Tell Target to eliminate plastic bags from its checkout counters.

Customers Who Care, an independent organization of people working to inspire retailers to aim for a more sustainable future, estimates that Target hands out approximately one billion single-use plastic bags per year. These plastic bags make their way into our waters and pollutes our land having a major effect on the environment and contributing to the world’s massive plastic pollution crisis.

Banning plastic bags has a proven track record of reducing single-use plastic helping to reduce plastic pollution: In Los Angeles, a ban on plastic bags and a charge on paper bags reduced single bag use by 95 percent, while Australia was able to reduce plastic waste by 80 percent in 3 months after two major retailers eliminated the use of single-use plastic bags

It’s time to hold Target accountable and pressure them to eliminate plastic bags from its checkout counters. In order to commit to being sustainable and be a climate leader in the retail sector, Target must eliminate plastic bags and help encourage consumers to use reusable bags.

Sign the petition and tell Target to eliminate plastic bags from its checkout counters.


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We all have bags that we use all the time so that can be what we carry our stuff in


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This is important to me and my family. I would even start using my Target card again if you ban plastic bags in your stores.


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