Saturday, October 23, 2021

Tag: democracy

Media attacked, journalists murdered: Democracy eroded

Social justice and freedom in all its forms, including media freedom, are at the core of the fight.

Protect the filibuster or preserve our democracy, which shall it be?

The time for procrastination is over. What shall it be, protect the filibuster or preserve our democracy?

Saving democracy by destroying it

America desperately needs a dose of its own medicine of democracy promotion.

The media bias no one is talking about

Today it’s democracy versus authoritarianism, voting rights versus white supremacy.

Why did a military superpower fail in Afghanistan?

This external approach, based on military occupation, to promote democracy in occupied foreign countries was “doomed to fail.”

Preventing an American Pinochet

Our democracy is too precious to throw away for partisan gain.

Why aren’t Biden and the democrats going all out for democracy?

If democracy is to be preserved, both parts of the anti-democracy coalition must be stopped.

Targeting dark money attacking democracy, watchdog files FEC complaint against 23...

"The vast scope of this illegal concealment should prompt swift investigation and a firm crackdown by the FEC."

The GOP is trying to outlaw democracy

The goal (and duty) of every public official ought to be maximizing voter turnout—after all, the more Americans vote, the stronger our democracy.

As republicans stall election reform in the US Senate, democracy comes...

Both parties are vying to change who votes and how ballots are cast.


The persecution of Steven Donziger

“Why am I the one being locked up? I helped hold [Chevron] accountable.”

The big lie in Rahm Emanuel’s Senate testimony

Now all eyes will be on Merkley – and other Democratic senators who profess that “Black lives mater” and that police need to be held accountable – to see whether they vote to confirm this tainted mayor and elevate him to a prestigious ambassadorship.

Greta Thunberg on climate promises versus actions

Thunberg sat down in her Stockholm kitchen to talk about what she expects—and hopes—will come from the global event.

What is the Peace Dividend strategy?

Tell the truth about our endless wars and bloated DOD budgets!

Louisiana deputy who slammed a Black woman on the pavement was named in multiple...

Julio Alvarado has been named in nine federal civil rights lawsuits, all involving the use of excessive force.