Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The fault dear citizens…

Anyone who has to work for the man, in any manner, should finally conclude that these two parties don't give a rat's ass about you... Period!

Halting our descent into tyranny: Defeating the global elite’s Covid-19 coup

You can submit to tyranny or you can resist it.

Making internet easier

The idea behind the foregoing is to make communication easier, prevent cheating, and make dispute resolution simpler and more acceptable in small cases.

Seniors rising against Trump

If retaining the support of seniors is key the Trump’s re-election, then he’s just made a wrong turn.

Blood and soil!

What both those storm troopers of 90 years ago and this new breed of lemmings should be saying is "Yeah, Our blood and Their soil!" as to who really calls the shots for their actions.


Our democracy is already badly eroded under Trump and his confidence in his ability to grab what he wants is either met by serious nonviolent resistance or he may well pull it off.

Just 1 percent of the US Pentagon budget could end world hunger

The war machine must go on and keep on growing or, more than likely they'll end up out of an occupation.

Tell me the truth

So the question is: who do you believe when you need information?

What makes our lives matter?

To improve our society, we need to study ways in which individuals can be satisfied that their lives matter and in which the society agrees.

The power elite has always run Amerika

"Who, after all, runs America? No one runs it altogether, but in so far as any group does, the power elite."