Sunday, May 24, 2020

Trump admin sits on $43 billion intended for clean energy loans while unemployment soars

"These utility-led programs could drive significant job and economic growth statewide as we step out of our current pause."

Amid shutdowns, youth climate activists are writing the curriculum for a just economic recovery

“Organizing is intertwined with our survival as a people, and that can’t take a back seat."

The final frontiers? A call to protect the biodiversity on the borders

Trump’s border wall is not alone. Similar structures and development on the lands between nations threaten biodiversity around the globe.

‘Energy policy advocates’ and the fossil fuel boosters attacking legal efforts to hold climate...

“The coal industry is the first to fall, and it’s falling hard. But they’re fighting much harder in the face of that. They’re fighting like a trapped raccoon in the corner.”

Big plastic requests $1 billion bailout

“Having multinational companies with their tin cups out asking for taxpayer dollars at this moment in time is wrong.”

Greenhouse gas emissions set for record decline due to coronavirus lockdowns

"I hope the striking improvements in air quality we've seen remind us what things could be like if we shifted to green power and electric vehicles."

Wildfires can reduce biodiversity—can biodiversity be used to reduce wildfires?

A biodiversity experiment in Australia showed animal species can help reduce flammable leaf litter by 24 percent.

The beginning of the end for oil?

No matter how this pandemic finally plays out, the post-Covid-19 world is bound to have a very different look from the pre-pandemic one and energy use is likely to be among the areas most affected by the transformations underway.

Report: Nearly half of Americans breathing unhealthy air

The EPA recently announced it would not be strengthening the standard for particle pollution or soot, despite the agency’s own analysis showing that strengthening the standard by 25 percent could save 12,500 lives per year.

Sweden shuts down its last coal plant two years early

The announcement moves both Stockholm and the E.U. forward in their plans to fight the climate crisis.