Thursday, September 23, 2021

Terrorism: A false threat

Millions starve. Millions die yearly from preventable diseases. Millions die as a consequence of wars. Compared with these numbers, the total count of terrorist victims is vanishingly small.

Historical Heroes: Cincinnatus, Washington and Whipple

We do not educate our children to follow in their footsteps.

Trust our brilliant leaders? Are you joking?

“With what predictably unfolded there, why do we for even a split second trust the knuckleheads in charge of our military and foreign policy to handle anything going forward?”

20th Anniversary of the big lie

Sadly, when you watch all the media doing all those human interest stories of the terrible tragic day, you won't see or hear much truth.

A pandemic of fallacious thinking and civic irresponsibility: The precarious state of reason

Who anticipated the awful arguments/claims that would result in response to the Pandemic?

Money for something… But not you!!!

How long can the hundreds of millions of us who are maybe a few paychecks away from financial crisis put up with 'Capitalism on Steroids'?

Lies that led to the Afghan war

We must learn to be skeptical of both our political leaders and our mass media, when they give us reasons for going to war.

Our future and the survival of humanity

So let us have community. Let us have a more egalitarian society. That way, we can survive.

4 ways oil and gas industry can become more sustainable and green

We know that oil and gas companies are one of the main contributors to climate change, but as time goes on, these industries have grasped their influence on the environment.

What does Biden’s infrastructure plan mean for renewable energy?

The newer United States will be more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and economically competitive as it moves toward renewable energy.