Wednesday, October 27, 2021

76% Want Four-Person Debates, Why are Establishment Elites Preventing It

We Are Calling for People to Occupy the Debates.

Farruggio in 20/20

The more that working stiffs see the value in pulling back this empire to help the 99+ % of us...

The Christmas gift

His son would have a better Christmas than expected... and he felt absolutely no guilt about it at all.

The ‘DemonCrats’ gift to Trump

Biden will get the nomination. Sanders will do his best, as the DemonCrats's loyal soldier (and he is NOT even in their party!) to rally his troops, the tens of millions, to swallow their pride and support Biden.

The brat

Grow up, Trump. No U.S. defeated one-termer in the past century has been so petulant.

Gary Johnson – The More You Know Him, the Less You Like him

So, now that you know Johnson better, how can you support him?

It’s futile… We’re FEUDAL!!

If the economy crashes those FAT CATS can live off of their savings and bonuses for years... while YOU start selling apples on street corners!

Ending Human Violence is a Task for Each of Us

The simple reality is that violence will only end when each one of us is committed to ending it. Are you?

6 gentle and respectful ways to help decrease vaccine hesitancy in a friend

It may take a few talks to encourage them, but every conversation is a step in the right direction toward vaccination and the world returning to normal.

We Live or Die Alone and Together

“Save some gratitude for those who preserve life or provide you with the goods of life and stop the overweening, abject displays of mewling groveling at the altar of militarism.”