Wednesday, October 27, 2021

California cop under investigation after punching teen on video

“This incident, like any use of force incident involving a Hemet Police Officer is taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated.”

What it’s like to watch a harpooned whale die right before your eyes

Author Paul Watson has no problem with critics calling him and his marine-life-defending colleagues pirates—it’s far better than helplessly standing by and doing nothing in the face of the violence against animals they have witnessed.

Amazon, IKEA among 9 companies pledging to use zero-carbon shipping fuels by 2040

“If major retail brands truly want to do their fair share on climate change, they need to be on a course correction now, not 19 years from now.”

Water protectors show that ‘another world is possible’ — through resistance and care

During a week of action with over 600 arrests, water protectors occupying the Bureau of Indian Affairs showed that caring for one another is directly connected to caring for the Earth.

Plastic, plastic everywhere – airborne microplastics are settling into the most remote corners of...

Compared with microplastics in the marine and terrestrial environments, the phenomenon of airborne microplastics is even less well understood.

California adds new endangered species protections for leatherback sea turtles

“Protecting the state’s ocean to save leatherbacks benefits not only sea turtles, but whales and people too.”

Banks due at UK’s ‘green’ investment summit ‘financed £700 billion in fossil fuels since...

Citi, JPMorgan and Barclays among “world’s biggest financiers” of oil, gas and coal at government summit on green future.

6 ways restaurants can reduce their environmental impact

The restaurant industry struggles to meet consumers’ sustainability standards because of conventional management patterns.

Could property law help achieve ‘rights of nature’ for wild animals?

Similar changes in political winds would have fewer effects on animals and their habitats if Congress formalized the preservation of property rights for wildlife habitat on public lands.

Big tobacco got caught in a lie by Congress. Now it’s the oil industry’s...

Here's the question for the Big Oil 4: will you apologize, here today, for your company's decades of lying about climate change?