They burn witches don’t they?

Get rid of those broomsticks left leaning folks. They'll soon be coming after us!


Well, not quite yet. Not so much are we referring to actual witches, rather us Americans who believe in true equality and fairness. This current ultra right wing culture that has seeped into our Supreme Court is terribly dangerous. They have most of the churches throughout this republic ( no play on words)  in ‘ Lockstep’ with their mania. Not stopping with abortion, this fascist cult has mimicked the Germany of the 1930s and gone after the really vulnerable, meaning gay and transgendered Americans. For their proverbial ‘ Strike Three’ they have allowed just about anyone to carry a concealed weapon. New York’s Sullivan Law, which had been on the books for 111 years, made it a felony to be caught doing so without a license. Even in Dodge City, during the Wild West days, people had to ‘ Check your guns with the Sheriff when entering town.’.  Not anymore. Imagine being on a rush hour NYC Subway and perhaps arguing over a seat. Before you know ,BOOM!

I knew things were moving in this Neanderthal direction when the Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision in 2018 on the ‘ Colorado Baker Case’. A bakery owner had refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple’s upcoming marriage. The owner said it went against his ‘religious view’s, even though the same court ruled in favor of same sex marriages just three years previous. Imagine if the bakery owner belonged to a ( so called ) religious sect that believed whites and blacks should live separate, so he refused to serve a black customer. Parroting once again those wonderful Nazis, what if the bakery owner belonged to a ( so called) religious sect that felt their type of Christianity saw Jews as beholden to Lucifer AKA ‘ Devil worshippers’. NOW we are getting closer to those fine folks in Salem.

So, we have this trifecta that actually goes even further down the rabbit hole of reason. Justice Clarence Thomas now wants to ‘ Revisit’ the Griswald ruling of 1965, which protected married couples who chose to use contraceptives from being ( no kidding ) arrested. Do you still think that 1984 was just a book and film? This is the same Clarence Thomas that Anita Hill, who once worked in his office in 1981, accused him of sexually harassing her in their workplace. Did he refer to himself then, to her, as ‘ Long Dong Silver’ from the porno star’s character? Thomas and Hill at the time were both single, and, as with the teenager Bret Kavanaugh, is it something about male Supreme Court Justices  who share sexual aggressiveness? We will never know for sure will we?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and his close cabal have still not been charged with ‘ Inciting Insurrection’ when the proof is floating out there like seagulls at the beach. George W and Tricky Dick Cheney ( sorry Nixon haters) and their cabal have never been charged as war criminals for their lying us into the most horrific action by our government EVER: The illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq. Matter of fact, Junior Bush has become a ‘ Kinder, gentler’ ex president and dear friend of Bono and Ellen Degeneres. Tricky Dick Cheney has passed his genes onto his daughter Liz ( whose only saving grace is her disgust of Trump) as she marvels at the great Supreme Court rulings.

Get rid of those broomsticks left leaning folks. They’ll soon be coming after us!


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