A Brief History of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


With the elections inching closer, citizens are going the extra mile to dig up all the information they possibly can about the contenders of the hour. Who were competitors Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, before their Presidential candidacy? Whose educational background pips the other’s and how? Let’s take a look at the history of these world-famous personalities.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was elected to the U.S Senate in 2001, to become the first American First Lady to win a public office seat. She went on to become the 67th US secretary of state in 2009 serving all the way up to 2013. 2016 marked the fact that she is the first woman in the history of the United States to become a presidential nominee of a major political party.


Hillary Rodham Clinton attended Wellesley College where she was elected as senior class president before she graduated in 1969. She was an active member of student politics. She went on to attend Yale Law School where she met none other than Bill Clinton himself.  In 1973, she graduated with honors and enrolled at Yale Child Study Center where she undertook courses on medicine and children. She completed one year of her post-graduate studies this way.


Hillary worked on a number of jobs as a college student during her summers. She arrived at Washington DC to work on migrant workers as a part of the US Senator Walter Mondale’s subcommittee. She worked on the campaign for the presidential nominee George McGovern in her summer of 1972. The spring of 1974, Hillary became a member of the Presidential impeachment inquiry staff. This was during the Scandal of Watergate and she found herself advising the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives.

Once Richard M Nixon resigned in August, Hillary became a member of the faculty at the University of Arkansas Law School in Fayetteville. This is where her husband to be Bill Clinton also taught.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, better known as Hillary Clinton’s nemesis is a billionaire real estate mogul. He is a reality television personality and in 2016 he became a Presidential nominee for the Republican Party.


Real estate mogul, Donald John Trump was born in 1946 in New York. In 1971, he saw himself in the midst of a profitable building project in Manhattan. This is essentially what led him to open the Grand Hyatt in 1980, making him known as the city’s best controversial developer. Trump became the face of television with his hit NBC reality series The Apprentice which found a sequel in The Celebrity Apprentice. He soon turned his attention to politics in 2015 and announced his candidacy for president of the United States. He was pronounced as the official candidate for presidency on July 19, 2016. This was after he won a majority of primaries.


Donald Trump is the fourth of the five children born to Frederick C and Mary MacLeod Trump. Frederick Trump was a real estate developer who came to Queens in order to specialize in constructing middle-income apartments. Donald Trump was sent to the New York Military Academy at the age of 13. He was a rather assertive and energetic child, his parents bore the hope that this energy would be channelized constructively.

Trump did fairly well at the academy, socially and academically rising to be a star athlete. By the time he graduated in 1964, he was elected to be student leader. He soon entered Fordham University, two years later, and then transferred to the Wharton School of Finance. He graduated in 1968 with a degree in economics. 

As a Real Estate Developer

His decision to make a career out of real estate was influenced by his father’s involvement in the same. His goals, however, were on the broader spectrum of ambition. As a student, teenage Trump worked with his dad during the summer before he joined the company soon after he graduated. Elizabeth Trump & Son was the name of the company and Donald did seemingly well to expand the holdings of the company. Business was far too competitive, but the company did well nonetheless.

If ever an individual’s educational background stood as grounds for determining which way the elections would tip, it’s likely to go Hillary’s way. But how big of an impact can a couple of degrees and certificates make on the election? Only time can answer that question.


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