Monday, June 21, 2021

Buying a plane ticket in Mexico

“For the first time it has ever happened to me, the website first accepted my order, and then (for some reason) I later received an email which stated that there were no longer tickets available at the price I wanted, and they jacked the price up $65.”

The communal interdependency of nationalized healthcare

“Why when I choose from the corpus of terms relating to universal healthcare I choose nationalized healthcare, because healthcare is rendered a national issue when we all rely on it.”

About Justice

“For a word that has been chiseled into stone monuments for centuries, we could reasonably hope society would by now have the practice and understanding of Justice down cold.”

Top 10 sustainability trends: Our 2021 eco wellness predictions

Although these trends are promising, a commitment to the preservation of Earth is necessary from all stakeholders to make these efforts effective.

The Importance of Public Education

“The proper focus of authentic education is not ingestion and disgorgement of information like trained seals clapping their flippers on command but a process of development that leads to critical thinking and life-long learning skills.”

Tipping Point?

“Social contracts defining political relationships such as democracy are based on trust that the foundational definitions will hold over time and circumstances and for all members equally.”

A Brief History of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

“Let’s take a look at the history of these world-famous personalities.”

The sadness… continues!!

Too many people, worldwide, are dying from this virus for it to be taken with anything but a grain of salt.

“Enemies foreign and domestic”

As a nation, as a people, Americans must come to grips with what is underway and decide what kind of country this is and what it is going to become before the dystopian tide overwhelms us.

Coronavirus outbreak leads to a rise in racism towards Asian people

Many Asians using the hashtag #JeNeSuisPasUnVirus—or “I’m not a virus”, in an order to aware people regarding this and to generate a kind of sympathy and respect in people hearts.