Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Study shows link between early access to gender-affirming hormone therapy and better mental health...

The research is overwhelming, and the anecdotal evidence is also hard to ignore.

The big squeeze

Here in our empire's orchestrated Two Party con job, in order to stop this right wing madness perhaps Chomsky was correct: "Hold your nose and vote for the Democrats." Or else learn how to goose step!!

The impact of ecotourism on sustainable initiatives

The industry’s primary goal is to preserve these environments so humanity can appreciate them for generations to come. However, it might hurt more than it helps.

Is remote work as sustainable as we think it is?

The positives of remote work do tend to outweigh the negatives in regard to environmental sustainability.

Why Gen Z is turning away from the traditional four-year college path

They may turn away from the traditional four-year college path to attend two-year schools or start careers that don’t require degrees.

The illegality of NATO

Do the people of Europe really want to participate in the madness of aggression against Russia? Of course not!
Five Key Elements That Makes a Great Public Speaker

Five Key Elements That Makes a Great Public Speaker

"Doing stand-up is not normal. People fear public speaking above all other things, and I am no different," said Dominic Holland, an English...

The Great Disconnect Part 2…

Still in the land of the ignorant.

The Great Disconnect Part 1…

The majority of Americans at that time, and even now, never dared to question what our government and embedded media shoveled at them.

Steps individuals can take to combat climate—change

What once was considered a trend or an ideological point of view is now a global issue. Climate change is real and...