Sunday, March 7, 2021

The parentized child presidency

Those of us who didn’t vote for Trump--the cast-off, disadvantaged children--will have to monitor Trump very closely.

Clinton NEVER!

“Bill Maher, in claiming that only minor differences exist between the two, is either inexcusably ignorant, or more probably, simply bloviating the views of the Hollywood elites of which he is a card-carrying member.”

War, what is it good for?

What the grifter community calls the Long Con is to attack a country on false claims, destroy much of its infrastructure, occupy the damaged mess you created and make gazillions from taxpayer money.

The Reagan/Trump playbook

Yes folks, Reaganland and Trumpworld don't seem to want to go away... unless more of us say 'Enough is Enough!'

The Social Consequences of Injustice

“A society cannot long exist without truth which is the bedrock of justice, it cannot long live a lie.”

The dogs of empire!

Don't just blame the dogs of empire... blame those who enticed them to do those evil deeds also.

Another step towards real democracy

At least some of us are open to change...

The truth hurts

The ones walking around without a face mask on are 99% to be [Trump] supporters... even though their 'Savior' stays at a safe distance.

The potential dark side of the militarization of Gulf societies

It remains to be seen whether military service will ultimately narrow or broaden social gaps.

Gandhi: ‘My Life is My Message’

Each of us has a choice. We can stand aside in the great fight for survival in which humanity is now engaged. Or we can be involved. What is your choice?