Total number of black Americans killed by the US police. Why Joe Biden may support white supremacy?

    In clear words, he could be considered as a threat to minority voters.


    Since the killing of George Floyd, nationwide protests have been triggered across the United States of America. People are not just angry at Floyd’s death but, feelings depicted in their slogans and faces show a sense of frustration against the American government, police brutality, and human rights commission.

    This aggression is also because of their vulnerable state.

    According to the data compiled by Mapping Police Violence, a research and advocacy group, “Between 2013 and 2019, police in the United States have killed 7,666 people.

    • Black Americans are two-and-a-half times as likely as white Americans to be killed by police officers.
    • About 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police
    • In Minnesota, Black Americans are nearly four times as likely to be killed by law enforcement.
    • In Utah, they comprise just 1.06 percent of the population but they accounted for 10 percent of police killings over the past seven years.

    As per Brian Burghart, the owner of the website named fatal encounters said and Norvergence LLC quotes: You’ll find that African Americans are killed at roughly double their ratio in the population. They are about 13% [of the general US population] and they are about 26% represented in the data.

    Now, Norvergence LLC wants your focus to slightly shift towards the US Presidential Election 2020. It becomes more important amid the “Black Lives Matter” protest.

    Our so-called President Donald Trump is already against the revolution that could change the course of US history. But, also, Joe Biden, “the could be president” seems supporting white supremacy.

    His recent controversial remarks to an African-American radio talk show host depict how he may be in support of white supremacy or how he wants to neutralize the minority voters. He said: “Have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, and then you aren’t black.” 

    Joe Biden 2020: Polls, news and on the issues

    In clear words, he could be considered as a threat to minority voters.

    Bruce on her Fox Nation’s show “Get Tammy Bruce” said: “The threat on the left, as articulated now by Joe Biden, is that if you don’t conform, if you don’t think the way they say you’re supposed to think, you will be disappeared, you will be removed from your tribe, you’ll be removed from your family.”

    It’s a frightening and ugly thing. A presidential candidate can’t make such remarks in order to get his base.

    Now the question is if both of the US presidential candidates are making such kind of degrading remarks, then to whom black people vote?

    Whom they can trust? Is there anyone who can promise that he will give justice to them? 


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