Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Climate crisis is speeding the water cycle, satellite data reveals

“This higher amount of water circulating in the atmosphere could also explain the increase in rainfall that is being detected in some polar areas, where the fact that it is raining instead of snowing is speeding up the melting."

‘No Mow May’ movement seeks to provide food for hungry bees

“I think there’s an opportunity here to do what’s right for the environment."

Renewable energy projects power up in tribal nations

Tribes across the country are embarking on renewable energy projects of varying scales, with differing ambitions.

Up to 40% of the world’s land is degraded by humans, UN report warns

“In a world of profligate consumerism, global supply chains, and a growing population, land resources—our soil, water, and biodiversity – are rapidly being depleted."

Why we need slow solutions to solve our water problems

A new book explains why “Slow Water” projects can help us tackle our climate, water and biodiversity crises.

To stop plastic pollution, we must stop plastic production, scientists say

They argue that this move will be critical in solving the plastic pollution issue currently confronting our planet.

New report details fracking’s ‘widespread and severe harm’ to health and climate

"From a public health perspective and a climate perspective, stopping fracking is imperative."

Increasing disasters are ‘setting humanity on a spiral of self-destruction,’ UN warns

“The financial system really needs to get ahead of this curve, because otherwise there’s a lot of built-up risk that isn’t being priced into how we make decisions.”

California oil and gas industry leans on political heavyweights to drill wells

New well count rises as governor appoints oil lobbyist to top role.