Friday, August 17, 2018

‘Focus’ on the Neo Nazi revival

Many will state, and perhaps rightly so, that we have come a long way since the 40s, 50s and 60s. Yet, the hate is still there, engrained in the minds of white Christian Americans... or should I say Amerikans.

Population and the Environment

Today we are pressing against the absolute limits of the earth’s carrying capacity.

The two 500 lb. gorillas in the room

Who needs the super rich? I don’t. Do you?

The edge of heaven

Between the major corporations in all the key industries squeezing every dime out of us, and the military spending now sucking over 50% of our federal tax revenues, we all will soon face not ‘The Edge of Heaven’ but the ‘Abyss of Hell on Earth’.

Lack of global leadership spurs instability in the Middle East

President Donald J. Trump has proven to be more partisan than Mr. Obama in his backing of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel and his confrontational approach of Iran.

Are 5G mobile networks hazardous to our health? And more, as Phil interviews Renee...

Listen to "Empire-Episode32-ReneeParsons" on Spreaker.

The karma of ‘blowback’

Sadly, the greatest recruiting tool for the fanatics out there has been our empire's lies, deceptions, illegal invasions, illegal occupations, massive airstrikes on civilians, and of course Torture!

Starving and bombed children of Yemen seek entrapment in flooded Thai cave

“Am I pleased that the 12 children and their coach in Thailand were rescued? Of course I am. I just wish that an equivalent effort was being made to rescue each of the 50,000 children we will kill today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that….”

The full of shit mainstream media

Too busy because their real agendas are to give us a blow by blow of the Republican vs. Democrat food fight!

Diet, ignorance and the environmental crisis

Awareness is the critical ingredient in change, individually and collectively.