Friday, September 17, 2021

Let them suck Sikorskys, let them eat pork

The Pentagon consumes more fossil fuel than any other entity on Earth.

What should progressives be insisting on?

This is going to be a list, borrowed from other lists...

Life imitates art: Does diversity in media have any impact on the real world

Diversity in media is not just impactful, it is essential.

Paraquat: A dangerous chemical still used in the fields of agriculture

Settling the matter in a court of law is essential for people that were exposed to the herbicide paraquat and now have a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

All life is created equal

Our task going forward must be to learn how to preserve and protect our planet, making it fair and equal, so that all of us – men and women and children of all races and colors – shall not perish from the Earth.

Supreme suppression

Back in the day, nonviolent people power was the only answer to governmental inertia in radically improving U.S. democracy.

6 ways to reduce your carbon footprint through dietary changes

Here are six tips for eating green...

Baby you’re a (super) rich man!

Millionaires, Mega Millionaires and even a few Billionaires run our corporations, our media and of course our politics.

Why war?

Can we not rid the world of the institution of war?

Supreme Court slices and dices 1789 law protecting non-citizens

International law in the 21st century has expanded to include the protection of human rights.