Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Deconstructing Democracy

This is not Democracy. This is the destruction of Democracy.

Never give a sucker…

Our cherished 'Safety Net' is being torn apart with this insanity and the suckers still think THEY are the patriots!

The fear driving US nuclear strategy

There is no easy way back from this brink. But you can help, both now and in the future, by doing one or more of the suggestions below.

“United we stand, divided we fall”

We are now divided. We must ask and demand answers to the question, Where is all of this going?

Donald, Donald, Donald, we told you a million times not to exaggerate

We deserve better leadership, but we won’t get it until we the people make it happen.

Why fear and self-hatred destroy human sharing and solidarity

To love yourself truly, you must always courageously act out your own self-will, whatever the consequences.

The fix is (always) in

When will the majority of us, the good and decent and truly patriotic folks, be the role models for the others among us who still believe in this fairy tale?

Baseless accusations: Shut it down?

“So far, I’m massively unimpressed by Trump’s voters, the overwhelming number of them refusing to make themselves known publicly as opposed to many of Trump’s ugliest utterances.”

The beauty of words

If at all we as humans are capable of spreading happiness, why not do it to the best we can?

Moral obligation

Will this then be the death of democracy in this country?