Wednesday, February 19, 2020

57 scientists denounce Biden’s claim that Sanders’ Green New Deal doesn’t have backing of...

The scientists went as far as saying the Green New Deal is necessary to "solve our climate crisis."

Dungeness crabs’ shells are dissolving from the severity of Pacific Ocean acidification

"We were really surprised to see this level of dissolution happening."

Trump administration to strip clean water protection putting the country’s water at risk

"Waters that have been protected for almost 50 years will no longer be protected under the Clean Water Act."

How corporate lawyers made it harder to punish companies that destroy electronic evidence

Federal judges were penalizing big companies for destroying emails and other evidence. So the companies lobbied to have the rules changed. Since then, a ProPublica analysis shows, the rate at which judges issue penalties has fallen by more than half.

The fate of the Earth

Climate change, after all, looks to be nature’s slo-mo version of nuclear war.

Doomsday clock moves to 100 seconds before midnight due to threats of nuclear war...

"We ask world leaders to join us in 2020 as we work to pull humanity back from the brink."

This problem with fracked oil and gas wells is occurring ‘at an alarming rate’

Just look to its track record, and don't expect any surprises.

‘We have so much more to do,’ youth climate activists declare as global elite...

"We are just trying to show them that we are doing the right thing despite the fact that we are not sleeping or staying in the best conditions."

Lake Erie turns toxic every summer. Officials aren’t cracking down on the source.

Voluntary fixes for the growing — and global — hazardous algae problem aren’t working.