Friday, April 20, 2018
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A ‘Bolt’ (ton) from the past

With that nasty smirk on his face, Bolton actually publically has come out for the pre-emptive attacking of both Iran and North Korea... going on years now.

It’s all over now baby red, white and blue

How many Apple Annies must there be on the street corners of our nation before we all get wise?

Crony corruption in Trumpworld

Crony corruption. Do we deserve better? Certainly, our children and grandchildren do.

Nonviolence or nonexistence? The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Reverend King posed the fundamental choice of our time: nonviolence or nonexistence. What is your choice?

Police Scanners ensures the public security

Police scanners are the best to save the time and be on the location when any mishap happens. With the efficiency of the police is increased 10 times more this is the reason it is using in the US.

‘A day of infamy’ part 2

Will my fellow citizens who love this country as I do finally wake up and demand we pull back this empire. before it destroys all the world?

On track for extinction: Can humanity survive?

Unless we include addressing this dysfunctional individual and collective psychological state in our strategy to avert human extinction, we will ultimately fail and extinction will indeed be our fate.

We just say no

NRA and your purchased politicians, we Just Say No.

Time to eliminate your wall street tax?

“I would encourage readers to do their own research and discover how a public bank can tip the balance towards Main Street, rather than Wall Street, and help their small community banks at the same time.”

Pimps, whores and Johns

Walt Kelley’s Pogo comic strip had the greatest line: “We have met the enemy and he be us!”