Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Lies that led to the Afghan war

We must learn to be skeptical of both our political leaders and our mass media, when they give us reasons for going to war.

Our future and the survival of humanity

So let us have community. Let us have a more egalitarian society. That way, we can survive.

4 ways oil and gas industry can become more sustainable and green

We know that oil and gas companies are one of the main contributors to climate change, but as time goes on, these industries have grasped their influence on the environment.

What does Biden’s infrastructure plan mean for renewable energy?

The newer United States will be more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and economically competitive as it moves toward renewable energy.

Are men more corrupt and sexually aggressive?

We, the electorate, didn’t vote for politicians so that they could latch onto women, nor so that they could rob us blind.

What will be the future of healthcare in the aftermath of this pandemic?

The pandemic has made us more prepared and strengthened the healthcare system against any future global crises.

Look! Take an Afghander at that perennial FUBAR

We see exactly what we see in Afghanistan right now, the logical mess at the end of nearly two decades of mistakes compounding mistakes.

Teaching mindfulness for a better tomorrow

When a child is taught how to be mindful, they can let go of that weight sooner and will be able to better manage their symptoms.

How to avoid consumer confusion about sustainable seafood

Use these tips to avoid consumer confusion about sustainable seafood and trust that every purchase is as great for the planet as it is for your diet.

What is the point of the human race?

It would be indeed sad if humanity disappeared 22 billion years from now. Wouldn’t it?