Monday, July 15, 2024

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Only a despot-friendly Supreme Court, instead of reigning in WH crimes,...

The right’s ferocious war on the Constitution has now super-powered the executive, leaving Congress, the judiciary, regulators, and ordinary, law-abiding citizens in the lurch.

‘Out of control’: Sanders calls for urgent Supreme Court reform following...

Bernie Sanders calls for immediate reforms to the Supreme Court, citing recent rulings that grant presidential immunity and criminalize homelessness as threats to democracy and justice.

‘A king above the law’: Supreme Court rules presidents have broad...

The ruling upends more than two centuries of legal precedent, for the first time shielding U.S. presidents from criminal accountability.

Supreme Court overturns Chevron doctrine, progressive democrats push for urgent legislative...

Supreme Court’s seismic decision strips federal agencies of interpretive authority, sparking immediate legislative action from progressive lawmakers to safeguard public health, labor rights, and environmental protections.

Supreme Court dismisses Idaho abortion case without ruling

In a 6-3 decision, "justices issued separate concurring and dissenting opinions, suggesting division on the merits of Idaho’s argument."

Majority of Americans demand Supreme Court ethics investigations

A recent poll reveals overwhelming support for stricter ethical oversight of Supreme Court justices, transcending political lines.

Justice Thomas sparks outrage with defense of gun rights for domestic...

Clarence Thomas stands alone in dissent as the Supreme Court upholds a law prohibiting domestic abusers from possessing firearms, sparking outrage and renewed calls for judicial accountability.

Clarence Thomas faces fresh scrutiny over undisclosed luxury trips funded by...

This has prompted renewed calls for his resignation and demands for stricter ethics reforms for the highest court in the land.

Republican blockade: Senate stalls ethics reform amid Supreme Court scandals

This move follows intense scrutiny of ethical lapses involving Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas.

Supreme Court justices accepted over $6.5 million in gifts, raising ethics...

These findings raise significant questions about judicial ethics and the potential influence of such gifts on the highest court in the land.


Israeli military accused of massacre in al-Mawasi ‘safe zone,’ killing over 90 Palestinians

UN and international outcry as Israel justifies deadly strike by targeting Hamas.

The truth about immigrants and the economy

We need immigrants to keep our economy — and our country — vibrant and growing.

Similar to Biden, NATO is aged and unfit for leadership 

NATO’s 75th anniversary is an opportune time to take stock of NATO’s outdated world view and violations of international law.

Sanders pushes to block $18 billion arms sale to Israel amid Gaza conflict

As the Biden administration seeks approval for a massive arms sale to Israel, Senator Bernie Sanders leads a campaign to halt weapons transfers amid ongoing violence in Gaza.

Shooting at Trump rally sparks blame game as Progressives condemn GOP accusations against Biden

Political violence at Trump rally ignites accusations and calls for unity.