Sign now and demand all mail carriers provide A/C to all delivery vehicles.

Sign now and demand all mail carriers provide A/C to all delivery vehicles. 

A bill was introduced to Congress in February of 2019 called the Peggy Frank Memorial Act which would require any delivery vehicle owned or leased by the United States Postal Service have an air conditioning unit, and for other purposes.

The most up-to-date action that had taken place in regard to this bill was the same month it was introduced. The bill was “referred to the House Committee on oversight and reform.” Since then months like July, which has been recorded as the hottest month in written history, have come with no law to protect those who deliver our mail.

According to FedSmith, the bill states that within 3 years of the date it becomes law, the Postal Service would have to outfit all vehicles with air conditioning that didn’t already have them. It would also require an annual report from the Postmaster General to Congress on the progress of installing A/C in the vehicles until all modifications are completed.

This should be a standard for all postal trucks that have to endure the increase in heat during the world’s hottest months. Especially at a time when, over the last five years the climate has reached record temperatures due to climate change.  

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited the U.S. Postal Service for exposing about 900 employees to the risks of heat-related illness and death since 2012.

Mail carriers from all mail services, not just the USPS, should have the necessity of having A/C in their delivery trucks. This is a human right that is mandatory for the health of those who are vital for our communities. 


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I worked as a postal carrier for a very short time, so those trucks sometimes were very stifling!!