to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador 2020 presidential decree, which aimed to ban glyphosate and genetically modified (GM) corn for human consumption.