Thursday, May 28, 2020

The ‘DemonCrats’ gift to Trump

Biden will get the nomination. Sanders will do his best, as the DemonCrats's loyal soldier (and he is NOT even in their party!) to rally his troops, the tens of millions, to swallow their pride and support Biden.

Coronavirus, thanks to Trump

Trump disputes and silences the medical public health professionals and officials who are trying to save American lives.

Buying a plane ticket in Mexico

“For the first time it has ever happened to me, the website first accepted my order, and then (for some reason) I later received an email which stated that there were no longer tickets available at the price I wanted, and they jacked the price up $65.”

Who will win the US presidential election 2020: A predictor of the winner through...

There is no doubt that Bernie will give a tough competition to Trump but if Russia provides any kind of data support to trump, he will outplace Bernie.

Banana Amerika: The Fix Is In!!!

Here is my conspiracy theory: The empire that controls both political parties did not want Sanders to be the nominee.

Piling on Dirty Harvey… NOT the War Criminals!

Well, dirty Harvey deserved what he got coming to him. Sounds like another guy who 'got over' on vibrant young women... the guy now in the White House perhaps?


Those who support Trump are anti-democratic and if they vote for him they support an end to the experiment the Founders began.

Junior High School Amerika

This Two Party/ One Party system that serves our empire so well will never allow dialogue on how to end this mess.

Never Give a Sucker…

The real patriots are we folks who do NOT wish to send our young soldiers to all those places overseas to either kill or be killed for strictly the purposes of this Military Industrial Empire!

The perpetual war scam

This Military Industrial Empire cannot allow too much attention on a fairer economy for working stiffs, or better health and dental coverage, or better roads, bridges, schools, libraries, first providers and teachers.