Saturday, December 7, 2019

‘Be on the right side of history’: Ahead of COP 25, demand for govts...

“We expect governments to come to these climate talks to live up to the moral urgency at hand.”

‘The law is on our side’: Extinction Rebellion celebrates dropped charges against 105 climate...

Ultimately, the environmental movement expects the cases of over 1,000 activists arrested in London last month will be discontinued.

Native American tribes oppose Colorado River project on Navajo land

Besides the affront to sacred Native American land and water, environmental groups see a devastating impact from Pumped Hydro Storage's proposal.

Oil and gas industry rebukes fracking ban talk as UN shows just how much...

“The time to begin planning for a wind-down of gas production is, as with other fossil fuels, already upon us."

We need to talk about environmental projects that fail

Celebrating success is great, but a new study finds patterns we can learn from — including the fact that we ignore failure at our own peril.

Cross-generational power to change

What can what little girl do? She can lead the rest of us to victory.

As air pollution reaches epidemic proportions, EPA rollbacks cause 200,000 deaths per year

"When a study shows 99% of death occurring at exposure levels below that threshold, that should make us look much harder at whether the threshold protects people effectively enough.”

“It wasn’t just big oil that knew about climate change decades ago”: New report...

The coal industry knew about the danger of rising greenhouse gas emissions as early as 1966.

The Trump administration’s latest attempt to undermine science – and how to stop it

A bill that is gaining bipartisan momentum in the House would protect the science that protects the public.

Stanford study says renewable power eliminates argument for using carbon capture with fossil fuels

“I call these solutions 'magic' because they are unlikely to accomplish much in the real world except to distract our attention from the necessary work of cutting emissions.”