It's time we ask our Senators to take immediate action and protect the vote.

More than 200 bills have been introduced in many states nationwide taking away voting rights that now more than ever the For the People Act needs to be passed in the Senate. The bill, which passed in the House on March 3, is a comprehensive reform package that will help protect and expand access to voting.

According to Sierra Club, For the People Act will:

  • Create a nationwide automatic voter registration system, allow same day voter registration, and expand ways to vote
  • Protecting our elections
  • Strengthening ethics laws
  • Combat the influence of “dark money” unleashed by Citizens United
  • Ban partisan gerrymandering and increase protections for communities of color.

It’s time we ask our Senators to take immediate action and protect the vote. We need to guarantee every American’s voice is heard. Let’s call on the Senate to put the For the People Act at the top of their agenda to create fair and transparent elections and save our democracy.


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signed 8 months ago

Everyone should be able to vote; and the politicians running with buckets of money behind them, shouldn't always win.


signed 1 year ago

I’m signing because over the past 60 years I have watched this nation moving slowly but surely toward rule by the wealthy.


signed 1 year ago

Mary Beth

signed 1 year ago

Voting is a fundamental right for all US citizens. We should make it easier to vote, not harder. Maybe then more people will actually vote.


signed 1 year ago

Corruptly suppressing any American's right to vote equates to HIGH TREASON and commands immediate prosecution and punishment as such! PERIOD