Saturday, June 12, 2021

Humans are forcing plants to adapt at the fastest rate since the last ice...

New research published May 20, 2021 in Science found that humans have stressed plant ecosystems more severely, and for longer, than previously thought.

To grow our economic pie, cut more equal slices!

Back in the 1980s, eagle-eyed economists began reporting out a pair of phenomena you actually didn’t need eagle eyes to see: America’s...

Bayer considers putting an end to US glyphosate sales

“Removing glyphosate from residential use would be a step in the right direction.”

Major tire companies explore the use of dandelions for a more sustainable rubber

Dandelion rubber tires will lessen the amount of landfill waste, decrease deforestation and reduce the economic burden of rubber tree cultivation, experts said

A judge holds Shell liable for causing climate change in historic ruling

The Dutch ruling is being called a first of its kind and a big "step forward for the international climate movement."

Glyphosate remains on shelves despite EPA admitting Trump-era review was faulty

“We will ask the court to deny this extraordinary request to paper over glyphosate’s ecological harms only to approve it anyway down the road. Time to face the music, not run and hide.”

Chile passes single-use plastic regulation that will reduce 23,000 tons of plastic waste a...

"This law is ambitious, but at the same time it's realistic for where Chile stands regarding waste generation and its technical capabilities to make these changes possible."

Fossil fuel companies in UK awarded £150 million of public money ‘to find new...

A new paper is calling on the government to scrap research and development tax credits for fossil fuel extraction and instead invest the money in clean energy.

20 companies are responsible for producing over half of all single-use plastic waste

“Since most plastic is made from oil and gas – especially fracked gas – the production and consumption of plastic are becoming a significant driver of the climate crisis.”

Death of 18 endangered elephants in India under investigation

"Poisoning could be behind the death of the elephants."