Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sowing division, reaping lives

Our work, if we are serious about making America great, is to repair racial disparities, not worsen them.

Inherit the hypocrisy

Look how far we have actually fallen as a nation, as a culture for that matter.

In God (and Trump) we trust… With monster bombs!!

I just don't think he blessed that Monster Bomb or all the other WMDs that your tax money is paying for... instead of better roads, infrastructure, health care...

Trump’s effect on human rights

Trump has affected human rights in America in a pretty solid way.

Where is Marley’s ghost… When we really need him?

The overwhelming preponderance of dead-end box store jobs and part-time positions offering little or no benefits is what we have become in this so-called modern era.

Anti-Empire Report #156: Shakespeare said it best

The Russian-interference indictment is predicated, apparently, on the idea that the United States is a backward, Third-World, Banana Republic, easily manipulated.

Where are all the adults?

The election of someone so unfit as Trump to be President not only opens up, but relives old traumas. No wonder why Trump arouses such intense feelings.

Binary pablum for the masses

The use of simplistic binary rhetoric has been the modus operandi of Populist leaders throughout history.

The Anti-Empire Report #154: Happy New Year

Best wishes for the new year to all my dear readers in the United States and around the world.

Cassius was correct

How many Amerikans, like the good Germans in 1940, cheered the carpet bombing of Iraq, and the subsequent invasion?