Monday, June 21, 2021

What to do about the water

You don’t have to be a person in poverty to see water as a real problem.

67 years in the peace movement

I would like to announce the publication of a book which discusses the things that I have experienced during my 67 years of work in the peace movement.

Why is cryptocurrency popular in war zone areas, with an example of Ukraine and...

Until the circumstance changes, Idlib's trades and exchanging work areas will probably stay connected up to the digital currency economy, even as close to every day airstrikes focus on the towns and field encompassing them.

What iS the IRS doing?

I have never seen such screwing up by the IRS. What is going on?

Antebellum America Redux

What is the answer to this problem that has been with our nation since its founding?

California is a garden of Eden

In case you don't think migrants can benefit the U.S., consider that 200,000 Dust Bowl migrants entered California.

Ending gun violence in the US

We can have guns on a limited basis – to provide societal and individual protection, but in a way that will prevent people from using the weapons for illegal or violent purposes.

What impact will the Climate Union Jobs Act have on the renewable energy industry?

As renewable energy jobs unionize, we can expect to see an increase in the size of green power companies.

How is Covid-19 affecting student learning?

If the pandemic has taught us any lesson, it is that predicting the future is a futile endeavor. But one thing is certain: education is going digital.

Sustainability trends that will change 2021

We need to improve sustainability since our future survival relies upon it.