Sunday, April 14, 2024

North Sea rebellion: Activists across six nations decry ‘fossil madness’ amid climate crisis

This movement isn't just a protest; it's a plea for the future of the children who stand to inherit a warming world.

Over 16,000 chemicals lurk in everyday plastics, new report exposes

A shocking study unveils a hidden danger within our midst: over 16,000 chemicals, many hazardous, are embedded in the plastics that fill our homes and touch our lives.

How $9 billion from taxpayers fueled plastics production – and illegal pollution

A new report estimates the public cost of underwriting U.S. plastics industry growth and the environmental violations that followed.

US has produced more oil than any country in history for six consecutive years

In December, the average U.S. crude oil production hit a monthly high of more than 13.3 million barrels per day.

Surging methane crisis: 2023 emissions flout global climate commitments, IEA warns

Despite global vows to cut greenhouse gases, methane emissions from the energy sector hover near all-time highs, challenging the effectiveness of international commitments.

First Nation sues Alberta Energy Regulator over Kearl Tailings Pond spill

The lawsuit alleges “negligence, nuisance, breach of the duty to consult, breach of the Honour of the Crown, breach of fiduciary duty, and unjustified treaty infringement by the AER and Alberta against the ACFN.”

Analysis: Trump election win could add 4bn tonnes to US emissions by 2030

A victory for Donald Trump in November’s presidential election could lead to an additional 4bn tonnes of U.S. emissions by 2030 compared with Joe Biden’s plans, Carbon Brief analysis reveals.

Deforestation puts lizards in North America at risk, new report finds

Forest loss, along with climate change, is creating a lack of shelter for lizards from extreme temperatures and nearly one in five could face population decline in the next century.

Oxfam reports richest 1 percent responsible for more carbon emissions than poorest 66 percent

The report titled, “Climate Equality: A Planet for the 99%,” shows the large gap between the carbon footprint of the richest 1 percent and the rest of the people across the world.

Trump’s return threatens climate progress, study reveals

New analysis warns that a second Trump term could unleash 4 billion more tons of CO2 by 2030, derailing global efforts to combat climate change.