Friday, December 8, 2023

COP28 president caught in oil lobbying scandal: Secretly pushes fossil fuel agenda amidst climate...

This conflict of interest, uncovered through an investigation by the Center for Climate Reporting (CCR), raises serious questions about the integrity of the UN climate summit leadership.

Deadly shadows: new study reveals over 460,000 U.S. deaths linked to coal pollution since...

New study reveals coal pollution's dire impact on U.S. public health, with over 460,000 deaths in two decades.

Our rich: fooling themselves and fouling our planet

Electric air taxis aren’t going to save the world. Really taxing the rich, on the other hand, could.

Chaco Canyon’s future: a pledge for environmental justice and tribal rights

Amid environmental concerns and cultural significance, the Honoring Chaco Initiative aims to transform the Greater Chaco Landscape, but real progress remains in limbo.

1 million gallon oil leak in Gulf of Mexico detected by US Coast Guard

Officials said the leak might be from the Main Pass Oil Gathering Company's (MPOG) pipeline system off the coast of New Orleans.

White House releases National Climate Assessment

The report concluded that climate change will impact almost all aspects of life including food, the economy and culture heritage.

Ohio commission decides to allow fracking in state parks

The commissioners held a meeting to consider the applications, and many environmentalists showed up to protest.

Biden’s climate catastrophe: IRA unleashes fossil fuel frenzy, jeopardizing environmental future

This scenario poses a stark contradiction to the Act's intent of fostering a greener future.

The Inflation Reduction Act: A boon for Big Oil and a blow to climate...

This revelation raises crucial concerns about the effectiveness of the IRA in combating the escalating climate crisis.

More than half of world’s largest companies’ net zero pledges are false promises, study...

Unmasking corporate climate pledges: a comprehensive study exposes prevalent greenwashing.