Friday, July 30, 2021

The important things for humanity

We need to get rid of wars, racism, inequality, and all those other traits which make us less human and which undermines our survival.

The future of abortion

The entire issue involving abortion is one with impossible contradictions and conflicts.

Love brings peace

Peace and love are the only answer.

5 ways you can fight back against stigmas related to ADHD and ADD every...

Everyone can do their part to spread awareness about what is appropriate and respectful behavior when it comes to health conditions with stigmatized public perceptions.

71 Years and Nothing Has Changed

If one studies the rank and file of most of today's white supremacist groups, one sees the merging of Anti Black and Anti Jewish sentiment.

Not exceptional. It’s strange.

Here are examples where America is different from other countries...

The safe and secure war lords

With Memorial Day around the corner, once again the War Lords who run our empire will propagandize to their hearts content.

Cooperation or competition?

Youth should be encouraged to cooperate and understand that the goal is to benefit all. But we can still use the idea of sports competition to find the best ways to move forward.

Demand another Camp David Accord

Whatever the solution, it has to be one in which the populace is disarmed and cannot confront one another.

Why riot? Toward a typology of social unrest

It is not fair to expect oppressed people to answer violence with nonviolence, but it’s what actually works far more often.