Saturday, April 1, 2023

We are being out-evolved

As we have anointed our own species Homo sapiens, the wise men, I’d say it’s time to reassess. I’m thinking Stultus homines, Stupid men.

Hopes for a new party

Progressives can put these principles in practice, and we could retain the better parts of both capitalism and socialism, leading to a happy society.

Ballad of a thin nation

So many of my friends, neighbors and coworkers continue to believe in the Big Lie of democracy.

Halting our descent into tyranny: Defeating the global elite’s Covid-19 coup

You can submit to tyranny or you can resist it.

Iran wags impeachment dog

Trump is blustering at Iran and to the world that we might just need to crush that pipsqueak terror country.

Death. Readiness is all

If it were better understood dying would no longer be dreaded as it so often is.

The appointment department

The government could establish a publicly used appointment system, available to all on the internet.

Hillary Clinton Agrees with the Citizens United Decision

“As Greenwald said, Hillary’s the very model of the type of politician that the five Republicans on the U.S. Supreme Court were trying to empower. The suckers whose votes she gets are fooled merely by her labeling herself a ‘Democrat’ and slinging the type of bumper-sticker phrases that draw Democratic suckers instead of Republican ones.”

Happy ThanksGetting Day

This column is just about one tiny example of the unfairness of this current corporate/capitalist system.

Ants at a pandemic picnic

Now, we see cities throughout Amerika with bars and restaurants open, and millions of us mingling face to face, beer to beer, with no masks.