Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A good way to be kinder to elephants is to stop riding them

When animal tourism resumes in Bali after COVID-19, there is an opportunity to do better by the lives of animals.

Top law firms called out for serving fossil fuel industry clients in new climate...

It’s past time these firms reconsidered how they represent one of the most destructive industries in history, and there’s no reason law students should not consider this representation in deciding how to direct their careers."

1.8 billion tons more greenhouse gases will be released, thanks to Trump

"If we don't have a stable environment to live in, there's no way to have life, liberty, or pursue happiness."

Americans demand climate change be a primary topic at 2020 presidential debates

“The moderators of future debates should build on this foundation and investigate the candidates’ divergent plans on the climate crisis.”

After calling for climate action, US Chamber of Commerce pushes pro-fossil fuel agenda

“I found myself dwarfed by the impact of these corporations in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and legislative power.”

How climate change could reshape the US 2020 election?

If the presidential race is close, the how or whether to address environmental change in a considerable style could have the effect among triumph and defeat.

Up to half a million sharks could be killed to create global coronavirus vaccines,...

Conservationists fear that if two doses of the vaccine are needed to immunize the global population than half a million sharks would subsequently die.

The Arctic hasn’t been this warm for 3 million years — and that foreshadows...

As geoscientists who study the evolution of Earth’s climate and how it creates conditions for life, we see evolving conditions in the Arctic as an indicator of how climate change could transform the planet.

As the smoke subsides, West Coast climate activists show what an effective response looks...

“We’re trying to connect the sense of urgency from the fires to actions people can take.”

Maryland banning foam takeout containers

The state is the first state to implement a ban on foam food containers witch includes cups, plates, takeout containers and trays.