Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Following house approval, U.S. has a chance to ban the cruel shark fin trade

Sharks are killed 30 percent faster than they can reproduce, including for the inhumane fin trade.

Oil industry front group launches latest attack on electric vehicle tax credit in Senate...

The oil and gas industry uses groups like AEA to advocate for its interests, and the incumbent industry that fuels conventional vehicles would benefit from slowing the transition to electric vehicles.

Study finds staggering economic benefit from protecting wetlands

For example, in Florida, the loss of just 3% of wetland coverage resulted in $480 million in property damage during just one hurricane.

The North American natural gas industry is struggling—here’s why

Natural gas has proven to be a horrible investment. LNG exports were supposed to save the U.S. natural gas industry but those hopes have yet to pan out.

Increased coverage on climate change last year

Hopefully, with more media coverage, we will all be able to join together and change the topic from a climate change armageddon to having solutions we can work towards.

The future of Exxon and the Permian’s flaring crisis

Chevron has already admitted that it might cut spending in response to the sudden Saudi-Russia price war. Exxon too might soon have to slam on the brakes.

Protecting mangroves can prevent billions of dollars in global flooding damage every year

In many places, preserving and restoring mangrove forests can be an extremely economically effective strategy for protecting coasts from tropical storm damage.

Bridging the food-or-energy gap

“This dual use of the land adds a layer of efficiency that wouldn’t be there. You start seeing layer after layer of benefit, benefit, benefit."

‘Fossil fuel companies knew’: Honolulu files lawsuit over climate impacts

Honolulu now joins these communities that are turning to the courts to hold Big Oil accountable.

US Forest Service broke law when opening 4,900 acres of Colorado national forest to...

“The Forest Service failed to provide a logically coherent explanation for its decision to eliminate the Pilot Knob Alternative.”