Monday, September 21, 2020

The salt of the Earth

The only true solution, no NOT a revolution, is for ALL workers to belong to what the Industrial Workers of the World AKA Wobblies, called 'One Big Union'.

Trump’s platform planks

“I made a list of the top 25 planks of Trump’s platform. Did I miss any?”

Another step towards real democracy

At least some of us are open to change...

Remembering the 1960s

The 1960s can inspire us today because as well as being a period of change, the decade was characterized by hope and optimism. We need hope.

Trump halts training concerning racism

Unlike Trump’s disavowal of his anti-veteran remarks, it will be difficult for him to disavow this memorandum.

Be a viral superspreader

We can do this, if we remain nonviolent, committed, and unified.

My last (electoral) dance

“When November comes around (even earlier as we vote by mail in Florida, where the Republican Trump stooge governor has made it ok) my vote, FOR THE LAST TIME, will be for any and all Democrats on the ballot.”

Libya and Syria: The story of civil war and regime transition

One key manner by which the Libya war has affected Syria has been to move some resistance actors to wage war in the first place.

Murderers for Trump

In the end, the opposition to Trump will either unite and learn nonviolent discipline or it is quite likely to fail to stop the death spiral of our democracy.

Late summer ’70

It is difficult for folks who live in a country that had never been invaded or occupied before, to suddenly rev up the passion needed for such action.